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Posted Nov. 29, 2021, 2:23 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander William B. Grey (Chief Science Officer / 2nd Officer) (Hjortur Ingi)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander William B. Grey (Chief Science Officer / 2nd Officer) in Science Lab - [C]hecking [B]oxes (Tag SCI)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander William B. Grey (Chief Science Officer / 2nd Officer) in Science Lab - [C]hecking [B]oxes (Tag SCI)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander T’Aria (XO / Navigation Officer) in Science Lab - [C]hecking [B]oxes (Tag SCI)
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T’Aria watched as the turbolift doors peeled open, revealing a young Andorian man with irritable lines carved into his forehead. “Petty Officer,” she nodded and slid into the space beside him. “Deck 4.”

A symphony of soft whirs consumed the silence between them, allowing both to avoid the ails of idle conversation. Miracles manifested in remarkable ways.

Lowering her gaze, T’Aria snagged the PaDD from the crook of her arm and dismissed her lingering notes on Engineering. One department down, four to go. And Science claimed the next slot on her list. T’Aria slid the stylus into her pocket and hoisted her attention to the slowing turbolift. Its doors parted, guiding her into a corridor whose calm posed a stark contrast to Engineering’s innate hubbub. But the stillness was misleading.

T’Aria nodded farewell to the Petty Officer, who seemed relieved to regain his solitude, and ventured into Chernov’s serpentine corridors.

Seconds bled into minutes before she happened across the General Science Lab. And like before, T’Aria chose not to disturb the natural processes. Instead, she slipped inside and found a quiet spot to wait for someone—anyone—to notice her.

– T’Aria, XO

The Chernov’s science lab was a comparatively small space in the grand scheme of things but it functioned as it should. Most of the staff were busy with their work either working on updating Code, experiments, or other general assignments. A few looked up from their work and visibly stiffened at seeing the Ships first officer but no one stepped up. On the other end of the lab staring at a holographic whiteboard filled with various equations stood the tall Science Chief. Straight back with his hands clasped behind his back William seemed to be trying to stare through the math problem. He turned his head slightly at hearing the door close and spun around on his heels. He looked surprised and curious at her arrival but quickly he smoothed his features into the same smooth expression he always wore.

He took a few steps forward, stopping a few meters from T’Aria “Commander, what brings you here?” He asked. William had only been a Starfleet officer a handful of years, his entire career spent on the Chernov but somehow he’d made Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer in the three years since Captain Stovik was dismissed from Command.


T’Aria’s deceivingly severe, judicious gaze swept through the lab and its blue-backed officers. Masked tension threatened to lock her bones, but she dismissed it with a subtle posture shift. She shifted her attention to the CSO approaching from afar and nodded. Years transpired since they first crossed paths–stripes ascending their arms and leadership garnering new meaning–and she remembered it well. However fleeting and duty-driven their encounters, they encouraged her deep respect for the scientist.

Terse and pointed, T’Aria returned only an approving nod. “Commander,” she returned, “I noticed it’s been several months since we’ve formally touched base. Do you have time to spare?”

— T’Aria

A small polite smile formed on Will’s lips and he took a step to the side “Of course, ma’am” He said in a respectful tone “Would you like to converse in my office?” He offered.


T’Aria thought to protest but the uneasiness radiating from the science officers stifled her impulse. “Please,” she gestured for Will to lead the way. She hadn’t come to scrutinise their productivity nor nitpick the cleanliness of their workstations, and she wouldn’t dare imply it by hovering. Besides, she had heftier things in mind.

— T’Aria

William inclined his head and entered his cramped office. He took a few lithe steps around his desk and turned, indicating to a chair on the other side, and waited for a moment allowing the Commander to take a seat before sitting down himself and waiting patiently allowing T’Aria to speak.


T’Aria settled into the chair, briefly dragging her gaze around his cramped space, then beheld him. “I’m confident we can both appreciate the recent turbulence,” she spoke as gingerly as her candour would allow. “And I recognise every crewmember has been uniquely affected,” instinct urged her to avoid needless fluff, “how are you coping?”

— T’Aria, XO

William frowned slightly “I don’t…” he trailed off considering “If you mean the loss of Lieutenant’s Kane and Mwezi” He looked away for a few moments, his frown still present. When he looked back at T’Aria his face was smooth, calm and emotionless “I am alright. Emotionally it was a shock true, they were some of the most capable people I’ve known but I was close with neither”


An elusive frown warped her stolid features, but she tempered it before William lifted his gaze. ‘Alright’ struck her odd. It tasted bitter, laced with unspoken truths, and left a hollow feeling in her gut. But she refused to pry. T’Aria trusted Grey would seek support if and when needed, and she wouldn’t get involved unless it affected his crew, his health or his duty. “I see,” she mused. “And your staff? How are they?” She extended the question to encompass science officers’ general wellbeing, opening the conversation to whatever Grey felt pertinent to mention.

— T’Aria, XO

There was a slight twitch as William instinctively looked beyond the door towards his small team before stopping himself “I believe some of them have some unexpressed guilt, there was no short amount of animosity between Lieutenant Kane and my staff. I currently do not possess a psychological degree but I’m assuming it’s a form of survivors guilt” He froze, it was barely for a moment but it was visible. His lips thinned and he made a vexed Tsk sound. There was a visible loosening of tension in his shoulders and his facial features softened. He put a hand through his hair, slightly disheveling it and sighing “I’m afraid that may be some form of projection” Now he spoke in a soft Texan drawl. This sudden change was a common occurrence, most of the crew recognized this and simply considered it a part of the oddness that was William Grey, Almost an entire personality shift, going from cold calculating to warm and friendly in an instance.

“Although I do consider myself fine, Kane and Mwezi. Well, I’ve known… I knew them for the entirety of my career. Losing both at the same time was a shock. I have the smallest staff on board and they are a tight-knit group. Most of them have been on the Chernov since Captain Stovik took command and when he was made to stand down they didn’t take it well. We’ve lost people before but when two leaders are taken out in an instance it creates a shockwave” He paused for a moment “I think they haven’t had a break and if my staff is feeling it then I guarantee that the others are as well, I can’t imagine what the morale drop for the Security department has been.” He rubbed the back of his neck and gave a slightly apologetic smile “Pardon me Commander, I have a moderately underdeveloped hypothalamus” It wasn’t clear if he was joking or not “Genius level intellect does not often generate healthy emotional lives in humans.”



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