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As she sat in her office sitting at her desk she called [O] Ensign Blaze please report to my office and I expect you to be here on time. It is to do with the modifications to the sensors. [O] She asked him him come to her office. She then sat there thinking to herself about what the captain said and she feels like if she had to do something this us the right time. It was her time to be the better person and have him do the rest of the modifications. If Blaze can’t she mentioned to a NE Engineer “Listen. I know that Blaze didn’t do everything that I asked but I need you to do the rest of the modifications to the sensors please and thank you.” She said to an NE engineer.

Lt. JG Lovejoy.

Blaze entered the CE office as the other engineers were walking out. He took a set and clipped a camera on his shoulder on to record her. “ what do you want the program is as done as it can be. As for the modification to air sensors is complete I did that last night in my lab we just have to run my program.” He said very tired and very annoyed

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

“Listen ensign. I may be your superior for engineering. And I get it you don’t like how I run things. But, as an order not just from me but also the captain. Get the last 5% in now. I don’t want to keep going to the captain and him telling me that I am just sitting there babying you whether you can get that last 5% in or not you will do it. And that’s an order. For a while I will be on the bridge as temporary first officer/science officer. So I suggest you do it now. I don’t want to hear that you can’t do it. Or you won’t do it. Cause it’s gonna happen either way.” She ordered hun to do so (not anything against you James. You’re a great rper. You’re doing well so like I said nothing against you). She had just gotten done with a conversation with the captain and she doesn’t want to force him to do it but it is an order.

Lt. Lovejoy

Blaze looked at her and said “ ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR VULCAN MIND. First off I have told you several times 95% is as good as we can get cuz to get 100 I NEED MORE DATA. And that data is why we’re only getting 95%. It’s not like I can pull the last 5% out of my but. Secondly I know for a fact that that order didn’t come from the captain so don’t lie to me. Thirdly stop trying to babysit me I have been here longer then you have and I know the ship,the systems, and I know the team in engineering right now. And at this time I request for your Supervisor to be here before anything else happens” he stands from his set “I will be waiting in the hall” with that he left her office and took a set in the hallway

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

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T’Aria lifted her gaze from the PaDD containing Ensign Blaze’s request. Logic tempted her to seek them out individually, but their circumstances warranted compromise over resolution. They didn’t have time to waste on disputes. “Lieutenant Cervantes,” T’Aria rose to her feet and shoved the PaDD under her arm, “you have the conn. Keep me apprised of the away team’s status.”

Several minutes elapsed before T’Aria slipped from the turbolift into Engineering. “Ensign Blaze?” She greeted as she approached the Chief Engineer’s station. “With me.”

T’Aria weaved through the sea of equipment and officers, making her way swiftly toward the Chief Engineer. “Lieutenant Lovejoy,” she jabbed her thumb at a semi-secluded corner of Main Engineering, “please join us.”

She guided Lovejoy and Blaze to a nook close enough to move at a second’s notice but far enough to offer some semblance of privacy. Hardly a woman to dance around the matter, T’Aria turned and regarded her colleagues. “Engineering received orders to construct a tachyon detection grid to identify cloaked vessels,” she began, “but I understand there’s been a disagreement in our approach and efficacy.”

“Ensign,” T’Aria continued, “what is your perception of the conflict?”

—T’Aria, XO

Blaze looked at the XO “ as I told the CE several times that the program is at 95% it can’t get any higher then that due to not enough data. I can’t pull the last 5% out of thin air but she keeps telling people that I will not do it. When the main fact is I can’t get 100% with out data. 95% is a miracle to have with the short amount of time I had to write the program but she Will not listen and keep on demanding the other 5%.” As Blaze was done talking. He ran his hands through his hair

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

“Excuse me ensign. If you’d like to know the captain has ordered us to get it to 100% if you can’t do it I’ll do it then.” She said. “And yes I know you’ve been here longer but as Chief Engineer, I have my orders from the captain himself to get it up at full peak efficiency. Meaning 100%.” She added.

Lt. Lovejoy

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