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Chris was on the bridge looking over stellar charts when an incoming message alert. “Man I need Grey up here. These things are over my head.” Reading the message he stood up fast. “Helm! Take us on a heading of 85.9 at warp 4.5. Let me know when we get within 1 day of arrival.”

Toggling the com switch. [O] All senior staff or your delegate need to meet me in conference room 3 in one hour! NE Davidson mage sure there is plenty of coffee and tea. [O]

Being into his office he picked up some PaDDs and headed to the Conference Room.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

Exactly one hour after the Comm signal William entered the conference room, as was his way he walked in stiff back and eyes engrossed in his PaDD. He stopped when he arrived and looked at Taggart “Captain” He said simply with a nod and sat down in his usual seat to the Captain’s left.


“Morning Will. I have some Starcharts that I need your expertise on after this, if you don’t mind?”

William didn’t look up from his reading “Of course, Sir” He answered.

T’Aria slipped into the conference room a moment later with a PaDD tucked under her arm and a serene look on her face. “Captain, Commander,” she greeted them in turn. “I trust you’re both well?” Her gaze drifted to the table as she settled opposite of Taggart before returning to them.

— T’Aria, XO

William looked up to the first officer and nodded “I am well” He said simply before returning to his reading.


T’Aria hummed and shifted to the sensation of eyes burning into her skull. She met the Captain’s gaze with a slight tilt of her chin and quirked a curious eyebrow.

Looking dead into her eyes. “I’m getting better. Thank you.” Heading over to the Cafe cart he turned while he poured himself some coffee. “Can I get anyone something to drink while I’m up?”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

A soft, empathetic nod tempered the callous in her gaze. But it was a fleeting gesture. “No,” T’Aria answered, “thank you.”

William looked up from his PaDD and shook his head then returned to his reading.

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“Hello everyone. I’m the new chief engineer.” She then walked in and sat down in a chair somewhere in the conference room and is awaiting other stuff like orders and everything. When she sat down she starts to smile.

Lt. Lovejoy Chief Engineer

Chris smiled. “Well welcome Miss Lovejoy. Now that everyone is here I have orders from Starfleet command to present.” He stated as he turned around with his fresh cup of coffee that he just got done stirring. “Before that, if you’re hungry or thirsty, just get up and get whatever you want, even if I’m speaking. We might be in here for awhile.”

Moving to the other side of the room to a view screen on the wall he entered a code and a keyboard came out. Typing a few things in a transcript came on the big screen for people to see and read.

“We are heading to the Nuetral Zone. There is a ship or two that is attacking the outposts we have there. They say that this ship is disappearing and it is fast. They don’t know how fast so Command is saying that their might be multiple ships given the time between attacks are not that very far apart.” Taking a couple sips of coffee before continuing. “Captain Kirk ran into a similar problem 10 years ago. It was classified and I didn’t know anything about it but thankfully Admiral Gard briefed me sent over what he had.”

Kirk stated that the Romulan ship has some sort of cloaking device that makes it almost invisible to our sensors. We will have to fine tune them in order to even have a slight hope of catching a glimpse. Lt. Lovejoy, you and Commander Grey will head that up and I will send you the notes that Kirk and his crew used to make it so. The Romulans might have changed up their tactics and warp signatures since then, so there is a chance that this might not work.”

“Ensign Valharra , since you are now acting CoS, I will need you and your team ready in case they try to board the Chernov and or we try to board their ship.”

“Doctor. I’ll need you to handle the wounded of course and that means caring for any Romulans. We don’t know anything about them, just that they look like Vulcans. Not saying their anatomy is the same, just that they look like them. Here is a picture.” Selecting a button Chris moved through the transcript to the picture of the Romulan. “That’s all we know of them. Kirk did not get a picture of their ship. But the guy in the photo might have been their version of a Captain and this picture might have been from the bridge since that is where our main viewscreen is, that might be where theirs is as well. Any questions thus far?”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“One question sir. How do you integrade it into our systems? As far as I know, Romulan technology and starfleet technology doesn’t really work very well for us. I am surprised that Captain Kirk and the Enterprise was able to do it. But with all due respect I doubt that it’s gonna go so well with our systems now.” As she started to explain it to the captain and knowingly that it won’t work.

Lt. Lovejoy Chief Engineer

Chris looked at Lovejoy with confusion. “What are you talking about Lieutenant? We’re not integrateding anything. I’m talking about you fine tuning the sensors to be able to pick up and track the Romulan ship easier.”

“Sir if I were to fine turning the sensors, it’ll take about a 1 maybe 2 hours to work with. If you’d like I can start working on that now. As far as I know if I make it just perfect we should be able to pick up and track the Romulan ship sir. But like I said sir, tuning the sensors will take up to 1-2 hours.” As she explained how to get the sensors fine tuned so they can pick up and track the romulans.

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As the Chief Engineer posed his question to the CO, Lieutenant Symar stepped into the Conference Room, making a few more notes on a PADD about a few cases he’d taken on in the past few weeks, “Forgive my tardiness Captain,” he said, “I have been in surgery this morning.” Glancing over at Commander T’Aria, he gave a sort of half nod half bow and took his seat.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

Affording him a deliberate nod, T’Aria lifted her hand soundlessly to the display with an expression that read ‘here’s what you missed.’

