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“I’ve been on the Chernov for a few years, at least. Lost count at some point. Human years are… different from years on my planet,” he explained, reaching up to scratch his temple while he prepared the target system and set up a testing course. The target began to hum, then started to hover in the air in front of the wall. Mwezi let out a breath, then held the practice phaser out to Evelyn. A phaser that could be held easily in her hand was comically small in his. And, with the opportunity to see his hand clearly, Evelyn would notice what just about everyone else on the Chernov had noticed eventually - his hand was missing a finger. Or rather, it was formed as though only having three fingers and a thumb was natural.

Once she had taken the practice phaser, Mwezi slipped over to the opposite wall and gestured at the target. “First shot starts the timer and the program. I assume you know the drill, hit it as many times as you can in 20 seconds.”

Lt. Mwezi

Evelyn looked over Mwezi’s hand and could not help but notice that one of his fingers were missing. After she took the phaser from him, she was proactive in ensuring that the phaser setting was set to stun for safety purposes. After her examination was complete, she griped the back of the phaser with her right hand and relaxed her index finger on the trigger. Evelyn positioned her left hand on the front side to ensure that she had a firm grip on the weapon. She pointed the phaser at the target, it fit in her hands perfectly and it felt quite comfortable. As she began to focus on the target, she asked with a curious tone in her voice, “So, do you have an interesting story behind your missing finger?”. Evelyn then squeeze the trigger and began firing on the target for the twenty second duration. Her grip on the weapon was firm and there was minimal kickback. In fact, she was one of the top performers in phaser target practice as a cadet and this activity would prove to be simple for her overall. In this first session, she performed above average, but could definitely hone her skillset to improve further as she garnered more experience under her belt. Overall, her shooting accuracy and reaction time would be considered to be on par with Starfleet officer standards. She may have been a great shot for a cadet, but now she was in competition with the more experienced officers that Starfleet had to offer. She held her phaser in her right hand pointing the barrel downward at the ground for safety purposes, “Well, how did I perform sir?”.

  • Ensign Evelyn Gruver, Security & Helmsman

Mwezi chuckled at the question, leaning against the wall as he watched her perform the test. He didn’t want to distract and throw off the score, so he waited until she was finished and pointing the phaser at the ground before answering the question. “I could just as well ask you if there’s an interesting story behind your extra finger,” he spoke, a twinkle in his eyes. “Surprised you didn’t notice when you were surrounded by my people on the mission, although I suppose you probably had other things to worry about,” he stepped over and grabbed the target as it stopped hovering. “On most planets with humanoid people, life develops with five digits on the fingers. On mine, we only have four. That’s it, really. So the interesting story is evolution.”

“You did pretty well,” he commended her, then after a short pause, “for a fresh-faced Ensign.” There was a light teasing tone, but also a sense that he was trying to encourage her. “I expect to see that score improve now that you’re part of my team. You have a quick reaction time and well-honed coordination, but even the experts can always improve.” He stepped over and held his hand out for the phaser. Once he received it, Mwezi examined it quickly and put it on the bench. It’d been heavily modified so that it only fired an infrared beam, so most safety measures were technically unnecessary.

He picked up the larger type III phaser rifle, also modified to be harmless, and handed it to Evelyn. “Have you been trained on snipers? It’s a bit different from quick-shot training. More about precision than speed.”

Mwezi, CTO

Evelyn pivoted off of her right heel and turned to face her department head. She was caught off guard and was quite surprised to see that he was actually interacting with her for once with an added bonus of him not seeming irritated with her actions. Prior to this particular training session, from her perspective he had been short with her in the conversation department and ever since she had been working to open the man up already. In this scenario, she definitely had high hopes that a new change was on the horizon going forward in their working relationship. She smiled at Mwezi and provided him with a simple nod of her head, “Perhaps I should be more observant next time sir. To answer your question though, I would say that my extra finger provides me with more support for holding my PADD at night before I fall asleep.” Evelyn winked at him as she was being half serious and half humorous, because she did in fact use her PADD quite often throughout her waking hours.

Evelyn added a slight bow in response to his praise of her performance in the exercise. A look of confidence spread across her face as she met his gaze, “Remaining content with my current skill set would be promoting mediocrity. Instead, I plan to work diligently in all aspects of my training to ensure that I grow to my full potential as a Starfleet officer. I am a firm believer in striving for greatness and delivering results Lieutenant.” She took the phaser rifle in her hands and carefully examined the weapon as a whole, “I have had sniper training at the Academy. How would you like me to proceed with the exercise sir?” She held up the rifle aligning the butt with her shoulder gripping the weapon securely in her hands. She eyed the scope and aimed at the center of the target in an effort to get a feel for the weapon once again. She bent her knees comfortably and relaxed herself to avoid being to tense or uncomfortable when participating in the drill. She took deep slow breaths to remain cool, relaxed, and focused on the task that was about to be at hand after receiving Mwezi’s instructions.

  • Ensign Evelyn Gruver, Security & Helmsman

Mwezi nodded slightly, “Not so much an interesting story as an evolutionary result,” he said with an amused smile. “I can support a PaDD fairly well myself, although I prefer using my U.R.I. for late night reading,” he lifted up his arm, where there was a wide band encircling his wrist. “But that’s besides the point. I’m glad you’ve taken that fact to heart. Never settle for mediocrity. We’re in Starfleet, so that means we should be the best of the best.”

She accepted the phaser rifle with ease, which made Mwezi quite pleased. He gestured to a set of small targets at the other end of the gym. They were pretty small, but had the same sensors installed as what the mobile target had. “We’re in a hostage situation. Hostile enemies have several of your crewmates held hostage, and they’ve already killed one of your team.” He touched the band on his arm and a holographic screen lit up. He fiddled with it for a moment, then some of the targets glowed red, and some of them blue, and they began to move, shifting closer to one another. “Blue is your crew. Figure out your shots and shoot in quick succession before the hostiles figure out what’s going on, but don’t hit the blue ones.”

Mwezi liked giving the training a setting, and this was a pretty common one for him. He set the targets to slowly move around, and move they did, all staying around head height, about ten meters away.

Lt. Mwezi, CTO

Evelyn’s green eyes darted back and forth between the two different targets familiarizing herself with both the crew and hostiles. She held the phaser rifle in a comfortable balanced grip and bent her knees slightly to maintain a comfortable attack stance. Before beginning the situation she responded, “Yes, Starfleet will always have my best effort. I am glad we are both on the same page sir.” She then bit her lower lip for a moment as she honed in on the first hostile target and fired clearing it out, “Hostage down.” She remained poised and calm throughout the situation eliminating the hostile targets when moving at her own pace.

The only area that she would struggle was when the speed of the simulation was significantly increased. She would occasionally miss the target completely or non-fatally skim the crew member due to the changes of pace throughout the session. She definitely had more opportunities to grow and develop in situations where she was not in full control of the the situation. However, for her first simulation she performed well for an Ensign and had high potential to only get better throughout the course of time. After she finished the simulation, she pointed her rifle to the ground and faced Mwezi shrugging her shoulders, “Well, I think that went alright, but I definitely could improve with adapting to the speed of the simulation. It’s like I have everything under control for a while and then out of nowhere the control shifts to the opposite side. I will definitely continue to hone my skill set sir.” She tilted her head slightly as an expression of curiosity was now quite evident on her face, “Do you have any feedback for me?”

  • Ensign Evelyn Gruver, Security & Helmsman

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