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OOC: This is meant to be a laid-back thread. Although not based on holidays (due to cultural diversity), feel free to branch out or start your own thread. :)

“Yellow…” Sega’a yanked a ball of streamers from a box aptly marked ‘party supplies’ and held them to another, “…or blue.”

“I’m unclear on why it matters.” T’Aria furrowed her eyebrows, fingers knotted in a strand of poorly stowed lights. “Both are acceptable.”

“‘Acceptable’?” Sega’a clenched his jaw and shot her an accusatory look. “We’re celebrating, not hosting a gaggle of fossilised diplomats. You cannot honestly think ‘acceptable’ would be okay?”

A hint of doubt touched her eyes.

“Great gods, you do!” Sega’a raised his eyebrows and blinked. “We’re not in the game of ‘acceptable’, Commander. If we’re to throw a party, it must be incredible. We need streamers and lights and music and, of course, glorious eats by yours truly.”

“Very well,” T’Aria dislodged her thumb from its entanglement between two lights. “Where do propose we start, Mr. Sega’a?”

Sega’a grinned, “yellow or blue?”

Three hours transformed the gymnasium into a starlit venue worthy of merriment.

Tables adorned in dark cloth and candles replaced gym equipment. Lights remade the ceiling into a galaxy of pinprick, white-tinged stars with streaks of gold and blue afforded by their streamers. What space remained was turned into a dancefloor accented only by stray artefacts Sega’a acquired in of Chernov’s diverse crew. It was quaint—thrown together by a chef, a Vulcan and a handful of volunteers—but it was less about the venue and more about the people.

“Sega’a,” T’Aria wove through a sea of tables with fresh redbat and cabbage stew in hand. “Your stew. Where do you want it?” She knew the Chef had a system when arranging his goods. And she knew better than to cross it.

Sega’a peered around the NE Engineer he enlisted to remedy their music-less problem. Clapping his shoulder with a quick farewell, he meandered over. “Thanks,” he grinned and snatched the pot from her hands. “Have you sent out the invitations?”

“Shortly before we set up,” T’Aria assured. “The party is set for 1900.”

“Perfect!” He consulted the chronometer draped around his wrist. “That leaves us about 15 minutes before the early birds show. You think we got everything?”

“According to your spiel,” T’Aria armed a slight smirk, “we have streamers, lights, music and your ‘glorious eats’. So, yes, I believe it qualifies as a party.”

Sega’a shot an annoyed look that descended to laughter. “All right,” he mused, “I guess all we’ve left to do is to wait.”

“On that,” T’Aria stifled a sigh, “we agree.”

— T’Aria and Sega’a

After taking a much-needed LoA to focus on herself, Umbri was more than excited to be back on the USS Chernov. But as she was refamiliarizing herself with the ship, she could hear music coming from the gymnasium. Eager to find out what was going on, Umbri made her way inside and was amazed at what she saw. The gymnasium had been turned into a space almost as beautiful as one of the ballrooms back on Earth. She wondered who could’ve done all this, but had her question answered as soon as she saw Sega’a, Lt. Commander T’Aria, and a few NE Officers a few feet away from her. Umbri smiled, making her way over to them. “I should’ve known you two would be the first faces I’d see upon my return. What’s the occasion?” she asked.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

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Sega’a caught the distinctive ‘sssssk!’ and lifted to his toes, curiously peering over T’Aria’s gelled head. “Ah!” He grasped the (now startled) Vulcan’s shoulders when a friendly face appeared and nudged her aside. “If it isn’t my favourite pianist,” Sega’a approached with arms extended in welcome. “Good to have you back, kid.” Jabbing his head at the venue, he added, “you’re just in time for our little gettogether. Chernov is overdue for a vacation… but we’re a little far from Risa.”

“So, Chef Sega’a proposed an alternative,” T’Aria approached. “A starship gymnasium cannot compare to a resort planet, but it is a veritable substitute.” She halted when a ‘crash!’ met her ears and offered the pair an apologetic nod. “I believe that is my cue,” T’Aria slid past the ecstatic chef and paused by Umbri long enough to murmur a genuine, “welcome back.”

“Anyway… how are ya, kid?” Sega’a turned and shot her a winsome smile that crinkled his dark (and somewhat terrifying) eyes. “I’d say you’ve missed a lot, but things have been kinda ‘blegh’ lately.”

— Sega’a, party planner

— T’Aria

Umbri smiled. “I’m doing great. Sorry about my absence. Had to take some time for myself. But it feels good to be back. And it feels even better to come back to a party,” she said.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

“Uh-uh,” Sega’a chided and wagged a disapproving finger. “You took time to rest, and that is nothing to be sorry for.” He gritted his teeth in thought then gestured to the snack table. “Music is a work in progress,” he shot a longing glance at the dancefloor, “but we’ve got treats galore. Care to join me for first dibs?”

