Sickbay - (Programmer Job) cleaning the Processors

Posted Jan. 25, 2022, 11:50 a.m. by Ensign Alexander Blaze (Engineer) (James Gray)

Posted by Ensign Kastarak (Doctor) in Sickbay - (Programmer Job) cleaning the Processors

Posted by Ensign Alexander Blaze (Engineer) in Sickbay - (Programmer Job) cleaning the Processors

Posted by Ensign Kastarak (Doctor) in Sickbay - (Programmer Job) cleaning the Processors
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Blaze was walk down a hall to a processor on deck 4. The computer in his lab showed the unit was over heating and needed to be fixed.

Blaze got to the panel on the wall it felt hot to the touch. He pulled a leather glove out of his bag and removed the panel. He saw the processor was in bad shape. He pug his lab top into the console and switch the processor to a backup unit. He then unhooked the processor it was non-repairable. He looked around in his bag and a replacement a hooked it into place. He then pulled afew data cards to Install the program on the new processor unit. After an hour the new unit was fully updated and installed Blaze also added a new updated program so it wouldn’t overheat. He use his lab top to switch the system from backup to the main system. After a few seconds the new unit started to hum and was working. Blaze smiled as he put the panel back in place. And check his list next he had to update the bio beds in sickbay so he started to walk there.

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

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— Trin

Ensign Sutalo, the Efrosian nurse on duty, greeted Ensign Blaze at the door, with a big smile on his face.

“Finally!” exclaimed Sutalo. “Please tell me you’re here to update the biobeds! They’ve been really bugging us lately. And Kastarak, our doctor on duty now, is even showing signs of being mildly inconvenienced by their bugs… and he’s Vulcan.” Sutalo winked to his new colleague.

“Come, I’ll show you where the beds are.”

Sutalo stopped himself, laughed loudly. “Of course you know where they are! You have eyes! Feel free to do your thing. We’re so happy to have you here.”

– Ensign Sutalo (Nurse) [side character]

Blaze plugged his lab top into one of my he beds and went to work.he updated the medical scanner and the medical diagnostics but the system was still running slow. He got up and checked the main diagnostic console in the maintenance hatch 3 circuits were fused they will have to be replaced he didn’t have the tools to replace the circuits this will need an engineering guy. He put in a work order for the repair job he went back to the bio beds and set up a temporary fix.

“ ok so I have good news and bad news. Bad news is you have 3 circuits fused in the maintenance hatch. Good news is I have filed a work order with engineering they can fix it. I have made a Temporary fix and I have updated the bio beds after every scan you will need to delete all the extra data that doesn’t get loaded into a crews files. I will aply the same temporary fix to the bio beds it will take a few hours” he said to the nurse.

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

Dr Kastarak heard Ensigns Blaze’s and Sutalo’s conversation and hurried over.

“Sir, I am ensign Kastarak, physician in charge. I couldn’t help but notice the conversation you had with my colleague, Ensign Sutalo. A few hours of work you say? Does that mean we can’t use them while you’re working? In that case, would we perhaps prolong your work, so that you do not do all biobeds at once, but rather a few at a time, so that we will always have one on standby?”

Sutalo rolled his eyes at Kastarak’s impersonal interruption.

“Doctor, I have this under control,” whispered Sutalo.

“No, nurse, the one in control right now here is the engineer, ensign –––––?” Kastarak noticed that he had not caught the visitor’s name.

– Dr Kastarak (Ensign)

Blaze smiled “ I am going to work on one bio bed at a time. Even if they are the same Technology they all have different programs that gives them there own personality. Like you doc your never going to give 6 people the same medication with out know what medicines they are already taking or what they are allergic to right.”

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

“Very well,” replied Dr Kastarak. “You may start at will.”

“A very good analogy! Thank you”, interjected nurse Sutalo. “Please let us know if we can be of assistance, or if you need anything. Meanwhile, can I get you some coffee or water or tea while you work?”

Kastarak left to his office, leaving Sutalo alone with the guest.

– Dr Kastarak (Ensign)

Blaze looked at her “ cold green tea with honey and Gesic” he said as he plugged into the bio bed with his lab top and the first update with be the medical scanners the bio bed were about 10 years old they needed updates bad.

Ensign Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

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