“Nodding in approval to the XO then looking back at the CMO. “It’s ok Doctor. There is tea there for you. Vulcan tea, regular tea and coffee. Help yourself.”

She then stopped and notice the doctor got here. “Hello Doctor. Here take my seat you look like you need to have a seat” as she stood up and gave up her own seat for the doctor. She knows that the doctor works hard in sickbay cause if there was a battle or someone who needed surgery the Lt works harder then most of everyone else. When Lovejoy stood up for the doctor to have a seat she stood behind the doctor giving her space.

Lt. Lovejoy

“We understand the assailant is equipped with advanced cloaking technology and speed,” she reflected after Lovejoy’s question was answered. “What information do we have on the attacks? Are they focused, and is there evident strategic or personal motive?”

— T’Aria, XO

“Correct Number 1. Stealth and speed. As far as motive, command doesn’t know that. The one Kirk was going against might have been rogue but there’s no proof. We really don’t know their motives or how many of their shots are out there. Sadly Commander T’Aria. They have destroyed all but one space station out of the 3 in that sector and have been targeting Civilian towns and outposts on the planet side but not the military posts.”

“The ground forces we have there are doing what they can to help protect our citizens by trying to get them to underground bunkers. Our orders are to not only assist with evacuation of the planet, but sending down a med team to help treat the wounded for evacuation. Command thinks our presence alone might stop the attacks. If not then we will need to drive the Romulans back to the Nuetral Zone. By force if we have to. “

“Well commander as the chief engineer of the ship I say we try using like holoprojecter to mask our federation readings and change it to Romualdo readings. I might be able to find something for code wise. Also their attacks, doesn’t seem to be strong at the moment. As former helms woman I also suggest that we also go in stealthly and quietly as possible unless if they detect us and hails us I recommend using the codes I’ll provide. Evident strategic or personal motive, I do not see we have any issue going through. Just don’t give me to many bumps on the way.” She told the XO her thoughts of the whole thing.

Lt. Lovejoy

“Lt. Lovejoy!” Captain Taggart snapped. “I understand your eager to prove yourself but your job is Engineering. Not Tactical. Do not tell the Commander or myself how to run the Chernov. Do you understand me?” Although Chris kept his raptor like gaze trained on Lovejoy, he felt bad on the inside. Normally he would handle things like this in private but there was no time for that at this moment.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“Yes sir. Sorry sir.” As she sat back thinking she might have said something wrong.

Lt. Lovejoy

At Taggart’s outburst, Symar, who had nodded as thankfully as he could look to Lovejoy when taking her seat, cocked an eyebrow in the direction of Commander T’Aria that could be mistaken for disapproval if the two weren’t so good at suppressing their emotional reactions, “Captain, if this is a stealth mission, would it be logical to assume that we may need to be prepared for the possibility of combat scenarios?”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

Chris stopped dead in his tracks and looked over the CMO and put his hands up. “What’s up with you people? Huh? Are any of you listening? At no point in this brief have I mentioned anything about stealth. None whatsoever. You don’t send in a Battlecruiser to do a stealth mission. We are going there to handle business and be a show of force, which I stated before. We will not fire upon them unless we have to.”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“Sir. You did mention about fine tuning the sensors correct. I suggest if I can like I said. It’ll take 1 to 2 hours of modify out sensors. In order to do so, I need to know how much modifications I need to how much I need to do the sensors and recalibrate them.” As she said. With the right specs and modifications, it would help her know how to get it completed and easy to use for the rest.

Lt. Lovejoy

Flatly, Symar replied, “If a show of force is what we intend to display, the Romulans will assume we wish to impose Federation law upon them, which they will see as a threat. Therefore, it will be logical for us to prepare for the possibility of combat. I am of course not trying to… what is the human expression? Stand on your feet?”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

William frowned, first at the new Chief Engineer then at the new Vulcan Chief Medical Officer and then finally at the Captain. He was one of the few left of the Senior Bridge Crew that knew the Captain well, right now that included himself and T’Aria, the Captain seemed irritable, understandable for sure but still disconcerting “Step on your toes” He corrected Symar, imposing calm on his voice “While our mission objective is to give aid and send back the unknown hostile” He emphasised the word “Who is attacking our citizens and bases. I’m assuming these are our bases and colonies on the Federation side of the Neutral Zone as I am unaware of us having or being allowed any such stations inside the Zone itself as that would constitute an act of War” He went into lecturing mode “Starfleet Command sending a Battlecruiser to deal with a hostile on our borders is both the Strategically and politically sound thing to do and is the threat itself, we are not a diplomatic response.”

William turned to the Chief Engineer “I have some experience with cloaking technology, it’s mostly looking for sensor shadows and certain particles. We can work on the details in private.” The Young Second officer then turned to Taggart “I recall the attack on Earth well as most here do but as I understand it that vessel was not equipped with cloaking technology, our own interactions with Cloaking technology in the past may be a better starting point and any intelligence Starfleet has shared with us.”


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