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“Most people have a concept of time,” T’Aria remarked — openly suggesting she was not one of those people — and shook her head. She considered him a moment. Kostas’ curtness implied a certain inwardness accentuated by his composure; he seemed quiet. She respected that.

Not Kostas. He’d meant to be out at this time. So much more work could get done with no one bothering him. “It’s quiet. I like it that way,” he said.

“It appears you have somewhere to be,” she observed in a gesture to his ‘just working’ remark. T’Aria thought to leave it there and bid him farewell, but a fleeting thought guided her forward. “If that’s not the case,” she lifted a pale hand in the lounge’s general direction, “you’re welcome to join me for tea.”

— T’Aria

“Ah…” Well, why not? Lukas thought, changing his answer before it came out. “Sure.” He’d sort of rather just go… but he didn’t want to appear as unfriendly as he tended to be. Perhaps he should work on that. And he did enjoy a nice cup of tea.

~ Lt JG Kostas, Science

“Marvelous,” the word slipped from her tongue, half-poised and half-shocked. She hadn’t expected Kostas to agree, but she didn’t let it infect her otherwise tranquil expression. Another slight gesture to the lounge propelled her forward.

“You mentioned you’re a scientist,” T’Aria observed once they were down the corridor, “are you endeavouring any projects?” Small-talk was not a skill the Vulcan readily boasted, but she could at least make decent-ish conversation.

– T’Aria

“Nothing major. Analysing some samples from the last planet I was on,” Lukas replied. It wasn’t his strong suit, either, but he was willing to make an effort. “I suppose there hasn’t been much… inspiration, for any major projects, lately,” he said as they walked.

~ Lt JG Kostas, Medical

“Mmm.. I suppose Chernov is ill-equipped for scientific pursuits,” T’Aria remarked. It was a shame, but she understood Starfleet’s sentiments in designing a ship of Chernov‘s calibre. When denied an even playing field, they changed the game. Whether fire extinguished fire— “Have you discovered anything of interest?”

“Nothing groundbreaking,” he replied with a shrug. His research was slow-going. “It is, but I am interested to see where this ship takes me.” To Kostas, not everything in science lay in the sort of research a science vessel could do.

T’Aria paused by the lounge doors, gesturing Lukas in ahead of her. Contrary to the ship’s tender cacophony, the lounge was buzzing to a different tune. In a far corner, nestled against a window, a young man strung calloused fingers along a guitar’s tattered strings. He entertained the company of a nearby table engrossed in a game of cards. Stacks of chips and schooled vacant expressions suggested it was a quiet game of poker. Few others inhabited the lounge – an Andorian aimlessly drumming their fingers against a PaDD, a yeoman enjoying a vaguely comical discussion over transmission, and a pair of redshirts engaging in debate. It was a typical night. (OOC: People are welcome to insert their characters into this scene, too!)

“What’s your preferred tea?” T’Aria stepped in behind him, casting a quiet glance Lukas’ way.
– T’Aria, XO

“An English black tea, or a chamomile. Either is good,” he replied simply, stepping into the lounge ahead of T’Aria. The lounge did not appear too quite, nor too rowdy and loud, and this was just the way Lukas preferred it.

On one table in the corner, practically hidden at first glance, Sat a tall thin man reading a leather-bound book. On the table in front of him was a wooden box, a tall dark bottle, and a single glass half-filled with a brown liquid which he occasionally took a sip from. At a second look, it was clearly William Grey, Chief Science Officer. He still wore his uniform as per usual, very few of the crew had ever seen him out of Uniform, even during casual events. He seemed engrossed in his reading but he was seated at a round table with several free chairs.


Lukas recognized the Chief Science Officer as soon as he spotted him, and gave a quick, curt nod of greeting as he headed into the lounge to get the previously mentioned cup of tea with T’Aria.

~ Lt JG Kostas, Science

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