Side sim: A run to medical | Sickbay (medical check in)

Posted June 23, 2022, 2:44 p.m. by Richard A

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Serral Echei (Science Officer) in Side sim: A run to medical | Sickbay (medical check in)
Sickbay was by no means Serral’s favorite place to be… Getting tasks he disliked made the most sense to him, and he had a rather Vulcan view of medicine: He’d show up if whatever it was, was affecting his ability to do his job and no sooner.

Of course, as a cybernetics expert, and soon to be a biomedical expert, he had designed cybernetic and prosthetic limbs, alongside a medical doctor, of course, and so he’d seen and studied plenty of cases in which putting off or hiding a medical problem had caused severe consequences, in his line of work, that was the loss of a limb, or sometimes organ though biosynthetic organs were not his area. That lay more on the medical side.

And so in the end he had no problem wasting a little bit of his time on a physical. Picking a seat in a quieter corner of the waiting area, he sat down, closed his eyes, and focused on keeping his mind clear.

~ Lt JG Echei, Sci

Nurse Sutalo noticed the “stranger”.

“Hello,” he said smiling. “Welcome on board, I am Sutalo, nurse here. Are you here for a physical? Did they give you a name for your appointment? Perhaps it was Dr Symar? Or Dr Kastarak? Our PaDDs have been a bit wonky lately, so I can’t get that information right now.”

– Ensign Sutalo (nurse)

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