— Sega’a, Chef

Who in their right mind would ever say no to snacks? “Absolutely,” said Umbri.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

Sega’a extended an elbow to her and flashed a playful smile, “right this way, my friend!” He led Umbri to a table adorned in a galaxy-full of goods. Plomeek soup and redspice-encrusted tofu smelled like the Voroth Sea. Roasted redbat and Andorian cabbage soup offered warmth in memory of the icy plains. Denobulan sausage made a wonderful addition to the Terran dishes scattered about the table. Of course, situated among them were a variety of hors d’oeuvre and desserts that made one question whether Sega’a had a little help from those savvy NEs. “So,” he snagged a plate and offered it to her, “now that you’re back, what are you looking forward to?”

— Sega’a

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IC: Umbri pondered for a moment. “I guess I’m just looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and being with the crew again. I wasn’t on here very long the first time around, after all. I still have a lot of people left to meet,” she said.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

“Ah!” Sega’a shot her a winsome smile and plucked a Denobulan sausage from the foodstuff. “There is no shortage of folks to choose from,” laughter crinkled his eyes, “some with more vibrant personalities than others.” He flicked an invisible piece of lint from his tailored shirt. “You’re a security officer, no?” Sega’a realised they hadn’t really touched on their professions during their last impromptu jam session. “What enticed you to become a valiant, phaser-weilding protector?” He asked with such gusto that might’ve seemed strange if not for Sega’a naturally ebullient manner.

— Sega’a

Umbri’s eyes lit up at Sega’a’s question. “To put it simply, I wanted to protect the people that I serve alongside. Also, being a security officer kinda forces me to get to know a lot of people on a personal level, which is something I’m not very good at,” she paused, hesitating on whether or not to continue. “I…haven’t exactly been a people person since my parents cut me off,” she said.

An empathetic frown touched his lips, but Sega’a made no mention of her parents. Experience taught him better than to pry… especially when it came to family. “Wow,” he scratched the back of his neck, “and here I am with a ‘I like people and food’ shoved in my back pocket.” He clicked his tongue to subdue the laughter gathering in his throat. “Pianos are a far cry from phaser rifles,” he observed, “how did you get into music?”

The Captain came into the gym. Looking around and whistles. “Fancy! You all did a great job! I’m impressed!”

Walking over to them all and looking at the table. “My. I didn’t expect there to be food here!” He smiled and winked and picked up a plate.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

Umbri looked up when she heard the Captain’s voice. She hadn’t interacted with fellow humans at all since she started on the USS Chernov. And considering it was the Captain and all, it would be wise to make a good first impression. She quickly stood up at attention, salute and all. “I assume you’re Captain Taggart. Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security officer, sir,” she said.

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

Chris had a mouthful of food when they did this, on purpose he imagined. He put up one finger to signify that he needed a minute. When finished he put the plate down saluted back.

“At ease everyone. I’m here just like everyone else. Formalities are suspended for the duration of this party.”

Looking at Umbri the Captain smiled. A mischievous smile. “Well yes little lady, I am Captain Chris Taggart. And I’ve been wanting to talk to you as well. Seeing as I couldn’t find the time to talk to you in person because of the whole Romulan business.....” He was then interrupted by Sega.

Sega’a followed suit and saluted Taggart before a crooked smile consumed his fleetingly stoic cast. “Ha! A party without food is like mixing polka dots with stripes — illegal,” he pressed an indignant hand to his chest and winked at Umbri. “Welcome to the festivities, Captain. Do try the Redbat, I hear it’s the chef’s special.”

— Sega’a, Chef

“Exactly Sega’a! That’s also why I’m here. The fun the police if it were! You see, you can’t have this kind of party without a gift. So. Ensign Umbri. If you go to that far away stand on the other side of the room, you’ll find something.” He pointed and smiled.

The stand was in a dimly light section of the massive room and on it contained a white box 3 inches tall by 8 inches wide and 10 long, with a very nice red ribbon tied around the box.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

Umbri was quite shocked that Captain Taggart would give them a gift. “Captain, I’m honored,” they said, walking towards the stand. They were honestly a little hesitant to open it. So they decided to just bring it back to the table for now. Umbri had absolutely no idea what it could be.

OOC: And neither do I! I honestly wasn’t expecting this turn of events! What on earth did you get me, Travis?

Ensign Umbri Zayne, Security

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