SideSIM: Gamma Shift (Kostas/Anyone Welcome)

Posted April 21, 2021, 1:46 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander T’Aria (XO / Navigation Officer) (Trinity Fister)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Lukas Kostas (Science Officer) in SideSIM: Gamma Shift (Kostas/Anyone Welcome)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander T’Aria (XO / Navigation Officer) in SideSIM: Gamma Shift (Kostas/Anyone Welcome)
Most evenings, T’Aria enlisted to the night shift, trusting she would find a better company in duty than the tapestry-laden walls of her empty quarters. Tonight she had submitted to rest. But her efforts were skewed by a restlessness that teemed with equal vigour in her mind and bones. She tried to ignore it. She fixated on the abyss of reds and golds that adorned her room and let her mind drift into the calming scent of Vulcan spice. But it didn’t last long. T’Aria had grown so accustomed to the current of medicine that this quiet would surely drive her mad.

A soft sigh escaped her as she pushed herself up and swung her legs over the bed. Her feet brushed the ground as she rose and meandered to a nearby table, whose wooden surface was ornamented with Vulcan engravings. T’Aria knelt down and relieved the gentle flame of burning incense. “Computer,” her voice resounded with a faint accent, “raise lights to 25%.” She didn’t see the reason in idly waiting for the embrace of sleep. So, shedding her robes for a tunic, T’Aria abandoned her post and wandered down Chernov’s circuitous halls. Her mind followed suit.

Embraced by the dull vibration of flowing energy and the soothing drones of working systems, T’Aria listened to the Chernov’s strange melody as it guided her aimlessly down its passageways. She didn’t have a destination in mind, but she trusted one would happen upon her.

– T’Aria

Lukas had been working, though he was not actually on duty just then. With how well those aboard this ship knew him, they’d think all he did was work. He was more or less always in the lab, on duty, or in his quarters. And he was rather a private person. When he did chat, he rarely spoke about his personal life. As it grew late, considering he would be working in the morning, he thought it best he went back to his quarters.

But as he headed there, he rounded a corner and the first thing he saw was someone else wandering the halls. A Vulcan. “Ah, you must be T’Aria,” He said as they got closer. “I’ve heard about you but I don’t believe we’ve met.”

~ Lt JG Kostas, Science

T’Aria lifted her chin to her fellow wanderer. Quirking her brow, a hint of latent regard trickling through her expression, she stifled her pace. “Likewise,” she bowed in the equivalent of a handshake. Taking a second to do a once-over in search of a defining trait that might remove him from a mosaic of nameless faces, T’Aria eventually submitted to an imperceptibly bashful question. “What is your name, Lieutenant?”

After he’d offered a name, she continued with a light gesture to walk in the direction he was heading. “What’s kept you up at this hour?”

– T’Aria

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