Goes to the mess hall -everyones welcome-

Posted Aug. 5, 2022, 6:32 p.m. by Crewman Ngokav Sega'a (Yeoman / Steward) (Trin S)

Posted by Ensign Todd “Shocker” Applegate (Communications Officer) in Goes to the mess hall -everyones welcome-

Posted by Crewman Ngokav Sega’a (Yeoman / Steward) in Goes to the mess hall -everyones welcome-

Posted by Ensign Todd “Shocker” Applegate (Communications Officer) in Goes to the mess hall -everyones welcome-
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As Mr. Applegate went to the mess hall after everything happened, he found a seat to sit at and he pulled his book out of his pocket. He didn’t really know what kind of book it is cause it was a new book that he never read before. He wanted to do something that makes him feel comfortable after having so much work that he had done on the ship. Although, he knows that the fact that it’s different.

Mr. Applegate started to crack open his new book that he never read before and secondly he knew that he was going to like it. He’s actually enjoying the book cause it’s something that he never has read before. The title of the book is Moby Dick and it’s about a captain that lost his leg against the white whale.

He then got up and got a cup of black coffee and started to drink it and got back to his book. He didn’t know what else he wanted to do so he just read his book and drank his coffee and just sat there and enjoyed his time.

Ensign Applegate


“Mr. Applegate–” an abrupt, booming voice emerged from slightly behind him, “–I didn’t expect to see you today. How are you?”

If Todd turned, he might notice a familiar emerald-skinned man approaching at a leisure pace with a bowl and a clear mug filled with what looked like black tea in his hands. He smiled.

“I couldn’t help but notice you were reading,” he plopped down (wholly uninvited) on the seat across from him, “is that a real book?”

Most novels were digitized, accessible from any number of Interplanetary libraries, so to see Todd with an actual book offered some excitement. Was it a relic, he wondered, or a copy refurbished by modern technology? He chose not to ask… yet.

— Sega’a

“Hello. It’s a pleasure to see you today. And yes. It’s a real book. One of my favorite ones by far.” He replied.

Ensign Applegate

“Oh?” Sega’a sipped at his tea with a hint of intrigue in his green eyes. He tilted his head to try and glimpse the name, but his shadow obscured any clear image. “What book?” He asked. “And what do you like about it?”

— Sega’a

“Oh it is Moby Dick. I just find it intriguing. That’s all.” He replied.

Ensign Applegate

“Huh,” Sega’a nodded and leaned back into his chair. He couldn’t say he ever read Moby Dick – classic Earth stories always felt a little preachy and a little confusing with their flowery language – but he could appreciate Todd’s interest. “Those are hard to come by these days,” he waved a hand at the novel, “where did you get it?”

— Sega’a

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