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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Pawl Batario (Engineer) in presim arrival on Chernov Ensign Batario tags xo

Posted by Lieutenant Commander T’Aria (XO / Navigation Officer) in presim arrival on Chernov Ensign Batario tags xo

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Pawl Batario (Engineer) in presim arrival on Chernov Ensign Batario tags xo
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Pawl knew he hit a cord with the commander. “I am sorry sir I mean commander. I am just trying to follow Starfleet and federation rules of conduct to make sure I show proper respect.” He explained the error of his ways. “You can call me pawl. just like the earth name paul as he spelled the Earth name to show the difference but it was the same pronunciation.” Pawl said with a small smile as he took some honey and added it to his tea along with one cube of sugar and added milk for creaminess. Pawl was feeling a bit apprehensive at the question. He wished they were simpler answers to answer now. “Well, I am a Betazoid very similar to humans in most respects. I do my best to be open and honest a betazoid trait.” Pawl commented casually. We dislike liars and closed-minded beings it gives me uneasy feelings. trying to hide something.” he added. “As for some personal things I am single never been married or set into an arranged marriage. Thank the four deities, I would be afraid of who my mother would have chosen for me. ” Pawl said calmly. My sexuality is gay and most betazoids are more open about such things compared to other races like humans, vulcans, for example. there more personal and is usually a need-to-know basis.” Pawl added then finished. as he took a good sip of the tea. “again thank you for the tea it was really good.”

Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

T’Aria appreciated Pawl’s candour about the many pieces that constructed his identity. From his brief answer, she learned that he valued the opinions of others and desired to understand the environment in which he served. She found a sense of pride in his culture and sexuality, something she resonated with but chose not to mention. There was some apprehension and an urge to maintain his privacy, but only to a certain extent. He seemed open to discuss his identity, but made no mention of his family or motives for exchanging with Starfleet. T’Aria took note of this, though she saw no reason to press him for information that was not essential.

“Thank you for your vulnerability,” T’Aria set aside her honey-infused tea and nodded, “Pawl. I understand you are to serve in our Engineering Division. If you are comfortable, could you tell me more about why you chose engineering and what you hope to gain from your assignment?”

— T’Aria, XO

“Yes, Commander I was Assigned to the engineering area. “Well, I always had a knack for engineering even from an early age.” pawl said kindly. I also worked at the local spaceport. Also, I have extensive training and skills in the engineering areas from warp drive to impulse reactors along with extensive repairing of said systems along with emergency repair procedures. Along with computer programming and repairing of small equipment and other gear.” Pawl said with sincerity.

T’Aria considered his experience in warp and impulse drives, systems repair and programming. Alone, each skill was invaluable to the success of the ship. Together, they gave Pawl a degree of freedom that more specialised officers may not enjoy. She suspected Lt. Lovejoy would appreciated his versatility.

“Plus it was one way to get away and enjoy my time away from my family.” without always hearing them being angry with the government about one thing or another. especially the fact they are not happy with the possible adding of betazed to the federation.” Pawl said flatly. “But that is not my feeling in the addition to the federation worlds. I believe it will be a great thing for us all.” Pawl said with a smile.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

Induction into the Federation seldom came without a healthy dose of scepticism. To many cultures, the Federation embodied ideals similar to and starkly distinct from their own. Although many laws and policies evolved from those on member worlds, most were based on human ideology. The Federation – in its current adolescence of just over a century – was very human-centric. T’Aria understood how off-putting the fear of losing one’s cultural individuality to a body governed predominantly by another species would be for prospective members. But the hesitation of the Betazoid people and the hesitation Pawl’s parents were not (in the way he described it) the same.

T’Aria could not help but wonder how their anger and uncertainty affected Pawl.

“We are in the process of introducing a permanent counselling presence on the Chernov,” T’Aria explained. “Think of it as a safe space to process your thoughts aloud. I believe we can all benefit, and I encourage you to seek out Doctor Kastarak’s services if only to establish a rapport.”

“I understand your time is valuable,” she continued a moment later, “so I will not barade you with needless questions. However, is there anything you would like to discuss?”

— T’Aria, XO

Pawl listened to the officer calmly and quietly. “That is interesting. Having a counselor onboard can have great advantages. Commander.” Pawl said sincerely. “I will consider that thank you, Commander.” PAwl said calmly. “time is always a crazy thing. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask commander.” Pawl said with a small smile. “How are we post to get to know one another if we hide in the shadows. observations might be one thing but first and experiences are a better way to get information.” Pawl said with a border smile.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

T’Aria listened with narrowed, attentive eyes. Though she processed and understood his words with ease, she struggled to comprehend his sudden change in demeanour. He seemed at first hesitant to divulge anything beyond what was essential for his station. Now, he presented himself as an ‘open book’ (as her human colleagues so enjoyed saying) with a willingness to answer any question. T’Aria refused to infringe on his privacy, so she sooner went with an open question so he might choose the depth with which he wished to respond.

“I appreciate your openness,” she hummed, “and do know that I am here to answer your questions, too. I understand Federation starships may differ from those you are accustomed to. How can we accommodate you?”

— T’Aria, XO

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