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Posted by Ensign Kastarak (Doctor / Counsellor) in presim arrival on Chernov Ensign Batario tags Medical Officer

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Pawl Batario (Engineer) in presim arrival on Chernov Ensign Batario tags Medical Officer
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“It is quite alright,” replied Kastarak, unsure of why he was saying exactly that. It was not his usual way of phrasing, more of a human phrase that he had picked up. It just seemed to fit the awkwardness of the situation. When Kastarak started psychiatry back on New Vulcan, all his clients were Vulcans, and as such, there would be a Vulcan–Vulcan interaction. Mr Batario was the first psychological assessment he would make on his own, and as such it was difficult, more difficult than he had imagined, to interview a non-Vulcan. Had Mr Batario been human, maybe it would have been easier. This case was definitely one he would bring up with his supervisor.

“Yes, we will move on. I’d like us to return to your opening statement – you said that you have no chronic conditions, no scars or broken bones, but that you have had your ‘fair share of twisted ankles’. Could you say anything about that, or would there anything else as your medical history that you would like to add? Any medication? Allergies? History of surgery?”

– Ensign Kastarak (doctor/counselor)

“I have been fortunate not to come down with any allergies or surgeries this far. The only medications I ever took were for mild pain from the hard twist to my ankle. I was a bit of a clutz in my youth. I am glad I grew out of it. I have had a betazoid variant of the flu. other than that I have been lucky.” Pawl said calmly to the doctor.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

“Indeed, it seems acceptable. I see no reason to explore that topic further,” replied Kastarak flatly. “And is everything in the body working as it should? Heart, lungs, appetite, excretion?”

After the heavy talk earlier in their conversation, it seemed almost trivial to discuss bodily functions, but of course, it was part of the physical as well.

– Ensign Kastarak (doctor / counselor)

“Yea doctor all is good. All my systems are good? Bodily functions, appetite, and excretions.” Pawl said noting the flatness of the doctor’s tone. He knew these questions were necessary he just rolled with them. Pawl was not sure what to say so before he spoke again. “Are you ok?” Pawl commented feeling he had the same questions before. “Now other than being tired from visiting most of the senior staff and a lengthy inquiry of my life and body.” Pawl said with a smaller flickering smile. As he looked around the medical bay once more getting familiar with the layout and where conduits were and access points.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

Kastarak listened patiently.

“I understand it’s draining, this interview. I appreciate your concern for me, I am well, but it is around you that our discussion should revolve. We’re almost done.”

Kastarak leant forward in his chair, and spoke with a softer tone:

“Before we move on to the tests, which Nurse Zhang will administer, I need to reiterate to you my concern for your psychological health, and how it might impact you in this transition here. You will always be welcome here to this office. That said, I find you psychologically fit for duty, and we just need the final tests from Nurse Zhang for the physical health.”

Then, Kastarak stood up, and called Nurse Zhang through the communicator.

[o] Ms Zhang, this is Kastarak. I have finished my consultation with Lieutenant Pawl Batario. Are you able to receive him now?”[o]

[o] I am ready now, doctor, please send him in [o], replied Nurse Zhang.

[o] Acknowledged. [o]

Kastarak walked to the door, and invited Mr Batario to leave.

“Nurse Zhang is ready to see you in room 17. She will administer some routine tests. After that, I will review the tests, and send you, the chief engineer, and the first officer, the results of my psychological evaluation and medical examination. I will not tell them anything of your medical history, simply whether you are fit for duty. Do you have any questions?”

“Before you go,” continued Kastarak, “remember what I said. It has been agreeable meeting you. I look forward serving together with you on this ship. I wish you peace and long life.”

– Ensign Kastarak (doctor / counsellor)

Pawl was not sure what to say to him feeling like he was being rushed out before something might happen. “Of course doctor?” Pawl said moving to exit the room and moved to room 17. Pawl believed there were more questions but they could keep them for now. as he saw the nurse standing just outside of the room waiting on him. “Thank you sir for your time.” Pawl said flatly to him. “Yes…Peace and long life, live long and prosper.” as he raised his hand in the traditional Vulcan hand sign. he finally remark as he walked away from the officer toward the nurse without any other words spoken.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario -Jo Engineer

As Pawl left the room, Kastarak noticed that something was off. Had Kastarak rushed Pawl out? Was Paul emotionally conveying disappointment? Had Kastarak forced a direction in the conversation that made it difficult for the new crewmember to speak his mind, and say what he wanted? Kastarak decided he would meditate on this exchange as well. It was exhausting for him, working psychologically. There were so many things to consider, and he regretted for a few seconds taking on this role. It was hard. No wonder Vulcan hospitals always struggled to recruit psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists. Everything was so illogical and emotionally activating!

