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“Lieutenant, Ensign.” T’Aria chided, a stolid frown penetrating her features. “I understand peak performance is a measure of functionality, not perfection.”

“Lieutenant Lovejoy,” T’Aria indicated the woman with a nod, “you appear attached to ‘100%’ as a function of peak performance. What does ‘100%’ look like?”

She paused, striving to extend the conversation beyond idle accusations. “And if you were in Ensign Blaze’s position, how would you go about attaining this goal?”

– T’Aria, XO

“Well XO, the captain asked me to do this the first time of him getting it up to exactly 100% because of the mission we are on. Being on 100% peak performance to me is getting things done right and correctly, if you don’t get it done and completed with 100%, then this mission isn’t going to be a success. Per captains orders he has order me to give the ensign a direct order the first time to get it up to 100%. Now say if I was in position I’d do it without question and try harder. If a mission has a specific thing that needs to get done you do it right and get it to 100%. And that’s what I want with the program XO.” She explained to the XO her side and is awaiting the ensigns side of everything.

Lt. Lovejoy

A slight wrinkle gathered between her eyebrows, impersonating the confusion that swept through T’Aria’s mind. This is not a matter of order, she mused to herself, perhaps I was unclear? Her lips parted to clarify what she’d meant, but Blaze interjected.

Blaze looked at the CE flabbergasted then to the XO “ I never heard anything that’s stupid before in my whole life can you please tell her to stop talking. She is the tape of person who can’t tell the difference between a info prop in an OS sub system. I’ve been trying to tell her over 100 times now. 95% is all she’s going to get the system will still run very good but because of lack of certain data we might not be able to detect all the cloaked vessels. There’s also the uncertain problem that the program might not work at all the Romulans might’ve updated their technology since there last meeting”

(blaze didn’t like the fact that the CE was acting like a boss telling him to do some thing not like a leader who will say let’s do some thing. And of course all bosses don’t listen. Leaders will listen to you and understand what is going on.)

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

“Ensign Blaze makes a valid point,” T’Aria bowed her head in assent. “Our limited knowledge places us in a precarious position. We are simultaneously uncertain of our adversary’s identity—we assume they’re Romulan—and their ability. Consequently, we base our response entirely on theories and limited data from earlier encounters… simply because we have nothing else.”

“Your drive is admirable, Lieutenant,” she continued, “but do you see where the confusion and frustration comes in on Ensign Blaze’s part?”

She stood there walking with them quietly and not saying anything cause if she does she’ll get into trouble. “Ensign. I wanted to make it clear that I apologize of how I was pushing you. But I would like to know how we are able to get it done. If possible what information is needed. Who else do you need to work with you on this project on board? I’ll assign anyone to you if you need me too. Also if needed, I’ll be there if you need me too. If you don’t need me I’ll be in the mess hall.” She said to the ensign.

Lt. Lovejoy

Blaze looked at her “ unfortunately the data I need is considered classified by Starfleet intelligence. They are keeping a lot of the data out of the reports and that is making it harder for us but the program will still work for the cloaking spectrums we know of but there is a good chance that they have updated there tech. As it stand there is no way you or I can get the last 5%” he said

(But we’re not done with the XO yet)

(I know. I just thought I’d add that in before anything.)

“Alright. Let’s hope we can get the last bit of info for the mission before you go on over to the romulans for it. Hopefully.” She said.

Lt. Lovejoy

T’Aria slipped into silence and took a tentative step back to allow Blaze and Lovejoy the room to converse. Sensing they resolved their dispute, but refusing to trust a hunch, she gently cleared her throat. “Let’s not rely on the ‘hope’ we’ll ascertain redacted data,” she warned, “however, our encounter with the survivors may render valuable insight into the Romulans’ current technology.”

“Given our circumstances,” she glanced between them, “are you both comfortable working with a 95% effective grid?” Her question carried a double meaning: were they prepared to work with what they had, and in doing so, together?

— T’Aria, XO

“Yes XO. We are willing to work together and I think the 95% is more then efficient.” She said to the XO.

Lt. Lovejoy

A loud voice boomed over in Engineering. [O] Engineering this is the Captain! Ensign Blaze, report to Transporter room 3 on the double! Bring all your programming and slicing gear with you along with a phaser of you haven’t got one yet. We’re going to take a trip! [O]

Another one went off and it was a ship wide announcement. [O] Commander T’Aria report to the bridge. You have the Con. I’ll be in Transporter room 3. Captain out. [O]

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