Hunting down the stragglers (TAG: Applegate, Zayne, Kastarak, Kostas)

Posted Jan. 23, 2022, 3:40 a.m. by Ensign Kastarak (Doctor) (Richard A)

Posted by Ensign Kanina Dran (Doctor/Counselor) in Hunting down the stragglers (TAG: Applegate, Zayne, Kastarak, Kostas)

Posted by Ensign Kastarak (Doctor) in Hunting down the stragglers (TAG: Applegate, Zayne, Kastarak, Kostas)

Posted by Ensign Kanina Dran (Doctor/Counselor) in Hunting down the stragglers (TAG: Applegate, Zayne, Kastarak, Kostas)
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Kanina leaned back in her chair and perused the crew list on her PADD. Despite the relative unfamiliarity of a Starfleet counselor, she’d seen almost 80% of the crew by now. Unfortunately, there were a few missing… She’d just have to send them a notice. Kanina drafted a message to send to the 4 missing crew members.

“Dear _____. The USS Chernov was selected to host an experimental counseling program. Please report to Ens. Kanina Dran to participate. Thank you!”

Sent. Now it was just a waiting game.

-Kanina Dran, CNS

Kastarak had not expected the message from counsellor Dran, nor had he met her before. While he was rather busy with all the things he had to do – especially now that his superior Dr Symar was planetside – his initial reaction was that he would deprioritize meeting Dran. Quickly after, however, he decided against that. Meeting Dran would be advantageous. First of all, Star Fleet has selected this ship for an experimental counselling programme. As a medical officer, he was curious. Now, Dran’s message said participation. Did she mean that Kastarak would helping in setting up the counselling regimen? Or did she mean that he would undergo counselling with her? He was curious to find out. Moreover, Dran was his most colleague in the medical department, both of them being of equal rank but with different specializations, and it would be good to meet a colleague and establish a working relationship.

Once he had some quiet time, he walked the short bit to the counsellor’s office. He signalled his presence and waited patiently.

~ Kastarak (Ensign, physician)

Kanina paused in writing her reports when the chime rang through her office, checking to see who was outside. She nodded at the familiar presence of a Vulcan mind, opening the door remotely. “Doctor Kastarak, correct?” She guessed based off of his medical uniform, and waved him inside without waiting for a confirmation. “I am Dr. Kanina Dran. Please call me Kanina. Sit wherever is most comfortable for you.” She had no limit of available seating, and the offer was almost the first part of her evaluation.
-Kanina Dran, CNS

Kastarak looked around the room. It looked like what he believed what many non-Vulcans would see as cozy. Among the available furniture, he saw a sofa, a soft armchair, and an ergonomical office chair. He chose that one. It was the most professional alternative, and it would help him and the counsellor have a good working relationship. As humans would have it, he was no slacker.

“Kanina,” he said, tasting the name in his mouth. It was odd not to use titles in this professional setting, but he was here the guest of Kanina’s, and he thought it best to respect her wishes. Whatever would help her be at ease. Being with Vulcans is not always easy. “I was intrigued by the nature of your invitation. Would you like to add some background? What is it that you wish us to work on?”

~Kastarak (Dr, Ensign)

Kastarak had chosen the usual seat for Vulcans, although some had opted for experimentation in the past. “Of course Doctor. Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s a certain amount of emotional range on a starship, particularly in emotional displays. It can lead to… misunderstandings and hurt feelings on both parts. My role is to minimize those results. I am a mediator, a friend, or a confidante.” Kanina smiled, rather minutely but enough to demonstrate pleasure. “I would hope that you could see me as a resource in your medical endeavors. If you should feel that a patient is making overly emotional decisions, or has become distraught, you could call me.”
-Kanina Dran, CNS

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Kastarak listened inventively to Kanina as she spoke. Her voice was easy to listen to – the tonality pleasurable and calming. He could sense that patients would find psychological comfort with her. That was good to know, especially given her suggestion.

“Naturally, ens–” he stopped himself, missing the name again. Why was he like this? He pondered. “Kanina. I have studied much psychology myself, and I know how valuable psychotherapy is. If you would let me indulge in some curiosity, how do you use telepathy in counselling?”

– Dr Kastarak (Ensign)

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