My apologies

Posted June 12, 2021, 8:33 p.m. by Captain Chris Taggart (Captain) (Travis Good)


I am very sorry for my absence. I suffered a traumatic event and let my posting and leadership of this ship lapse. I knew Kane was leaving and Marshall CE, was not having fun anymore. Merriam leaving is a shock to me.

I, as well as the XO have been trying to find a GM and others to play with us. If you all know of people that want to play, then please invite them.

If the ship is not back on her feet in 6 months then I would think that the problem is myself and I will step down as CO. I love this ship and want her to do well.

Please, again, if you know of anyone wanting to play something , then please invite them. I’m starting a new SIM right now until we get an actual GM.

Thank you all.

Travis Good
Captain Chris Taggart

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