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Zish nodded and gestured for everyone to follow him. He led them to a Shuttle dock, where a young Laleri pilot was leaning against the wall, looking a little bored. “Anyone who is going down to the surface, Shilo will take you. You’ve gotten their destinations, Scout? Those going to the Orbital Station, I’ll be on the Helm.”

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T’Aria waved her hand in a terse signal for the team to follow. “Shilo,” she approached the Laleri pilot with a brisk nod, “T’Aria. We don’t have the luxury of time, so which shuttle will we be taking?”

Once Shilo took the lead, T’Aria fell into step with the rest of the team. “Lieutenant,” her gaze darted between them, “Ensigns. Bear in mind the people we’ll encounter. We do not know what they’re going through, nor how they’ll react to questions from outsiders. Keep your conversations concise and respectful; we’re not here to interrogate or escalate matters.” She suspected their presence wouldn’t help. But the prospect of information that could illuminate more about Kula’s disappearance outweighed discomfort.. on either end.

“Am I clear?” She asked, gesturing Lovejoy, Valharra and Gruver ahead of her once Shilo had paused by the shuttle.

– T’Aria, XO

The pilot, a cream and white furred male with the same incredible height as Mwezi (almost seven feet tall), nodded and gestured towards one of the access ports in the floor. He grasped onto the rungs of the ladder and slid down quickly, waiting for the landing party within.

When they entered, they would find a vessel very different from what they might be used to in Starfleet Ships. Even the Orbital Platforms had a kind of utilitarian, metal structure similar to what they might be used to, but the shuttle was different. It had an almost organic feel to it, with ribbing on the walls, a mottled texture to the ceiling, and a smoothness to the shape of everything that didn’t seem manufactured. There was a soft blue light coming from the walls, and inspection would reveal that the mushroom-shaped lights were not just shaped like mushrooms. They were living organisms.

Shilo gestured to seats set against the wall, which seemed to be grown out of the walls rather than attached to them. “Welcome to Moya,” he spoke, his voice a little halting and characteristic of someone unfamiliar with the language they are speaking. “Please, seat. Officer Sara, Officer Evelin, you pilot your ship. Want to copilot?” He gestured towards the opening to the cockpit.

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A hint of a frown came across her face as Evelyn listened to T’Aria’s instructions for the mission going forward. She felt like she was still a cadet in the Academy having to re-learn away team procedures with the redundancy. In her humble opinion, the Executive Officer’s orders were not only common sense, but also felt that she was discretely being singled out for being a known conversationalist. Someone had to bring life to the Chernov at times, might as well be her! She made eye contact with T’Aria and said in a calm tone of voice, “Of course, we’ve got this completely under control Commander.” Evelyn then provided T’Aria with a nod of confidence and assurance.

As Shilo approached, Evelyn’s eyes widened indicating immense interest over the fact that she absolutely loved his fur and that he was a pilot. She craned her head up at him and smiled as she listened to his instructions politely. Fortunately, she knew better not to pet the man as that would be offensive and jeopardize the mission, but the thought did creep into her mind once or twice. An immense smile came across her lips at his offer to allow her to fly his ship and responded instantaneously, “Absolutely, I would love to sir.” She walked over and sat down at the helm station. Evelyn studied the alien controls, “It will take a bit to get used to the system, but I assure you that I can fly anything .” A wide grin came across her face. It was not every day that she had the opportunity to fly a new kind of vehicle from another world. Evelyn was like a child in a toy store.

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