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Shilo gave instructions and the vessel descended through the atmosphere, quickly approaching an island off the coast of one of the more tropical climates. Once they had descended close enough to where the shapes of the landmasses were no longer visible, the terrain below seemed very nostalgic and Earth-like. They landed softly on
a landing pad, Moya’s inertial dampeners making it a very smooth landing. Once the vessel was settled, the window membrane was closed, and a soft hiss of wind and a sudden smell of cut grass were the signs that some air-tight seal had been broken. The light streamed in from the rear of the vehicle, and exploring in that direction would lead them to a hatch that worked quite similarly to the rear hatch on a Starfleet Shuttlecraft.

“Let’s head out,” T’Aria rose to her feet, opening a hand to the path carved by an aft beam of light.

The area where they had landed was full of similar vessels to Shilo’s craft, and now that they were in an atmosphere where sound could travel, the Starfleet crew could hear and feel a kind of buzzing in the air. Almost like a swarm of bees, but at a lower register. T’Aria could probably even feel a slight pressure on her mind as this large group of vessels were actually communicating with one another, transmitting who knows what amongst themselves.

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T’Aria stepped from Moya, her pointed ears met by the gentle susurrus of her companion vessels. It was ethereal. A ghostly pressure pushed against the barriers of her mind, tempting her fingers to seek clarity in Moya‘s touch. But she yielded no more than a tame shake of her head. Tunnelling her thoughts before they dared to entice her, T’Aria turned to her fellow officers and the Laleri pilot.

“Shilo,” she nodded to him, “are the implosion’s survivors recovering in a facility or individual homes?” She asked to get a better sense of where and into what kind of environment they were heading.

— T’Aria, XO

“Somewhat of a mixture between the two,” Shilo replied with a small smile towards the Vulcan. “The research team was a family of sorts, so they chose to live together as they recovered from their injuries, and while the platform is repaired. It is similar to a group home, I believe.”

T’Aria nodded, somewhat appreciatively.

As they left the shipyard, they were led to another parking lot of sorts, filled with land vehicles that looked like the bed of a pick-up truck. They hovered a few inches off the ground, and consisted of a soft-bottomed floor and sturdy walls. Shilo got into one and gestured for the others to join him.

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A chirp drew her attention from the path to her belt. T’Aria lifted her hand to gesture the others ahead, stepping aside to fish her communicator from its perch. Flicking it open, she heard…

[O]Commander T’Aria. We have and are now pulling away from it. We encountered a tragic incident and we are en route back to the Chernov until tomorrow. I will brief you once you beam back to the ship of the incident. It’s not good. Taggart out.[O]

She hesitated, mulling over Mwezi’s odds and Taggart’s orders. Regulation told her to obey, but instinct told her Mwezi couldn’t wait until morning. T’Aria furrowed her brow, glancing at the communicator, and parted her lips in the makings of protest. But Taggart got to it first.

[O]Commander T’Aria. Disregard my previous message and continue your research on the planet. I’ll get back to you tonight to brief you on what happened. Taggart out. [O]
Captain Chris Taggart CO

Something or someone changed his mind, but Taggart’s insistence divulged all she needed to know. Something had gone terribly wrong. T’Aria brushed away her innate concern, toggling the communicator to return.. [O]Understood, Captain. We’ll see you back on the Chernov. T’Aria, out.[C]

She took in a soft breath, clipping her communicator, and followed after her team. Affording them a quiet nod, she climbed into the bed-of-a-pickup-truck-like hovercraft.

– T’Aria, XO

Ensign Valharra sitting in the back of the bed of the truck, noticed the look of concern on the XO’s face. “Everything ok, Ma’am?” he asked.
Ensign Valharra, security

“As far as I’ve been apprised…” T’Aria settled across from Valharra and offered him a terse nod, “it’s under control.”

Once everyone was in, Shilo activated the simple vessel. It floated higher, and transparent barriers lifted up from the edges of the vessel, to chest height for the seated passengers.

It hovered for a moment, then began to travel at a decent velocity, arriving five minutes later at a small… Treehouse. There was a pair of large trees, and ten meters up the trunk there was a railing, and a rope and wood bridge from one to the other. Two meters over that, another railing and another bridge. And a third layer two meters over that. There was a wooden staircase protruding from the trunk of one tree, circling around and around. And, oddest of all, there were holes in the trunks of the trees, the size and shape of windows and doors.

“Welcome to the Tapu Group Recovery Center.”

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An inquisitive eyebrow crept to her hairline, affording T’Aria a somewhat pensive look. The recovery centre was a beautiful place, quite unlike anything she’d ever seen. But T’Aria was beginning to recognise the unique connection the Galdori people shared with their planet.

