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The two people that the CMO and Tactical Chief were supposed to meet were waiting by the landing pads.

It was pure chaos down there as everyone could see the massive devastation and suffering from all those people that had their lives turned upside down.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

William stepped out of his shuttle and surveyed the area calmly. Unconsciously he adjusted the phaser in its holster when he noticed he placed his hands behind his back “Lieutenant Valharra, prepare the teams” He told the Armory Chief Before moving to meet with their greeting party “I’m Lieutenant Commander William Grey, Second Officer of the Chernov. Captain Longfellow?” The young man asked the two greeters.


Symar noted the arrival of Lieutenant Valharra and motioned for the medical team to follow him over, “Lieutenant,” he said on approach, “My team is standing by to assist where we can.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-


Umbri stepped out of the shuttle and turned to Lieutenant Valharra. “Awaiting your orders, Sir,” she said.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

William nodded to the junior security officer “Let Valharra know that I want teams of four, two Security two medical, lined up and ready to move out” He told her before turning to the greeting party.


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"Roger that." Lt. Valharra responded to Lt. Comm. Grey. "You two ensigns and ensign Zayne, you're with me in team one. You four ensigns, are team 2." The Vulcan weapons officer gave orders to them as he was commanded.

Lt. Valharra, weapons officer.

“Hello Commander. I’m Doctor (insert his name here because I forgot) and this is (other person that I forgot as well. Sorry.) We are happy to have you all here to help support and help us. I will take the medical team to the make shift medical center so they can assist right away.”


“I am Doctor Symar,” the Vulcan gave a curt nod, “Myself and Doctors Winters and Asanto stand ready to assist.” Falling into step behind Doctor Nameless, they set off, taking in the sights of the planet around them.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

William inclined his head “Could you take me to Captain Longfellow?” He asked in a polite tone.


“Of course Commander. Right this way. He is in the Command tent.” After a few minutes walking they came to it. “Here it is Commander.” As he gestured with his arm. “Go right in.”


William entered the tent and looked for the former Marine Commander “Captain Longfellow? I’m Lieutenant Commander William Grey from the Chernov” He said hands clasped behind his back.


A sturdy and stout man with salt and pepper hair stood reading some reports and then looked up. “Ah! I’m glad you arrived! We can use the bodies and the ship! I am going over today’s reports. Would you like to look them over Commander?” He then went and poured two cups of coffee and brought them over handing one to Will.

William accepted the cup as he read over the reports. Right hand holding the cup left hand still behind his back.

” I have been analyzing their attacks and If my predictions are correct, they will attack again in 3 hours. It is not like the Romulans to be predictable though so we are on alert at all times out here. It could mean that they have only a small fleet and are attacking the other places on a rotational basis. What do you think?”

Captain Longfellow

William looked at the former Marine with an emotionless expression he adopted usually when unnerved. He wasn’t a combat leader even though he’d led a few firefights before, but he understood tactics as a theoretical problem “I’m informed that the Chernov will be searching for engagements with the Enemy ships, I don’t know if we’ll have any specific support until the fleet has been dealt with. As for this” He looked at the reports “Do we have any scouting reports or numbers of enemy combatants?” He asked.


“Well that sucks!” Longfellow said laughing. “We could’ve used them. They have a platoon size detachment somewhere but I can’t find them. We do have some scouts searching but they won’t be back until morning. They also have a couple sips that they use to bombard us with along with their damn Bird of Preys. Can you contact the Chernov and ask them to do a quick sensor scan and help us find their land base of operations?”


William nodded and put his hand to the small of his back where his communicator hung. He grabbed the device and flipped it open [O]Grey to Chernov, before you depart please do a thorough scan of the planet’s surface, I’ll need information on troop movements, military strenght and any strongholds held by the enemy. Relay information to my tricorder[O] He put the open communicator on the table “What’s our strength now, excluding the two dozen officers I brought with me?”


“Our strength is now up to 45 personnel Commander.”

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IC: [O] Commander, this is the Chernov. A quick scan shows that about 3 1/2 kicks Nort, Northeast, is a platoon size gaggle of 50 humanoids heading your way. There are 3 small fighter jets heading in your direction as well. They are of Romulan technology. We can take out the jets but not the beings because we do not know if they are Romulans. Good luck. [O]


William sighed [O]Copy that Chernov, please remove their air support then before you leave, check if they have any other vessels that aren’t airborne in case they intend to surprise us, Grey out[C] He closed the communicator “Valharra heads our armed forces, they will link up and fill out your units. I suggest mixing units so that each team has locals and fresh fighters. Doctor Symar will set up a triage wherever one can set up a Triage best” William said as he looked at the map of the area “We have fewer than 40 fighters against their 50” He was thinking out loud “And only a dozen of those are fresh. I suspect that we’ll need to set up an ambush along their trek.”


[O] Roger that Commander. We are doing so.... now![O] There was a long pause before the Chernov continued. [O]Airborne taken out! Plus 5 more from a camp we back tracked them to as well. We did trace the 50 beings heading towards you from the camp as well but we can’t tell if they are all Romulans, hostages, are a mixture. We’ll be in orbit for an additional hour in case you need us. I think that the Captain is using us as bait.” Then Grey would hear the Captain’s voice. “Shut your mouth Lieutenant! The Romulans might be able to hear us. Chernov out![O]


William closed the communicator suppressing a sigh “Right, well… yes looks like we should be able to operate without fear of aerial attacks for the moment. Are your troops ready?” He asked.


“Well that’s better than nothing!” He said then turned his head and yelled. “Colonel Jenkins! Assemble your fighters! We’re going out and possibly kicking some Romulan tail! We need to act and move fast to beat them to a prime ambush site.”

In the background both men heard. “Roger that! Great up everyone! Meet back here in 10 minutes and be ready for combat!”

Longfellow turned back to Grey. “We’re moving out in 10. I suggest you get your people ready. If you’ll excuse me, I have to get geared up.” With that he left.


William watched the older man leave and waited for a moment. He finally exhaled a breath he didn’t know he was holding Fighting Romulans on some dirtball in the middle of nowhere. I warned you this would happen A voice deep in the recesses of his mind whispered, it giggled madly When things start to go wrong do make sure to let me out, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to us would we? William muted the voice then unclenched his jaw. He let out a short curse before gathering himself and leaving the command tent “Valharra, Symar, on me” He called to the two leaders, the other NE’s that were a part of his forces turned around to listen “We have approximately fifty potentially hostile beings moving in on our location, we will be moving out to meet them for an Ambush.” He said in a clear voice, he kept his hands firmly behind his back, making sure no one could see them shaking

“Valharra, set up your men in coordination with Longfellow’s forces, we’re going to be outnumbered as half of our forces are medical officers.” He turned to the Vulcan Chief Medical Officer “Prepare for battlefield triage, we may not have time to pull wounded back here so I’ll need at least some combat medics, otherwise take over whatever medical facilities they have set up and make use of whatever they have.”


“Already on it, Sir.” Lt. Valharra responded to the commander, and continued talking to Longfellow. “So, myself and ensign Zayne, will go here with these guys, these ensigns will go with those troops, and they split off with those troops, that should be good to help, and get us started, we will follow your men’s lead for the most part as far as navigation.” He explained as he and Longfellow set up plans for advancement.
Lt. Valharra, Weapon’s Officer

Umbri nodded in response to Lt. Valharra’s instructions. “Roger that, Sir,” she said.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

Symar crossed over to the medical facility on the other side of the Security tent and went looking for the highest ranking Doctor.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

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