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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Kul Valharra (Weapons Officer) in Main Sim: Security to Shuttle Bay 2 (Tag all security & CO)

Posted by Ensign Umbri Zayne (Security Officer) in Main Sim: Security to Shuttle Bay 2 (Tag all security)
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Ensign Valharra after walking out of the Captain’s office, had entered Lt. Mwezi’s old office. He sat in the chair behind the desk and put the case with the Sheriff stars and gun down on the desk and teared up. “I will miss you, Lt. Mwezi. Thank you for everything you taught me.” He said to the empty room. Then the announcement came over the intercom.
(copied from “[O]Doctor Symar. We are twelve hours out from your destination. Please have all of your personnel ready and assembled in Shuttlebay 1 by that time.[O]

[O] Security. Arm yourselves and meet in Shuttlebay 2 in twelve hours for your assignments as well. All other security officers will arm themselves and patrol the ship and set up posts in key areas.[O]

Taking a deep breath before Toggling again. [O] Bridge to the Chernov crew! We will be entering the Nuetral Zone territory in one hour. I want everyone to arm themselves that is qualified to do so. We will be running quite so no outside transmissions are allowed. We’ll be in yellow alert from this moment on. Be safe and be careful. Taggart out.[O]”

He got up and walked out to the brig and the security team working at their sections. “Well, as you all know, Lt. Mwezi is not coming back, and I was just in the Captain’s office, effective immediately, as you’ve probably noticed by my new pips, I have been promoted to Lieutenant, and am the new Weapon’s Officer/Chief of Security. But, as the Captain has also stated, we are almost to our next mission destination, and we need to get ready, so grab your weapons, and kits and get to the shuttle bay, I will meet you there.” He told the staff. He went back into Lt. Mwezi’s old office, now his and grabbed the small sheriff badge and attached it to his uniform.
Lt. Valharra, Weapons Officer

This was Umbri’s first encounter with Lt. Valharra. Being the CoS seemed to suit him very well. She may not have known Lt. Mwezi (who she figured was Lt. Valharra’s predecessor), but she could tell that Lt. Valharra thought very highly of him. Umbri even saw some tears in his eyes, which she was a little surprised by considering he was Vulcan and all. They’re not exactly known for getting emotional.

As for the mission at hand, the message from Captain Taggart (who she imagined would meet very soon) was the first Umbri had heard about it. Clearly, a lot happened prior to her boarding the USS Chernov, especially considering they were about to enter the Neutral Zone. She was honestly kind of worried about being unprepared for the mission. She quickly shook herself out of her thoughts and went to the Armory to grab her weapons as well as her mission kit. ‘Lt. Valharra probably knows that I’m new, so I’m sure he’ll be happy to help me with anything I need. I just have to ask for help,’ she thought. Umbri made sure no one was looking before she pulled her lucky necklace out from under her uniform, pressed a kiss to it, and quickly hid it once again. After taking a deep breath, she nodded. “Okay. Let’s do this,” she whispered to herself, making her way to Shuttlebay 2.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

When Lt. Valharra arrived at Shuttlebay 2, he saw Ensign Zayne standing off to the corner, waiting for instructions on what to do next. He wasn’t sure what their mission was going to be either, since he just got the promotion and was told to tell certain security staff the Captain wanted to meet in the bay for further instruction. He walked up to Ensign Zayne. “Hello again, I remember you just joined the ship. Glad to see you are finding your way around it fairly well.” He started the conversation. “I’m sure you have lots of questions, and as the new CoS, I should have the answers, if I don’t, I’ll find them for you, just don’t be afraid to ask.” He stated.
LT. Valharra, Weapons Officer

Umbri looked up at Lt. Valharra. “Honestly, I feel a little unprepared. I’ve barely gotten settled in and we’re already heading into the Neutral Zone, which is the last thing I expected out of my first mission with this crew. But the biggest reason why I’m nervous is because I can tell a lot happened on this ship before I arrived. I figured that out when there was no CoS at the time I docked and I had my department check-in with Lt. Commander T’Aria. Plus I’m detecting a very somber atmosphere among the crew. You’ve obviously been here longer than I have, so would you mind getting me up to speed?” she asked.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

“Well, our last mission, something medical happened to Lt. Mwezi, the last CoS, or weapon’s officer. When we got to his home planet, as our CMO couldn’t figure out how to treat him, we learned there was an incident on the planet, and his wife was involved. When he got better, he went to see what happened, and he ended up dying as well, I don’t know all the details, as I on the planet with the XO, and was not there where he was. Lt. Mwezi had been on the ship for a long time, so losing him has affected a lot of the crew. As far as this mission, I have no more information on it than you do. I didn’t learn about it till he made the announcement.” Lt. Valharra explained.
Lt. Valharra, Weapon’s Officer

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