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Chris parked the yacht in the dock and looked at everyone. “Ok. Last chance to leave.” Walking down the plank to the guy tying up the boat, Chris gave him some money. “Ok people! Let’s head to area that we’re going to get to our new ship!”


Symar, once more masking his true Romu-Vulcan identity as a pureblood Vulcan, stepepd off the yacht and arched an eyebrow, “The next few minutes could be, what is the human phrase, ‘a wild ride’.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

“How far is it?” asked Kastarak, looking around at the harbour. He had already beamed up to the Chernov and back, carrying a bag with medical supplies from his ship. He just needed some Romulan-looking clothes and he’d look like a Romulan. But could he pretend to be one?

He practised a smile. It felt extremely odd, and he quickly regretted it. He hoped no one saw it.

– Ensign Kastarak (doctor / counsellor )

Blaze did see the doctor trying to smile. He laughed a little bit. “ all right Captain most of the firewalls but I need a direct link to the hanger to initiate the bio alarm” he said Stretching out his legs “you guys can just call me Wise Man”

Lt. Alexander Blaze (Programmer)
Pawl felt strange being out of uniform and playing a completely different role than he was accustomed to. But He noted all had their moments of awkwardness. Pawl did not mention anything about this to anyone. PAwl was ready as he could be with the original betazoid gear he had. Pawl was guessing that was Blaze’s new name was his call sign. He did not hear any others mention their call sign. Pawl tried to think of one but he was not sure. “What can my call sign be?” Pawl asked softly to the others. maybe they would have better clues.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

T’Aria stepped onto the harbour, quelling the urge to clasp her hands comfortably behind her back but to let them swing freely at her sides. The gesture felt unnatural – like she was violating some unspoken code – but if she were to pass as Romulan, she needed to lose her rigidity. T’Aria dismissed her thoughts when she heard a soft murmur emerged from Pawl. Though she did not understand the difference between a ‘call-sign’ and a pseudonym, she thought to offer some of what she observed.

“Your call-sign is a personal decision,” she said. “It may be helpful to consider words or creatures with which you relate. Chris uses ‘Falcon’, for example, while Alexander chose ‘Wise Man’. What suits you, Pawl?”

— T’Aria, XO

Pawl listened to the xo. but was still lost, no perfect name was remotely coming into his mind. “I am not sure ?” Pawl said honestly. “I don’t want to come across something taboo in nature still not knowing humans and other species that well.” Pawl said with sincerity.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer

Kastarak interjected.

“I’ve decided that my callsign is to be ‘Rateg’ – it’s a city on Romulus.” He turned to Pawl, “perhaps thinking of geography might help you arrive at something fitting?”

– “Rateg” (Ens. Kastarak, doctor/counsellor)

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