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After being in contact with their team on a secure channel, Umbri
Accepting the mission meant endangering ten lives. Declining meant endangering millions. T’Aria realised the threat their mission’s failure had on Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets. Admirals had some of the highest clearance in the UFP, surpassing most civilians in security. Like most civilians, they could assume the victim had limited knowledge of sensitive information. But that was risky. If she possessed ample knowledge – or just enough to give the Klingons an advantage over Starfleet and civilian security – then her security was also the security of the UFP. T’Aria knew it was an over-exaggeration that had little bearing in reality, but it was a risk, and even the lightest risks were worth considering. Besides, the Admiral had already demonstrated a degree of instability in the lengths he would go to protect his daughter from harm. If they were to avoid war with the Klingons, then someone (or someones) removed from the situation needed to handle her rescue.

And those ‘someones’ just happened to be the Chernov.

T’Aria glanced at every officer situated around the table before she turned to Taggart and quirked an eyebrow, “it seems you already have a voice of reason. I don’t suppose you could use a friend?”

— T’Aria, XO

With T’Aria now supporting the captain and joining the mission, Kastarak tried to understand the reasons why. There must have been a logical reason why T’Aria – a fellow Vulcan whom Kastarak admired and modelled his own logic on. He valued his collegiality and, indeed, friendship with her. Like T’Aria (but unknowing of her thoughts), Kastarak thought of the maxim of the needs of the few outweighing the needs of the many. He had a different angle, however – one that was probably more grounded in Vulcan hubris (though Kastarak would not admit to that, not even in his own thoughts). His reasoning was this:

The captain, whom Kastarak had gotten to know quite intimately in therapy, had difficulties in regulating his emotions. From nurses Sutalo and Zhang, Kastarak had heard of the hot-headed bickering that kept going on in Engineering. Commander Grey was most likely also unregulated emotionally, from the few instances he had met him. It seemed that Grey kept mostly to
Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

“Yes Pawl. We will all be in Civilian clothing and we will need to not use our rank anymore. Just call me Chris from here on out..... unless you all want some cool nicknames!?”


– Ensign Kastarak (doctor / counsellor)

“Very good Chris was it.” Pawl said. It was like a foreign concept to him to say a commanding officer’s name and not use his title. “A cool nickname??” Pawl inquired. feeling like it’s a new foreign concept. Pawl said with a puzzled look on his face. “This must be a human concept?”

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

Chris laughed. “Yes Pawl it is! They are callsigns like pilots used to have and or secret agents like James Bond. So think about it.”

“Anyone else coming or going!?”


Blaze looked over to the captain “ Sir I can trip the bio sensor on the ship to make a bio alert go off that will make the workers on board flee the vessel. Also I can do the same for the hanger the vessel is in might be a little easier for us to get on” he said Risa Security for their computers is very relaxed

Lt. Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

Chris put up a hand. “I don’t care about the techno mumbo-jumbo. Just do it. We’ll be there in a little over an hour. But thank you for doing it.”


Pawl looked over to Chris and Blaze feeling a slight tension from the earlier meeting with them in engineering. Nothing major but more like after blirps from the meeting. “As for equipment I could use my Betazoid communicator and equipment since there obviously different and not Starfleet issue or Federation issued. It might keep me more neutral if they are discovered. What do you think Chris? I can also make more for the others?” Pawl suggested casually to the officers that were still there. I got everything here with me.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

“Mr Batario, that is a good idea,” said Kastarak as a matter of fact. “Do you have some Betazoid clothing too?” In his head, Kastarak tried to imagine what Betazoid clothing looked like, and he realised that all he knew of Betazoid clothing culture was the lack of clothing during Betazoid weddings. He had heard that the parties to matrimony, along with the guests, would all be naked. Blood rushed to Kastarak’s face. He hoped his cheeks wouldn’t be visibly greener.

– Ensign Kastarak (doctor / counsellor)

“Of course, Doctor/Counselor I have plenty to share?” Pawl said kindly to all. “I even have a few gowns that can easily go for the female crew that is going. Most clothing are unisex.” Pawl said quickly. “I do have a few extra tricorders and odd tools as well.” Pawl said. looking to the others that happen to still be there if any others were interested.
Pawl did his best not to intrude into anyone’s mind. Knowing full well he felt a change but did his best to hide that fact.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

“Good idea.” Then he looked at Blaze. “How’s it coming?”


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