Quarters -Attn Ensign Kastarak and crewman Sega'a-

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“How do I feel about fire? Well like I said I came from earth but also Vulcan, so I don’t know. I’ve kept my emotions bottled up.” He said.

“Bottled-up is not the Vulcan way. We purge them. Have you had difficulties purging your emotions? Perhaps I can help? Or perhaps the Vulcan way might be incompatible with human neurology. I have never thought of it. What is experience?” asked Kastarak. He was curious, and he spoke to Mr Applegate in a fashion that Kastarak would have spoken to another Vulcan. Perhaps that was the most respectful way – yet he understood immediately after saying what he had said that for a human, this question might be intimate and emotionally difficult to answer.

“Are there aprons for us as well?” he asked, pointing at Sega’a’s well-used apron.

– Kastarak

“Oh! I almost forgot.” He ushered his friends into the attached galley and gestured to the rack where two aprons hang. One was a blue-grey with five-toed pawprints making a bee-line up the front, and the other was yellow with some kind of cactus or spiny bush on the pocket. Both were somewhat worn, though not so much as Sega’a’s, but in good enough shape to last the evening.

“Take your pick,” he smiled, “I’ll get stuff ready.”

— Sega’a

“Just so you know I do not do cooking, I use my replicator rations. That’s why.” So I don’t cook anything.” He said.

“Have you never cooked, Mr Applegate,” asked Kastarak curiously. Kastarak hadn’t cooked much either, but he did when he was a child, before the destruction of his homeplanet…

Kastarak looked away, reexperiencing the viviv memories of the destruction of his planet…

Ensign Applegate.


– Ensign Kastarak (doctor / counsellor)

“Oh please Kastarak Me. Cook. As someone who grew up on Vulcan, I don’t cook. I don’t believe in cooking. I’m sorry.” He said.

Ensign Applegate.

Mr Applegate’s answer confused Kastarak immensely. There was suddenly a very non-Vulcan way of expression and speech, yet Applegate referenced Vulcan as the reason for this. Kastarak did not know how to answer, and simply nodded instead, awaiting Sega’a’s further instructions. He had finished his task of chopping.

– Ensign Kastarak (doctor / counsellor)

“Kastarak? Are you okay? Did my answer make you confused?” He asked.

Ensign Applegate

“I am fine, there is no reason for concern” said Kastarak sternly, while awaiting further orders from Chef Sega’a. He was starting to get hungry now.

– Ensign Kastarak

Sega’a concealed his growing uneasiness behind a broad, genuine-appearing grin. He wasn’t sure what was happening between Kastarak and Todd, but he sensed a building tension… though he had been wrong before.

“Ahem,” he cleared his throat and spread a medley of Vulcab spices on a cast-iron baking sheet, “we bake spices to bring out their oils, which enhance the flavour and aroma.” He slipped the baking sheet into a 163°C oven and turned to Todd and Kastarak. “Please let me know if the smell is too strong. I will reduce the heat.”

Sega’a moved to the burners closest to the prep station and knelt to snatch a sauté pan and medium-sized pot from the cabinet below.

“While those bake, we’ll begin sautéing the plomeek blooms with the ingredients you prepared, Kastarak.” He set the sauté pan on smaller rightward burner. “I use about 15ml of oil – just enough to coat the pan – but you can add as much or as little as you think necessary.”

Kastarak had prepared some herbs, that he had stashed away in his cabin. They were hard to come by, mainly through xenobotanical gardens across the Federation. Since the destruction of Vulcan, there had been much effort in growing these herbs for a more consumable purpose. This was a special occasion. Together with some root vegetables, that would provide a base for the plomeek blooms, as well as – according to Kastarak’s father’s lauded recipe – some smoked plomeek roots that would add some extra umami. Kastarak had smoked them over his incence candles for a few hours yesterday. He really wanted today to be a good dish. He wanted to show his friends that it was possible to keep Vulcanness alive.

Then he realized, he was the only Vulcan among the three. Did he really have to make such an effort? Did it really have to be so perfect?

Sega’a caught a whiff of an smokey aroma that reminded him of mesquite – they were Andreas’ favourite. He wanted to ask what herbs Kastarak brought, but the concentration consuming his face quieted the urge. Sega’a assumed there was a story that, when he was comfortable, he would share.

“Todd,” he beckoned the younger man to the sink. “I know you mentioned that you don’t cook much… but I think you’ll do a splendid job of preparing our plomeek broth. All you need to do is fill this pot,” he tapped it on the cusp of the sink, “about halfway and bring it to a boil at medium heat. While it’s doing its thing, you’ll cut the plomeek root into chunks and toss them in when the water begins to boil. Then, just watch it until the roots are soft and begin releasing their flavour. Sound easy enough?”

— Sega’a, Chef

“That maybe true, but I do keep my own cooking in my quarters, although I am more then willing to do anything but just thought that this is the only time I’ll do something. No offense.” He said as he took the pot and filled it halfway up.

“None taken,” Sega’a assured with a wearing smile. “If you do not feel comfortable cooking, just say the work. I’m happy to cook for you.”

– Kastarak

“And the smell of anything doesn’t bother me. Don’t forget I was born on earth but raised on Vulcan so I find it illogical.” He said.

Ensign Applegate.

Sega’a pursed his lips to stifle a retort, reminding himself that Todd and he maintained different ideas of logic. He knew Vulcan physiology made them especially sensitive to pungent odors. Although they worked with largely Vulcan ingredients, he suspected the aroma could grow unbearable… but was it unnecessary to mention? Vulcans were among the most self-sufficient people he knew. Surely, they made their own accommodations. Was it disrespectful to ask? Sega’a felt it was inappropriate to ask while sharing a light-hearted meal (even if it was anything but) and dismissed the question with an appreciative nod at Todd.

“Kastarak,” he pivoted about his heel, “how are the herbs and blooms looking?”

— Sega’a, Chef

The aromas filling the room caused Kastarak to venture back in time, in his mind, to his parents’ kitchen. Things were simpler then. His parents wouldn’t need to call him to the table, he would know instinctively when the food was served. It was almost always served at the same times, every day, throughout his childhood. It was most logical that way, he had understood, as that would help digestion best. Those kind of routines are long gone. Yet the memories of the aromas filling the house as the parents were cooking were hauntingly similar to the aromas now.

“They are almost ready. We can soon add the liquids. Water last. First, the runny oils. We will add the liquid little by little, keeping it all simmering at all times.”

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— Kastarak

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