Risa - Dinner with a friend (tag Umbri)

Posted June 25, 2022, 3:05 p.m. by Ensign Kastarak (Doctor / Counsellor) (Richard A)

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Posted by Ensign Kastarak (Doctor / Counsellor) in Risa - Dinner with a friend (tag Umbri)
It had been a while since Kastarak last had some private time with Umbri, his first friend and roommate on the Chernov. Now it had been a year since they got to know each other, an anniversary of sorts, and knowing how humans enjoyed anniversaries, Kastarak had invited Umbri to join him at an Earth-themed restaurant. He had looked forward to this, since he had the idea of planning this a few days ago.

He stood outside the restaurant, located on top of a hill overlooking valleys clad with thick bushes. He wore a traditional Vulcan attire, going in black but with some red accents, but sporting his more fashionable “human-like” hair.

The appointed minute would come soon. Perhaps Umbri would be punctual, perhaps they would come a few minutes later. It did not matter. Time was not of an essence, simply reuniting with a friend was.

– Kastarak

When Umbri had gotten Kastarak’s invitation for dinner, they smiled. The two of them hadn’t gotten together in a while, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. There was only one problem: They hadn’t packed anything formal. So they went to an upscale, yet affordable clothing store on Risa, getting a short-sleeved black dress with gold accents, some black and gold sandals, and a matching handbag. Umbri even went to the salon next door to have their makeup done (OOC Note: It wasn’t exactly normal for them to dress like this, but it had been a while since they had tapped into their feminine side and they figured it would be a nice change of pace. Once they left the salon in their new clothes, they got a taxi to the restaurant Kastarak had invited them to. Seeing Kastarak in his new hairstyle combined with the traditional Vulcan attire had admittedly caught Umbri off guard at first, but they then realized that it suited him. They smiled, giving Kastarak a wave as they walked over to him. “Thank you for the invitation. It’s been a while since we’ve spent time together,” they said.

Lieutenant (j.g.) Umbri Zayne, Weapons Officer

When Kastarak saw Umbri, he noticed the effort they had made. Kastarak appreciated the gold accents on the handbag, matched with the eye make-up. It gave Umbri a regal look, and reminded him of Xahean royalty, but those he had only read about.

When Umbri smiled at him, he nodded his head, and when they then waved at him, he was unsure what to do. He awkwardly reciprocated the gesture – to other patrons of the restaurant, he must have looked a bit silly.

“It has been, it is agreeable to meet with you again,” he replied to Umbri’s greeting. “I have looked forward to our encounter tonight.”

With a gesture, he invited Umbri to enter the restaurant. A waiter stood before them, ready to take them to their table. The waiter, a young human – on the border between adolescence and adulthood – wearing a body-fitted tuxedo – looked eager to wait them.

“Mr Kastarak?” the waiter greeted the Kastarak, who had booked the table. Kastarak felt a small piece of surprise in him – was his name, despite its oddness so Vulcan that the waiter noticed that he was Kastarak and Umbri wasn’t? How did humans learn to make such acute guesses?.

“I am he”, replied Kastarak, “and this is my guest, Umbri Zayne”.

The waiter bowed slightly, and ushered them in, seating them by a window overlooking some mountains, and handed Kastarak and his guest menus. On papyrus, apparently, as it was an “Earth” restaurant.

The waiter gave the pair a while to decide, and waited for them to place their orders.

“Umbri, what do you recommend in terms of Earth foods? I haven’t had much variation in tasting.” Kastarak asked.

– Kastarak (on shore leave)

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