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Posted by Lieutenant Symar (Chief Medical Officer) in Putting on a Logical Top Hat (Tag XO)
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“You’re in safe hands Commander,” Symar replied, raising his hands in the traditional position on the face to initiate a mind-meld. Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes, Symar intoned the ritualistic phrasing, “My mind to your mind, your thoughts to my thoughts.” Within seconds, the two were sharing vivid images. Romulas, approximately 75 years ago, a small child sitting alone in a study, deep in an ancient tome on the historical connections between the Vulcans and Romulans. He is enthralled, but seems to be holding the book close to him, as if hiding it from prying eyes…

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

T’Aria sucked in a self-assuring breath and closed her eyes, slowly lowering her mental barriers. His words eased her, but the visions sparked curiosity and confusion. Where had he taken her? The room was dimly lit, assembled from stone that trapped her in its cold and foreboding embrace. Was this Vulcan? She sensed dampness in the air clashed with her memory of an arid, dust-filled warmth. And the rock. It was ashen and composed, unlike the rusted clay that formed her family home.

Her eyes wandered for mere heartbeats before landing on the young, tome-engrossed boy. T’Aria peered through narrowed eyes at the script adorning its front, but his hands veiled all but ‘Romulans’. Was he Romulan? She considered calling to him, but she knew that might serve only to startle him. He seemed deeply taken by this book… and its protection.

Instead, she shot Symar a telling glance and made a calm, tender-footed approach.

— T’Aria

“Hello,” T’Aria announced her precense and halted several metres from the boy. He was as unfamiliar to her as she was to him, and she had no intention of alarming him nor violating his space. She pondered her next words carefully. “May I join you?”

— T’Aria

“The times, they are a-changin’.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

T’Aria quirked a curious eyebrows, but any trace of surprise or concern by the boy’s premonition was quickly purged. “Hmm…” she moved to sit beside him, “how are they changing?”

— T’Aria


“I’m not like most of my friends, they’re almost scared of me. It’s illogical, but I like it.”

OOC: I love being cryptic!

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

OOC: Making me work for this one, eh? Haha!

T’Aria leaned against her chair and carefully considered the boy. He sat in an old Romulan library, reading of relations between them and their ancient relatives, but spoke of logic. Did he glean such principles from literature? Or was he, like Symar, a child of two worlds? Both were strong possibilities when there was evidence for neither and both. T’Aria cast the question of his teachings aside for a more alarming concern: the pleasure he derived from his friend’s fear. She knew little of Romulan upbringing, but she sensed in his mention of ‘illogical’ that this was not a common feeling among children. T’Aria approached the thought. “Why do you delight in their fear?”

— T’Aria

OOC: I’ve had a thought, are those in the Kelvin Universe aware of the Romulan ‘Nova?

OOC: There was some discussion when Ambassador Spock explained how he ended up in the Kelvin Universe; but, from a political standpoint, I doubt that information would he widely known beyond high ranking officials. I may be wrong, though. :)
— Trin

OOC: In that case!

IC: As T’Aria got close, the Romulan boy grinned to himself and got to his feet as a loud boom erupted from what the XO would come to realise was a small study covered in writings of Ancient Romulan and Vulcan script, “Right on cue.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

T’Aria staggered as the BOOM! rumbled through their shared consciousness. Her logical mind implored her to ask what the boy meant, but her instinct urged her to the study where there could be casualties. She grasped the doorframe, careful to avoid weakness in its integrity, and peered inside.

What was going on?

— T’Aria, XO

“You might not like what you find, Commander,” the voice of Symar at his current age echoed throughout the room, as if he were in all areas of the XO’s mind at once. As T’Aria grasped the door, the familiar static whine of a transporter beam filled the study in front of her. In the room in front of her, the Vulcan First Officer could now see the visage of two Klingons and a Romulan in the room before her.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

T’Aria heeded Symar’s warning and latched onto his voice like a tether to reality. If the mind-meld posed a threat or jeopardised either of their psyches, she need only follow his voice to flee and sever their bond. T’Aria hoped she wouldn’t need such extreme measures, but her grandmother’s warning echoed through her thoughts. Do not allow danger the advantage, she would say, for imprudence may be the difference between success and detriment. Lurching back, T’Aria concealed herself behind the doorframe before the triad fully materialised. She listened for their footsteps and waited, carefully… silently.

— T’Aria

Resting carefully against the door, T’Aria could hear the voice of a rather stoic sounding Romulan, “I’d thank you Commander K’Tar,” he began, “To leave at least a modicum of the medical facilities in this place in tact until after I have completed the procedure on an appropriate specimen. After about two seconds, there came a loud thud as the burly Klingon thrust the Romulan against an already crumbling wall, “-I DECIDE WHEN THE DESTRUCTION ENDS, PE’TAQ!-”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-



Slamming the Romulan against an enfeebled wall shook the room, showering any unlucky passersby with jagged debris. T’Aria flinched and yanked herself from the wall. Though she silenced a groan with gritted teeth, she could not muffle the sound of her body thudding against a bookshelf. She didn’t wait to see if they heard.

“You are not safe,” she hurried back to the boy, “it would be advisable for you to leave… immediately.”

T’Aria knew the limits of her reach in this world where she was but a passive observer. Her influence here was neither heard nor heeded, though it was her instinct to protect the boy. She did not attach herself to the warning, only the knowledge that the memory would proceed as it was intended… and that terrified her.

— T’Aria

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