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OOC: After several months of not really wanting to run this Sim, followed by several exhausting situations that have caused me to really not want to run this Sim, I’ve decided under the advice of an actual GM that I’m done with this shit. Since I don’t want to leave y’all hanging, here’s a nice wrap up that also gets rid of Mwezi.

The summary.
After interviewing the research team, T’aria and her group learned the basics of what had happened. While performing a routine test of the equipment, Kula and the other Senior researcher on the team had noticed some unusual readings. Kula realized an overload was taking place, and ran into the Sar-Tep chamber to fix it via some exposed wiring that she thought would fix the issue. Unbeknownst to them, the teams engineer was in the crawlspace above and had accidentally tripped the safeties that prevent the device from activating if what’s on it doesn’t have a beacon to call it back.

Kula was drawn into a sub-dimension and lost to them. Simultaneously, the overload that she’d been trying to halt… Wasn’t halted. Some of the junior researchers were badly burned, others had other injuries.

T’aria and company came back to the ship with this information and a bunch of details on how to get the Sar-Tep to function, although figuring out how to link Mwezi as a beacon was something they hadn’t figured out.

The next afternoon, Mwezi’s condition was worsening and there was no time to dawdle. Everyone packed into one shuttle and flew over to the research platform. Including Mwezi and the Galdori doctor.

Unfortunately, something went wrong with the rescue. Mwezi was on the verge of death. Perhaps because of his weak bio-signs, instead of being a Beacon for Kula, Mwezi was drawn towards her instead. It was like a blip in reality then he was gone, despite being several meters away from the chamber.

Understandably, tempers flared. They already flared when Kane was lost, so they flared again. The crew of the Chernov was implored to leave and let Galdor mourn her dead while they mourned their own losses. It was suggested heavily that the Galdori-Okinos Alliance would be recalling their exchange officers, and closing their borders to an alliance with the Federation. They would not be enemies, persay, but they wouldn’t be sharing their technology either. They were shutting down the Sar-Tep project.

Several months later, it was made official. Galdor and her allies closed their borders for travel in and out, and would remain a closed system. It would be nearly a century before anyone from Starfleet interacted with the people of Galdor and her neighbouring worlds again.

The end for the GM notagm

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