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Posted July 20, 2021, 6:13 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander William B. Grey (Chief Science Officer / 2nd Officer) (Hjortur Ingi)

Posted by Captain Chris Taggart (Captain) in Main SIM: Bridge tag everyone
Chris was sitting in the Captain’s chair on the bridge when NE Helmsman Davidson turned in his chair and spoke. “Captain. You wanted me to remind you when we were 12 hours out and we we are now sir.”

Nodding. “Thank you Mr. Davidson.” Looking over at comms. “I need you to send a subspace message to command informing them of our location and that we will be heading straight to Outpost 4 Planet side, to send a medical team and security team to assist. Then we will be going to the Starbases around the Nuetral Zone to look for survivors and to possibly drive back the enemy forces. Once done. Let them know that we will be running quite so none of our transmissions will be intercepted. Nothing short of an absolute emergency should be sent to us. Got it?”

Pressing the comm switch on his chair. [O]Doctor Symar. We are twelve hours out from your destination. Please have all of your personnel ready and assembled in Shuttlebay 1 by that time.[O]

[O] Security. Arm yourselves and meet in Shuttlebay 2 in twelve hours for your assignments as well. All other security officers will arm themselves and patrol the ship and set up posts in key areas.[O]

Taking a deep breath before Toggling again. [O] Bridge to the Chernov crew! We will be entering the Nuetral Zone territory in one hour. I want everyone to arm themselves that is qualified to do so. We will be running quite so no outside transmissions are allowed. We’ll be in yellow alert from this moment on. Be safe and be careful. Taggart out.[O]

“Mr. Miller. Yellow alert without the sound if you please.”

“Mr. Davidson. Set a course for Outpost 4.”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

William had taken his place on the bridge, sitting in the chair of his console monitoring the work being done by engineering. He went over their own information regarding Romulan Stealth technology preparing a dossier for the Engineers to work with.


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