Tragic Losses (Tag CO)

Posted July 10, 2021, 5:22 p.m. by Ensign Kanina Dran (Doctor/Counselor) (Leonora V)

Posted by Captain Chris Taggart (Captain) in Tragic Losses (Tag CO)

Posted by Ensign Kanina Dran (Doctor/Counselor) in Tragic Losses (Tag CO)
Kanina checked her PADD, looking for her next appointment. She blinked at the name, checked the clock, and looked back. Captain Chris Taggart - 1300 Her last scheduled appointment of the day. Pushing the chair back, she stood from her desk to make herself a cup of tea while she waited.
-Kanina Dran, CNS

Chris stood outside the Counselors door trying to talk himself out of seeing her but he knew he couldn’t be the Captain the crew needed or deserved and he couldn’t move on. He pressed the chime to her office and waited.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

The door opened, revealing the dark-eyed counselor. “Captain. Come on in, would you like something to drink?” Kanina knew it wasn’t always easy for people to seek help, but she appreciated that Taggart realized counseling could be beneficial. She waved him towards the comfortable couches that made up the main part of her office, smiling at the plants she had finally gotten from the botany labs.
-Kanina Dran, CNS

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