Pre-sim: Training with Valharra

Posted May 4, 2021, 1:09 p.m. by Ensign T'Kul Valharra (Security) (Rusty Boshankles)

Posted by Lieutenant Mwezi (Weapons Officer) in Pre-sim: Training with Valharra

Posted by Ensign T’Kul Valharra (Security) in Pre-sim: Training with Valharra

Posted by Lieutenant Mwezi (Weapons Officer) in Pre-sim: Training with Valharra
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Mwezi sent a message to Valharra, asking the officer to meet him in the Gym for training.

Mwezi, CTO

Ensign Valharra received the message and headed to the gym to meet with Lt. Mwezi.
Ensign Valharra, security.

Mwezi was sitting on a bench, reading some reports on his U.R.I. when Valharra arrived. “Mornin’, Ensign. How’s it going?” he asked, standing and de-activating the holographic interface on his wrist device. He reached over to grab the training phaser and target, fiddling with the settings for a moment.

“If you could do your warm-up stretches before we begin so you don’t run a risk of injuring anything, that’d be helpful.” he added.

Mwezi, CTO

Ensign Valharra stood to the side and did his warm-up stretches as was commanded.
Ensign Valharra, security

Mwezi handed the phaser to Valharra with a slight nod. “Alright, Valharra. I assume you know the drill. Shoot the target as many times in thirty seconds as you can.” He then threw the target into the air, where the inertial dampeners took over and made it hover in the air, then it began to move back and forth in a complex pattern, whizzing around.

Mwezi, CTO

Ensign Valharra took the phaser from Lt. Mwezi. “I do” he replied. After Lt. Mwezi threw the target and it locked into random hovering locations, he shot at it, hitting most of the time precisely at the middle of the target, some were a little to the top right of the target and 2 shots missed completely, which the Vulcan self scolded himself for.
Ensign Valharra, security

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