In my office ATTN: Ensign Baze

Posted Oct. 5, 2021, 5:19 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sara Lovejoy (Chief Engineer) (Christopher Logan)

As she sat in her office sitting at her desk she called [O] Ensign Blaze please report to my office and I expect you to be here on time. It is to do with the modifications to the sensors. [O] She asked him him come to her office. She then sat there thinking to herself about what the captain said and she feels like if she had to do something this us the right time. It was her time to be the better person and have him do the rest of the modifications. If Blaze can’t she mentioned to a NE Engineer “Listen. I know that Blaze didn’t do everything that I asked but I need you to do the rest of the modifications to the sensors please and thank you.” She said to an NE engineer.

Lt. JG Lovejoy.

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