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Zish pulled Jolinar away from the research platform, and they began to make their way back to the docking station.

If they stared out of the windows, the passengers might see quite a collection of artificial satellites and Space Stations, as well as a small myriad of diminutive vessels zipping here and there like an anthill. They all moved around the planet in a kind of ballet dance, orbits crossing one another at high speeds. It explained why the Galdori were so careful about never letting alien vessels traverse their orbit other than to dock with the Docking Station, which was one of the stations with the highest orbit. Without knowledge of the intricate patterns the vessels were traveling in, it could end up a disaster.

GM notagm

William had moved quietly with the group, he maintained an outward calm whilst inside was a whirl of emotions. He’d never been close with Kane but his loss was a terrible thing, despite everything he liked the man. He buried all feelings deep and returned to an almost Vulcan sense of Logic and emotionless. He gave the Captain a sympathetic nod and turned his attention outside.


Kanina moved closer to William, limiting her own range from the many strong emotions to his calm mind. It wasn’t the first death she had felt, nor the most violent, but it was something she had been extremely unprepared for.
-Kanina Dran, CNS

It only took five or so minutes before they were approaching the Docking Station. Another five minutes and they were docked. “You can leave now. I have to do some post flight checks,” Zish spoke. “A helper is waiting to take you to your ship, or some temporary sleeping quarters if you want to rest on Alpha Docking Station.”

GM notagm

Chris looked at everyone and took in their faces. He knew his crew and although they showed a calm exterior he knew they were all breaking inside, most of all him. He just lost his best friend but he wasn’t about to lose another friend or crew member. “Thank you Zish. Everyone! We will sleep for 5 hours. We need to go back there and find out what happened so we can save Mwezi. I will not order any of you to go back there given what just transpired, so I’ll ask you all to help me. If you don’t then that’s fine. I’ll find another job for you to do. You don’t have to answer now. Sleep on it if you can. That is all.” With that Chris began walking slowly to a bunk.

Blaze got up “ can you take me to a work station close to where the incident took place” he said has he grabbed his bag.

Ensign Alex Blaze (Programmer)

Looking back at Blaze he shook his head side to side. “No Blaze. Not now. I appreciate the enthusiasm but we need rest to be more productive and some of us need to process what just happened. Zish will take whomever comes with me back to...... to the place where you can work in a bit.” He didn’t have the energy anymore to stand and fell into a bunk and began to cry with his back to his crew.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

William looked after the Captain, determination on his face. He turned to Dran and gave her an appreciative nod “I suggest you focus your energy on the Captain, he was close to Kane and is far more emotional than I” His voice was cold and without emotion, he spoke for her ears only “Go get some rest all of you” He said before moving to his own bunk and calmly lying down. For a moment he considered informing the first officer but decided against it.



Kanina nodded rapidly. “I’ll go check-in.” She spoke just as softly, turning towards the captain’s bunk as William left. Just like at the Academy. She thought, preparing for grief once again.

She knocked quietly on the wall above Taggart’s bunk. “Captain?” She let her shields out again, tuning back into the general emotional state of the crewmembers with her. “Would you like to talk?”
-Kanina Dran, CNS

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