Knock, knock, knocking on Symar's door [tag: Symar]

Posted May 22, 2022, 10:25 a.m. by Ensign Kastarak (Doctor / Counsellor) (Richard A)

OOC: Set just after Pawl Batario’s arrival on the Chernov, so just before our shore leave on Risa

Ever since Kastarak had met Pawl Batario for a psychological and physical evaluation, he could not help but think on Pawl’s mind-meld, and what the threat of that kind of intimacy provoked in him, namely a fear of others seeing him for who he was, in his soul, his naked katra, and an embarrassment that he knew nothing of how to perform a mind-meld, and indeed, a sensation that he was out of touch with his culture and his people, a feeling of loss of cultural identity. He had not been on Vulcan since he was a child, for a 13-year old is a child, whether or not Vulcan society at that time saw him as one.

At first, Kastarak thought of going to see T’Aria. They had an emotional bond, he sensed, from their time in quarantine, and she seemed to understand him. She was also medically trained. But at the same time, that was emotion guiding him there, and he needed direction, logic, and practical current medical advice. A ssuch, he ought to speak to Symar, his chief medical officer, and bring his concerns up there. Maybe Symar would know something about mind melds, perhaps he could help teach him? Perhaps he could offer some advice?

But then, did Kastarak really want to meld with Symar? No. But he wanted to learn. Perhaps there would be a way not requiring performing the task…

He rang the chime outside Symar’s office door.

– Ensign Kastarak (doctor / counsellor)

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