Mess Hall - Midnight Stew (ENG/Anyone Interested)

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The chef’s eyes lit up when Umbri mentioned his latest brainchild—jam sessions. “Really?” He meet her shake with greater vigour than he intended. “Please,” he released her hand and tossed his to a desolate table nearby, “I cannot offer a cup of tea or brandy… but I’d love to hear more about this composer slash pianist side of yourself.” Grin undying, he made a beeline for that table and plopped down in an empty seat. “And, in return, I’ll tell you a little more about our next jam session.”

— Sega’a, a thoroughly interested chef

Umbri smiled as she joined Sega’a at the table, happy to meet someone who was just as passionate about music as she was. “Well, I’ve been playing piano since I was eight, and I started composing in my freshman year of high school back on Earth. I’ve always said that music isn’t just something that I do, it’s my heart and soul. Without music, I wouldn’t exist. It’s gotten me through the tough times in my life, and there certainly have been a lot. So while I was studying Security at the Academy, I also continued my studies in piano and Music Composition. I actually just finished writing a piano piece last night. If you’d like, I’d be happy to play it for you sometime,” she said.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security & Friendly Neighborhood Crazy Music Geek

Sega’a rested his chin atop large, emerald-stained hands and listened.

He’d encountered a few musicians in his stint aboard the Chernov. Lady Konrad—as she was affectionately known—rose from the Utopia Planitian dust to starships, but she never lost her love for the banjo. Tilohr played a wild instrument primed to spill blood as eloquently as it did its tune (but Sega’a suspected, despite his talk, that he lacked a mean bone in his body). And Setvik plucked the strings of his Vulcan lute with such tender vigour that Sega’a refused to subscribe to his indifference. These faces popped into his mind as Umbri relayed her tale. But they were not the culprit of his grin.

“I know you came for a snack,” Sega’a observed, “but would you care for a mini-jam session tonight?”

— Sega’a

Umbri’s eyes lit up. “I would absolutely love that. What do you want to do?” she asked.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

“First,” he shot an indignant glance at the synthesiser, “we need to find a better venue.”

“And…” Sega’a heaved himself to his feet, “…I know just the place.”

An impish spark enlivened his green eyes as he tossed his hand to the door. “Pianists, first.”

— Sega’a

Umbri let out a giggle before exiting through the door.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

Sega’a slid into the corridor and shot Umbri a conspiratorial grin. “This way,” he beckoned with a playful snap. The first leg of their journey guided them through a maze of serpentine halls and a short turbo-ride engaged by a hoarse: “Deck Six!”

Dark, sleek doors peeled open to reveal a nearly identical hall… save for the few passersby who waved as they bimbled on. Sega’a led the woman to nearby quarters and lifted a ‘wait here’ finger. When he emerged, he carried a mauve hydroflask and harmonica.

“And…” he thrust the flask down the hall, “…of we go, again!”

Sega’a guided Umbri to the Crew Lounge, where he stepped aside and shoved his free hand into the doorframe as if holding it for her. “If I recall… there’s a piano in here somewhere.”

– Sega’a

Umbri nodded as she walked in. “Yeah, I know where it is. I used it a few days ago to finish up my piano piece,” she paused as she sat down on the piano bench, playing a few scales to warm up her fingers. “So, where do you wanna start?” she asked.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

Sega’a hooked his arm under a chair and lugged it to the piano. Releasing it, he swung his legs over and settled against its back. “Hmm…” he seemed to contemplate, but there was no denying his curiosity at what she could do. “Why don’t you give us a tune?”

— Sega’a

Umbri smiled, hoping he would say that. She decided to resort to a song by a 20th Century Earth band called the Beatles. The arrangement she was about to play wasn’t written until a century later, but it was still absolutely gorgeous. Umbri knew it was sure to get Sega’a’s attention.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

Sega’a commanded the harmonica from its case and held it curiously to the light. But his attention was instantly absorbed by Umbri’s music. Jerking his head toward the sound, Sega’a furrowed his eyebrows until they formed a bushy and attentive line across his massive green forehead. Where had he heard this tune before? It sounded so… familiar.

A broad, unquenchable grin touched his lips as he hoisted the harmonica and released his breath into its mouthpiece. He kept several beats behind her, echoing her lead with an unconscious rat-a-tap-tapping of his foot. (OOC: because I know nothing of musical jargon! LOL) It was safe to say he appreciated her choice of music.

— Sega’a

When Umbri finished playing, she looked at Sega’a, grinning from ear to ear. “I haven’t had a jam session like that since the Academy. That was absolutely amazing!” she said.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

On his way to his quarters to meditate and sleep, just an hour or so from getting onboard the Chernov again after his stint away on medical duties elsewhere, Kastarak passed the Mess Hall. He heard some music, very strange to his ears, such music he had never heard before. It was tantalizing, fascinating and curiously inviting, it was as if it played with the harmonies, like the expected harmonies threw him off, yet was surprisingly enjoyable. Kastarak decided to explore.

He heard the two people play a tune, one of them was his roommate Umbri and the other a tall male Orion (someone as tall as Kastarak himself!). It was curious, fascinating, and interesting.

Once the music stopped, Kastarak chose to engage in an Earth custom. He clapped his hands slightly. It felt strangely odd to do so, but for some reason he wished to reconnect with Umbri, show an appreciation to see her again, and gain her attention, and show respect to the art of music which he knew she regularly engaged in.

However, after doing so, he stopped, thought it was illogical to do so, and simply regained his neutral pose. He nodded to the Orion player, a yeoman judging by the insigna, as to invite him to introduce himself, and tried to make eye contact with the two of them.

– Ensign Kastarak (Medical Officer)

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