Kastarak noticed he was experiencing emotions again. He noted them, and put them under the lid.

Meanwhile, Nurse Zhang was in room 17, preparing the room for Pawl’s arrival. She had always found Kastarak difficult to work with. Though she respected him and his skills and patience, she found it hard to relate to him. He was so secretive and she could never read him. What was Kastarak thinking? Did he have feelings? What did he feel?

So when Batario arrived, she greeted him, stretching out her hand for him to shake.

“Mr Batario, welcome! I am nurse Zhang Jingjing. How did your talk with the doctor go?”

– Ensign Kastarak (doctor / counsellor) and Zhang Jingjing (nurse)

Pawl took her and greeted her with a polite kiss on the hand. “thank you nurse Zhang Jingjing Nice to meet you. He took a moment before he spoke. “The talk went ok I think I did something wrong. ” Pawl said with a small smile that slowly faded from his face. He sighed hard. I thought I was ready for this but I am now not too sure. ” He said quickly as he waited for instructions from the nurse.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

Nurse Zhang looked at Pawl Batario with a face beaming with empathy and concern. “Oh no, why do you think that? What happened?”

She had initially planned to take a few vitals, and some tests, but she decided to give Pawl time to digest what had happened. It seemed more important.

– Nurse Zhang Jingjing (NE)

“I am not sure it might just be me. But I felt rushed out of the meeting. I am not sure what to say.” Pawl said with a small smile. “Please proceed with the taking of vitals and other tests.” Pawl said calmly to her. “I guess I am still green about the new social graces here on the ship.”

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

“It felt rushed,” the nurse validated. “Was there something you did not get a chance to say, explore or ask?”

If Batatio’s meeting with Doctor Kastarak felt rushed, then she would do everything in her power to give Pawl every opportunity to open up. No stones left unturned.

– Nurse Zhang Jingjing (NE)

“I noticed he felt conflicted or uncertain about something but I did not want to press the issue. Vulcans and their privacy. ” Pawl said calmly to the nurse. “But its fine Apparently he had other things to do. I think I might have said something taboo?” Pawl said with a sincere smile. “It was not my intention to cause such problems but after mentioning maybe using a mind meld to get a clearer picture of what my life and race were about.” Pawl said with a bit of worry. “Please Nurse I would like to get this done so I can go and unpack and get settled in before my First duty shift in the morning.” Pawl said quickly. “All I wanted to do was get all of the meetings and evals out of the way so that I can try and get used to the new minds on the ship. Humans and Vulcans, also the other races that are onboard Are very interesting to me to learn and get to know.”Pawl said about to take a seat on the biobed then stopped then decided to stand instead. “I can come back later if this time is not a good one?” He said quickly.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

Nurse Zhang was conflicted. On one hand, Pawl had just told her that he felt rushed in the meeting, and now he is acting rushed with her, wanting to leave. Could it perhaps have been Pawl who rushed the meeting with Kastarak, and been unsure of whether it was Kastarak’s emotions of being rushed he had picked up or his own feelings? Two members of telepathic species doing a psychological and physical evaluation.... She laughed internally at all the things that could have gone wrong there, especially as Pawl had apparently suggested a mind-meld, seemingly out of the blue.

She decided to be upfront with him.

“No, Mr Batario. You need to pass the physical evaluation before you can work, and that means doing these tests and talking to Dr Kastarak and me. We just need these standard tests. I will use a scanner to measure various levels of chemicals and vitals in your body. It will not be invasive. May I?”

– Nurse Zhang Jingjing (NE)

“By all means. Please proceed.” Pawl said calmly to her. “thank you for telling me the process.” He smiled at her. “How long have you worked on here I mean the ship and sickbay?” Trying to change the subject.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

“I’ve been a nurse for ten years, but in Star Fleet only two years. Chernov is my second posting,” she said flatly as she began preparing the scanner.

“Alright, I will now begin scanning.” she said, while starting scanning Pawl’s brain and body.

OOC: Please indicate the results: anything is outside the normal range for a Betazoid, and if so, which one of them. I’m thinking specifically for any markers of health (temperature, blood oxygen saturation) as well as psilosynine

– Nurse Zhang Jingjing (NE)

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