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Chris held up his hand to quiet Everyone. “This mission is on behalf of Section 31. I am a member and have been for some time. I can’t complete this mission by myself, so I asked if I can bring others on as long as they knew risk. They said fine. So here you all are. The people that I trust the most.”

“It will be difficult but we can steal a ship. I’ve done it three times already so I’m getting pretty good at it. Another thing is no more ranks. Everyone will be called by their names or fake names from now on. Like I said before, if you want out, then that’s fine. Just keep you mouth shut. Any other questions?”


At this point, Kastarak raised his hand. He was unsure of the proper protocol in this unique situation, but found that humans often responded to raised hands. Perhaps it was an Earth school custom.

He then spoke for the first time since the meeting began, “Sir, if I may? You told us that we had to go to Qo’noS without the aid of the Chernov. How do you plan for us to go there?”

– Ensign Kastarak (Med/Cns)

Seeing Kastarak raise his hand and nodded. Chris gave a wicked grin. “Like I said before. We’ll steal a ship. I’m very good at it and with Blaze’s help, we can even get a decent one. Does that answer your question good sir?” Chris was wondering if anyone was actually hearing him or still in shock at his request.


William hadn’t really reacted when the Captain started explaining the mission, he’d simply stood there, however, when the Captain mentioned stealing a ship he sighed, walked to the side and poured himself a cup of tea, and took a long slow sip. “Well” he said after a moment of enjoying his cup “I was in San Fransisco when the USS Vengeance crashed there and I’m fairly certain that was due to Section 31 shenanigans, now we’ve been recruited by said group to galavant to the homeworld of the most militant aggressive species in the quadrant that we have had barely any contact with since the Archer Enterprise visited over a century ago without the battlecruiser we serve on” He spoke calmly, listing it up as if this was nothing out of the ordinary “Excellent, do we have any on-ground intelligence on where this Admiral’s daughter is being held and for what purpose?” He asked in a very dry manner.


“Ah. Yes. Will. Your sarcasm is not wasted on me. But I assure you that Kane and I were experts in stealing ships. This will be the second time without him though and yes, we know about where she is held and yes they are very militant over there. I will get us a really good ship and although it will not be the Chernov, it will be able to fight. In fact. There is one very specific that is here now and will have all repairs completed to it by the end of day.” As if on cue Blaze spoke up.

After hearing his name he pulled his lab top and started on Creating a back door to the shipyard here on Risa. The back door was very easy to make due to the Lex Security on the planet. After a few minutes he quietly said “ I am in the security protocols are very lax and very easy to navigate through” after a few minutes he looked at the captain “ any type of ship you’re looking for” he asked

Lt. Alexander Blaze

“Yes Blaze. In a matter of fact, look up Renewal Prop, in the database. That ship everyone, is one of the Romulan Birds of Prey that we captured. That will be the one that we will steal. With ease, I might add.” He smiled and took a couple more sips of his coffee before continuing. “Any other questions?”


OOC: The Romulan Bird of Prey:

“No other but I repeat my previous question regarding intelligence on the Admiral’s Daughters whereabouts and the reason for her abduction,” He said even more drily.


Umbri spoke up from where they were sitting. “Having been there with the Captain when the mission was given, I believe I have some authority to answer your question, Lieutenant Commander. Part of it, at least,” Umbri paused, taking a deep breath. They were still getting used to this whole leadership thing. “Section 31 fears that the Admiral’s daughter is being tortured for information and is being used to try to make the Admiral reveal Federation secrets. Of course, we won’t know for sure the reason for her abduction until we’re actually there. As for on-ground intelligence regarding the Admiral’s Daughter’s whereabouts, I honestly don’t feel confident enough to answer that. I’ll leave that to the Captain,” they said.

Lieutenant (j.g.) Umbri Zayne, Weapons Officer

“That’s right Umbri. The daughter is being held in a warehouse of sorts 64 kms South of the main city.”

“Understood, but do we know why she was targetted, Captain?” T’Aria stressed. She suspected that there would be little trouble in locating the victim with the intel Taggart provided. That was not the problem. They needed to understand why the Klingons abducted the Admiral’s daughter before they could strategize her retrieval. Raiding the warehouse with phasers unholstered and an aggressive speech was unlikely to succeed.

T’Aria wanted to know their motives. Were they attempting to exploit the Admiral or Starfleet? T’Aria considered the mantra – “no one left behind” – that pervaded many Starfleet ships and crews. The phrase was used to justify the rescue of another in perilous conditions or where the needs of the one outweighed the needs of the many. T’Aria doubted that applied to a body of millions. Few individuals, less the daughter of a high ranking official, would be enough to sway an entire fleet. Their mission would be sanctioned if she was.

Then, she wondered, what had the Admiral done to warrant the Klingons’ hostility?

Blaze was looking at his screen “we need to get things going sir they are about to start pulling the ship apart sir……..I can make the alarms think there is a airborne virus on bord that will lock the bulk heads and scare the workers out” he said

Lt. Alexander Blaze

Chris shook his head. “No Blaze. I said it was being fixed and will be completed tonight. They are not taking it apart. Look at your computer thingy again. The virus sounds good to get us in though. Don’t do anything until we are closer to the ship so we can have an adequate arrival and response time. “


Pawl sat there quietly in the background trying to take in all of this the situation between us. and Section 31 along with the Romulans. “What an evil web we all weave. The federation? section 31? and the Romulans? This mission in general is going to be hair-raising. And what’s my assignment here sir!” Pawl said finally. Not liking the three-way trap they were now part of. He felt out of place. He almost did not want to hear this but he tried to keep optimistic. As other things came into his head Viruses, Bulkheads, biohazards. Kidnappings? He closed his eyes a moment as he was getting rather dizzy with all this.

Lt Jg Paul Batario - Jo Engineer

Blaze looked at the system “this spreadsheet is hard to read. It was originally set in for salvage but orders came from higher up to repair. There just about do with the clocking Device”

Lt. Alexander Blaze

T’Aria mulled over the data they gathered. Rescue the Admiral’s daughter from a Klingon warehouse situated 64km outside of The First City with a stolen vessel and no support from their organisation. T’Aria knit her eyebrows into a pensive frown, bewildered by the sheer unknown they had to work with. The people before her were resourceful, resolute and ready to risk their lives. She had no doubt they would devise a successful plan to retrieve the Admiral’s daughter. But, she kept circling back to ‘why?’

Taking in a soft breath, T’Aria leaned back and listened as they uncovered more about their mission.

— T’Aria, XO

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