Main SIM: Planet surface, CO, Blaze

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IC: “No. We’ll defend this area. Get as much data from this mainframe as possible.” Pointing to two officers he then pointed to where he wanted them to go to better cover the area. When the Romulan group came around the corner, Chris and the others opened fire.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

Blaze did what he can but there was nothing there “sir I don’t think I can get anything from this terminal we need to jack in to the main computer not a sub system” he said looking around

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

Chris fired a few more shots and shouted without looking back. “Why? You’ve had no problems so far!” Then he he yelled again, Fenton and Stuart! Get up there and hold that line!” Then he went back to talking to Blaze again without looking at him. “Do you have any idea where the mainframe is?”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“ The main reason why I’m having problems now is because they’re locking down the systems and restricting access to the main system” he close His eyes “heat bloom” he said working on his lab top he found what he was looking for “main Frame will he putting out a lot of heat and” he said as his lab top beeped “2 levels down from us. Good thing I control the Turbolift it’s one of the first things that I encrypted” he said showing his screen to the captain

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

Chris and the team kept firing until all the Romulans were stunned then turned and faced Blaze. “I don’t have time to look at the screen. Just tell us how to get there and we’ll do the rest.” Turning to his team. “We have to go two levels down. Blaze will tell how to get there. Stop all resistance along the way. Move out!” Then they all moved towards the turbolift.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“There is a lift at the end of the hall” he shouted as him and the team moved to the lift. When inside Blaze plugged in again and the lift started to move.

Afew seconds later the doors open.

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)


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OOC: Hey, James! I’m working on a way to get this revived until Travis is back. In the meantime, you’re more than welcome to join in the party or get to work in the engine room. You’re also welcome to start a side sim or get some annual check-ups done with our illsutrious doctors and counsellor.

Please reach out if you need anything!
— Trin

Ok but I don’t work in engineering I am more of an I.T guy but I can do side sim or me doing my checks on the processors around the ship and Get rid of any junk data that has popped up.

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

As the doors opened there were five armed Romulans taking cover. The Starfleet officers were grateful and lucky that the Romulans decided to take cover instead of shoot everyone in the elevator.

Looking over to the left Chris saw the main terminal. Finally He thought. Motioning for the team to get off the elevator quickly, the pointed to the terminal. “To the left Blaze! I’ll provide covering fire.” With that Chris started firing.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

Blaze started running and gunning and shot a romulan in the face. As he got to the other side he plug his lab top and and started to run his program to open the door he knows this will take a bit he saw some boxes “team grab the boxes to make cover.

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)


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