“Considering the time constraint,” she addressed the others, “we’ll divide into two teams to cover more ground. Lieutenant Lovejoy, Ensign Valharra - you’ll work together; Ensign Gruver, you’ll join me. Let’s make this as efficient and painless as possible. Understood?”

She turned to Shilo, “is there anything we need to be mindful of, going in?”

— T’Aria, XO

“Be respectful, obviously. Other than that, follow common sense,” Shilo glanced up towards the living tree-homes, then parked the vehicle. The barriers came down and it began to hover just over the ground like before. Shilo touched a control, and a small stick dropped to touch a circular pad on the ground, almost like an anchor.

Shilo got out and headed up the spiral staircase, shouting in his language as he did so. A face peeked out from one of the windows. Blue and green mottled scales covered a reptilian face, but there was a large area of the cheek and temple that lacked scales and was instead covered in reddish-pinkish scar material. Whoever it was shouted back at Shilo, then retreated. Shilo turned with a grin to the officers. “They’re ready for you in the main room on the first floor,” he explained.

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T’Aria slipped from the hovercraft, lingering at its side while Shilo ascended the staircase. She observed his exchange with the Hatriku (?) tenant, who she gathered was a survivor of some status among the Centre’s residents. Their shouting subsided as quickly as it began, but Shilo’s grin tempered her concern with the knowledge that it’d gone well. She raised an acknowledging hand accompanied by an appreciative nod. Then, she turned and gestured the team toward the Tapu Group Recovery Centre‘s first floor.

Once inside, T’Aria glanced around for any sign of who they were to meet with.

— T’Aria, XO

Ensign Valharra followed the XO into the building. He looked around the place, analyzing the potential security threats to the team.
Ensign Valharra, Security

Lt. Lovejoy rushes in and sees the ensign. She followed them into the building and starts asking a question “What has happened here?” She asked. She has never seen a like this. While the ensign was on security threats look out and was wondering what was going on.

Lt. Lovejoy

The pair rushed in looking for threats, but saw nothing but a quiet living space. There was a coat rack against the wall and a floor mat to wipe their feet. In one corner of the room, a set of comfortable looking couches and seats were arranged in a quarter circle around a low table, upon which there seemed to be a partially constructed jigsaw puzzle. Another area of the room was laid out like a small library.

There were six individuals, other than Shilo and their own team. The blue and green-scaled Hatriku with the burnt face was near the window, still looking outside. There was another Hatriku, this one with a yellow-green scaled pattern, sitting in one of the chairs, a bandage covering the majority of their arm. A Raka, looking like a miniature Caitian, with coloration similar to that of a Calico sat opposite another Raka with grey fur at the low table, both of them working on the jigsaw at a relaxed pace. The Calico Raka had a cast on their foot. There were no obvious signs of injury on the grey-furred Raka.

Then there was a Laleri like Mwezi, with pure black fur, who sat watching a film on the screen. They were facing away from the new arrivals, but when they turned to see what was going on they revealed burns on their face and torso similar to those of the Hatriku. The final researcher was an Arwan, the goat-like species of Galdor. They had grey and white fur, and a cast on their arm as well as bandages hiding some unknown damage on their torso. They sat amongst the books in the small library.

“This is the Research Team,” Shilo gestured at the group, then he gestured at them, naming them. “Hava,” the blue and green Hatriku, “Radu,” the other Hatriku, “Reeri and Soka,” the Calico and Grey Raka respectively, “Fala,” the Laleri, “And Book.”

He then turned to the research team. “These are the kind folks who intend to rescue Kula from her predicament. Please answer all their questions with candor,” he then gestured to each Starfleet Officer in turn. “T’aria, Lovejoy, Gruver, Valharra.”

GM notagm

OOC: I’m a little confused now.

OOC: No worries, Chris! There are a few important notes..

  1. T’Aria, Lovejoy, Gruver and Valharra split from Taggart’s team to further investigate the Sar-Tep implosion that led to Kula’s (Mwezi’s fiance) disappearance. This is in an effort to - hopefully - find Kula, so they might reverse Mwezi’s condition. (And, of course, help Kula.)

  2. They descended to the surface with Shilo, a scout and pilot of the Moya, who led them to the Tapu Group Recovery Centre where the survivors (researchers) are recovering from their injuries.

  3. Lovejoy + Valharra and T’Aria + Gruver have been split into pairs to cover more ground. Basically, it affords them more time to talk to the survivors about their experiences and uncover vital information about what happened that day.. which may aid them in Kula’s rescue (and, by default, Mwezi).

Currently, Shilo has taken them inside where they just met the research team. These are the folks they’ll chat with to further Kula’s rescue effort, which I’ll reply to as soon as I have some time. For a more holistic overview, please refer to Miriam’s lovely update:

If you need any further explanation, please don’t hesitate to ask. :)

— Trin

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