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Chris shook his head from side to side and in a low calm voice spoke without looking at Zish.
“Look Zish. I’m not interested in fairytale characters telling me how sorry they are. And I am certainly not going to send any of my people back into that room. If they want to go then they will go willingly because I will not order any of them to. We will help the other being you speak of....” Chris turned to look at Zish in the eye.....”That is why we came here. We will start tomorrow. For now we need to return to our ship and you people here better be straight with all of us and give us all the information because if anymore of my people die then your imaginary sky daddy will be powerless to the might of the Chernov. I hope you understand me completely. “

There was a loud crack of thunder within the ship and research platform, shaking the vessel, and Zish pulled away from Taggart with a fearful expression on his face, then a furrowed brow of anger. “I would caution you against doubting… or more specifically threatening… the Gods, Captain Taggart. They are far from fairy tale creatures. If Va’al speaks, he speaks the truth. If he so wished, he and his kind could vaporize your vessel with a mere thought. If this is how your Federation sees fit to treat us, I do not think we would do well to allow you to learn the usage of our technology.” He stepped away brusquely, moving to the bridge of his small vessel.

Chris pulled out his com. [O]Commander T’Aria. We have and are now pulling away from it. We encountered a tragic incident and we are enroute back to the Chernov until tomorrow. I will brief you once you beam back to the ship of the incident. It’s not good. Taggart out.[O]

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“Your crew has landed already. It is best that they do what they intended to do on the surface, so that at least their journey not be an absolute waste of time,” Zish spoke with anger in his voice. He wanted to save Kula and Mwezi, and this situation was not helping. Why would Etro use this place and time to take this human away, and in doing so cause so much trouble for the rest of the rescue attempt for Kula and Mwezi? Mwezi might not be okay for another day.”

GM notagm

OCC: did the team land or not?

Ensign Alex Blaze (Engineering/Programing)

Ooc: Your team didn’t land. They’re on a satellite platform in space. The other team did land.
- GM

“Zish!” Chris yelling out the Raka’s name and standing up to face him. His empty hand clutched in a fist and his skin redder than usual. Zish would know that Chris was very angry at this point. His one bright blue eye piercing into Zish’s soul and the other hand cradling the severed hand of his fallen comrade and best friend. “Sorry if the death of my best friend was a waste of time to you!.....” Realizing that he’s getting out of control he closed his eyes and began trying to breathe in a even and calm manner and once done he opened up his eyes and unclenched his fist with his skin tone going back to its normal color.

“Zish. I am human. We have emotions and sometimes in the heat of the moment we let our emotions control us. I’m a Starfleet Captain and even though I have all of this training and experience at my disposal that I have amassed over the years, even I am not immune to the effects of anger and rage. I apologize for my outburst just now and for the way I insulted you and your gods. ” He took a couple of deep breathes. Then continued.

“I have already lost one member of my crew and my best friend. I don’t want to lose another member and friend. Let us not waste anymore time because Mwezi needs us. If you’re willing to accept my apology or not, could we at least move forward until we have saved Mwezi and Kula? After that if you want to punish me in anyway shape or form, then I’ll gladly accept.”

“We don’t know how much time Mwezi has. I worry that the longer we delay, the less likely he will be able to survive his condition. It is important for the mourning ceremony to be done within a day of the death of a partner, before they get to the point where Mwezi is… but if we wish to save his mate, we cannot perform that ceremony…” he trailed off for a moment, putting his hand on the control unit and causing Jolinar to pull away from the Research Platform. “And I’ll also admit to my own failings - you’re a strange being and I failed to understand your emotional… ability. To my senses, you’re like an artificial being. Me people, we’re used to sensing the emotions of our fellows in a certain way, and your people are unable to tap into that… network. So perhaps my assessment of your emotional distress was not so accurate as I thought. I was mistaken… by your words, you feeling these emotions as strongly as my people do.” Zish spoke quietly.

He pulled out his communicator again. [O]Commander T’Aria. Disregard my previous message and continue your research on the planet. I’ll get back to you tonight to brief you on what happened. Taggart out. [O]

Captain Chris Taggart CO

[O]Understood, Captain. We’ll see you back on the Chernov. T’Aria, out.[C]

GM notagm

— T’Aria, XO

After hearing about what happened Blaze made a list of things to do first he was going to get familiar with there tech and coding. Then he will take scans of the area were the incident happened and to see how it happened. Blaze had his work cut out for him.

Ensign Alex Blaze (Programer)

Zish pulled Jolinar away from the research platform, and they began to make their way back to the docking station.

If they stared out of the windows, the passengers might see quite a collection of artificial satellites and Space Stations, as well as a small myriad of diminutive vessels zipping here and there like an anthill. They all moved around the planet in a kind of ballet dance, orbits crossing one another at high speeds. It explained why the Galdori were so careful about never letting alien vessels traverse their orbit other than to dock with the Docking Station, which was one of the stations with the highest orbit. Without knowledge of the intricate patterns the vessels were traveling in, it could end up a disaster.

GM notagm

William had moved quietly with the group, he maintained an outward calm whilst inside was a whirl of emotions. He’d never been close with Kane but his loss was a terrible thing, despite everything he liked the man. He buried all feelings deep and returned to an almost Vulcan sense of Logic and emotionless. He gave the Captain a sympathetic nod and turned his attention outside.


Kanina moved closer to William, limiting her own range from the many strong emotions to his calm mind. It wasn’t the first death she had felt, nor the most violent, but it was something she had been extremely unprepared for.
-Kanina Dran, CNS

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