Composing in the Crew Lounge (open to anyone)

Posted July 25, 2021, 7:08 p.m. by Ensign Umbri Zayne (Security Officer) (Yvonne Sephiran)

OOC: Wanted to do something to push Umbri to get to know her fellow crewmates, because she certainly needs the experience, lol!

After Lt. Commander T’Aria and Lt. Symar expressed interest in her piano piece, Umbri had all the motivation she needed to get it finished. But she still had yet to find a piano on the ship, so it was hard to work on the piece. ‘Maybe I’ll find something by looking at the map of the ship,’ she thought, pulling out her PaDD. She eventually found the Crew Lounge, which was reserved for recreational activities. After looking at what kind of events they held in the past, she saw that they had put on a production of Rocky Horror Picture Show (OOC: I really enjoyed reading that thread, by the way. But as a major musical theatre geek, I’m a little peeved that I missed out.). “Yeah, there’s definitely a piano in there. Crew Lounge it is,” Umbri said, following the map closely until she reached her destination. And sure enough, the object she was searching for was in the middle of the room. Grinning from ear to ear, Umbri pulled the current draft of her piece out of her bag and set the sheet music on the piano stand. ‘Alright, let’s see if this version is the one,’ she thought, placing her fingers on the piano. After a deep breath, Umbri let herself become lost in the music.

OOC: By the way, this is actually a piece that I composed IRL, and I decided to work it into here. I put the score and the audio file in a Google Drive folder for anyone to view. Enjoy!–skixWc2qOdI42YYUchVmGN9q5O?usp=sharing

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