Sickbay – Preparing for intake of wounded, triage etc.

Posted Nov. 28, 2021, 5:22 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander T’Aria (XO / Navigation Officer) (Trinity Fister)

Posted by Ensign Kastarak (Doctor) in Sickbay – Preparing for intake of wounded, triage etc.
Doctor Kastarak, newly returned to the Chernov after being away on medical business, found himself in charge of sickbay just hours after his return. Commander T’Aria, the first officer, had instructed him to prepare sickbay for an intake of any wounded people, and also prepare for triage.

Nurse Sutalo was there to assist him. Together, they increased the number of bio-beds, just in case, and made sure that proper medication, at least the kind that would be used on battle wounds, was synthesized and ready to be used. The effect however was that things looked a bit cramped, and both Nurse Sutalo and Kastarak had tripped. Luckily they fixed the hazard. Nurse Sutalo was a good colleague, Kastarak mused, and they fitted well together. They seemed to understand one another.

Once they were ready, Kastarak turned to Sutalo.

“How about a cup of tea while we wait? It might be our last quiet time for a while.”

Sutalo agreed, and the two made some tea. They say down and sipped, not saying anything.

– Kastarak (Ensign, Medical Officer)

OOC: Great post, Richard! I don’t want to steal Travis’ thunder should he have something planned, but I figured… why not put Sickbay to use? ;)

Sickbay’s doors yanked open with a terrible screech, announcing a pair of engineers who nearly mistook the threshold. The first, an Andorian man, clasped his palm against a blue-crusted temple, his stark eyes glazed and his gait disoriented. Hoisting him up was a young human whose diminutive frame was no match for her companion’s considerable stature. “Doc!” She hollered, struggling to keep the Andorian on his feet as she coaxed him another step. “Atillos–” her breath hitched, “–he hit his head real hard. It won’t stop bleeding!”

— NEs Yasmeen Kiran and Rassih ch’Atillos

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