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Posted June 26, 2022, 7:02 a.m. by Lieutenant Symar (Chief Medical Officer) (Kieron Hoult)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander T’Aria (XO / Navigation Officer) in Putting on a Logical Top Hat (Tag XO)

Posted by Lieutenant Symar (Chief Medical Officer) in Putting on a Logical Top Hat (Tag XO)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander T’Aria (XO / Navigation Officer) in Putting on a Logical Top Hat (Tag XO)
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“Patience warrior,” the man called Nyrax replied, clicking a panel on the medical display in front of him. There was a whining noise as a syringe materialised on the desk in front of both men, “The DNA sample is ready, this should make the boy gain fifty percent of the Romulan DNA structure and, with a bit more work, we should be able to bring the full extent of Romulan grit out of him.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

T’Aria clenched her jaw to subdue the rage that prickled her skin and forced her to step back. Her mind reeled in a futile effort to comprehend their plan. Nyrax spoke of Symar’s DNA acquisition as if they intended to splice together his genome and a Romulan’s. Were they manufacturing a hybrid? T’Aria doubted it as Nyrax planned to bring out the ‘full extent’ of his ‘Romulan grit’, suggesting he already possessed the foundational genes from which to build. So, were they endeavouring to suppress his Vulcan half? The half they abhorred?

Seething behind a poised cast, T’Aria struggled to discern which atrocity they committed against Symar, a member of the most vulnerable and violated population in the galaxy: children. Her rage turned to sorrow and that sorrow into an unspecified ache as she imagined how he might have felt… if he knew at all. T’Aria turned to Symar without a word, a hint of her tumult touching her eyes, but she quickly brushed it away despite knowing he could sense everything she tried to hide. Closing her eyes, she reminded herself that this wasn’t about her, but it was about Symar and what he wanted—needed to share with her. So, she sucked in her breath and turned back to the stage of his memory and tried to dissociate herself and just watch and listen.

– T’Aria

Nyrax chuckled, addressing the boy on the biobed, “Oh, you will become quite the medical marvel when Starfleet eventually finds out about you my boy,” he tapped a control, “The DNA resequencing will take approximately twelve hours, we should return to your Bridge and maintain your patrol pattern, no one must know of this operation.”


Her mind reeled with questions. Why were they putting a child through DNA resequencing? A procedure known for its instability and hazard. What did it have to do with Starfleet? The Klingons and Romulans, according to the most updated Federation and Vulcan intelligence available to officers, were not known allies. So, why was Nyrax collaborating with the Klingons? Their behaviour in the library indicated some animosity between Nyrax and other Romulans. Was he pursuing a plan unsanctioned by his government? T’Aria dismissed those questions as another, more profound and piercing, emerged from the din:

“Were you conscious?” T’Aria asked, tracking their retreating figures until they vanished into the metallic shriek of infirmary doors. “Your memories…” her voice emerged in sharp contrast to the hardness in her eyes as she turned to address Symar, “…they are rather vivid for someone who appeared anesthetized. Were you?”

— T’Aria

“The feeling was… suppressed,” Symar chuckled inspite of the memories, “As you can see, I was raised Vulcan, so my parents successfully trained me in the arts of the mind meld, as well as Vulcan meditation. Nyrax, the man you saw in my visions, was a Romulan double agent, working with the Klingon Empire to destroy the Federation and Romulus from the inside out, though he disappeared not long after a Starfleet ship rescued me from the Klingon ship, they say he beamed out before the Klingon captain ordered the ship to self destruct.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-



“And they planned to use you, a child, as an agent of destruction?” T’Aria tried to string together the bits of information he showed her into something resembling a tapestry – a story. “When Starfleet came to your rescue…” she chose her words carefully, “was that intended?” Starfleet’s major downfall was its tendency to involve itself in the affairs of other species. If Nyrax intended to infiltrate Starfleet and dismantle the Federation’s primary defence from the inside, he needed to exploit that weakness… and child endangerment was a sure-fire way to grab Starfleet’s attention. It sickened T’Aria to even think of this as a slight possibility, but she hid the disgust to give Symar the space to share his story without her (perhaps preconceived) assumptions.

— T’Aria

Symar grinned, “Beliieve it or not, it was a request from my father, a Vulcan. Nyrax, the Romulan, met my father a couple of years before all of this at the Vulcan Academy of Science. He was aoyoung initiate willing to put aside the animosity orchestrated by most Romulans towards Vulcans and become a member of the Vulcan Science Council.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

“Forgive me, but I do not understand…” T’Aria furrowed her eyebrows in a pensive frown, “if Nyrax wished to become a member of the Vulcan Science Council, then why was he attempting to destroy the Federation?”

— T’Aria

“Two factors, the first and more obvious one, revenge.” Symar bristled slightly as some of the memories of what happened to him as a child came flooding back into his mind, “The second, Nyrax had learned from several Romulan friends about the so called ‘true nature’ of the Federation, as well as the Romulan belief peddled by some that Vulcans would eventually become the errand boys of the Federation, in short, he was a conspiracy theorist.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

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