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William watched the older man leave and waited for a moment. He finally exhaled a breath he didn’t know he was holding Fighting Romulans on some dirtball in the middle of nowhere. I warned you this would happen A voice deep in the recesses of his mind whispered, it giggled madly When things start to go wrong do make sure to let me out, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to us would we? William muted the voice then unclenched his jaw. He let out a short curse before gathering himself and leaving the command tent “Valharra, Symar, on me” He called to the two leaders, the other NE’s that were a part of his forces turned around to listen “We have approximately fifty potentially hostile beings moving in on our location, we will be moving out to meet them for an Ambush.” He said in a clear voice, he kept his hands firmly behind his back, making sure no one could see them shaking

“Valharra, set up your men in coordination with Longfellow’s forces, we’re going to be outnumbered as half of our forces are medical officers.” He turned to the Vulcan Chief Medical Officer “Prepare for battlefield triage, we may not have time to pull wounded back here so I’ll need at least some combat medics, otherwise take over whatever medical facilities they have set up and make use of whatever they have.”


“Already on it, Sir.” Lt. Valharra responded to the commander, and continued talking to Longfellow. “So, myself and ensign Zayne, will go here with these guys, these ensigns will go with those troops, and they split off with those troops, that should be good to help, and get us started, we will follow your men’s lead for the most part as far as navigation.” He explained as he and Longfellow set up plans for advancement.
Lt. Valharra, Weapon’s Officer

Umbri nodded in response to Lt. Valharra’s instructions. “Roger that, Sir,” she said.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

BUMP for Rusty

Symar crossed over to the medical facility on the other side of the Security tent and went looking for the highest ranking Doctor.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-



Lieutenant Symar would find Dr. Trombones. He was an older gentleman in his late 60’s and was preparing the site for triage as well. Turning and seeing Symar he nodded. “Hello and good day. You need something young man?”

Longfellow came back all geared up. “Are we all ready to do you this?”


Symar gave a polite nod, “Greetings Doctor, I am Lieutenant Symar of the Federation Starship Chernov, I am here to provide assistance with any medical needs the people of this planet may require.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-



“Thank you doctor. We are getting ready to set up a triage and send some of our combat medics out with the team to assist. Any and all assistance is gladly appreciated.”

Doctor Trombones

“Commander Grey! Are you and your team ready?”


William looked over his troops once more with an unreadable expression “Yes we are prepared” He turned around to face his counterpart “Let’s march” He tentatively placed his hand on the holstered phaser on his side as if to make sure it was still there. Although he’d gotten somewhat used to the extra weight there he never really liked the idea of carrying a weapon.


“Ok Commander. Let’s move out!” Then they all went out with weapons at the ready.


“My team and I can assist with the triage centre we are setting up.” He nodded to Asanto and Winters who simultaneously slung supply bags from over their shoulders and unloading the medical equipment piece by piece.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

“Great!” Said the doctor. “We’ll need your help.”

Doctor Trombones

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“Yes, we are geared up and ready to follow your lead.” Lt. Valharra looked at Longfellow, and Ensign Zayne.
Lt. Valharra, Weapons Officer

“Good. Let’s go.” Longfellow said as they all marched out. After about an hour they made it to the ambush spot. “Ok. Let’s set up.” He turned and started pointing to where the soldiers were going.


William raised his hand and made a circular motion ordering his team to follow the man in. He started marching, making sure that Valharra and his team were close by. “I don’t want any foolish heroics today Lieutenant” He said in a quiet voice to Valharra “This may end up being a lengthy campaign.” He sincerely hoped that it wouldn’t.


Soon, William’s communicator chirped. [O]Chernov to Commander Grey.[O] T’Aria’s voice filtered through the speaker. [O]What’s your status?[C]

“Doctor, can you tell me anything about the kind of injuries we may encounter?”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

Trombones released his bag to the ground, glancing at Symar through hooded eyes. “Couldn’t tell you, son.” He admitted. “You might see a few measly scrapes or you might watch a man bleed out. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.” He stifled a sigh. “Now, how experience do y’all have with combat med?”

— T’Aria / Trombones / Storyteller

“My team and I will be able to assist with whatever may arise,” Symar said pointedly.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

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