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Chris looked around the harbor then at a map on his Padd. Pointing to the North East. “That way about a two hour walk is our destination.” Turning back around to face them all. “This is your last chance to leave if you don’t want to be apart of this. Like I said before, no hard feelings.” Then he turned back around and continued walking.


“Acknowledged,” T’Aria remarked. Their two-hour trek through Risa’s coastal forest and cliffs implied their destination was 5-7km. She expected that much as anyone looking to conceal a ship of warbird calibre (or access to one) would likely seclude themselves beyond prying eyes. T’Aria brushed off the distance and fell into step beside Chris.

The question of how they would steal the ship still nagged at her.

“What is the plan, Chris?” T’Aria asked without tearing her gaze from the path ahead. There wasn’t much of a plan, save Blaze’s bio-alarm, and that concerned her. “We reach the hangar, and Blaze sets off an alarm…” she recounted their discussion on the yacht with a hint of concern-laced curiosity, “then what? Do you expect we ‘wing it’?”

Chris looked at her and smiled. “Of course! That adds excitement!” Realizing that she’ll kill him soon he relented. “Madam. I know I have a reputation of being....unorthodox. but give me some credit. I’ve made calls for favors while on the yacht. When we arrive, the alarm would’ve been going off for 15 minutes. We will be making a pit stop asking the way to grab fake badges and decontamination suits. This will get us inside the ship. Then I’ll use the access code that I got when we stole the ship in the first place and off we go,” Chris made a flying motion with his arm, “before anyone realizes what had happened. Savy?”

T’Aria shot him a glance that, if an expression delivered the claw-bound poison of a Le-Matya, might have done irreparable damage. His suggestion to proceed with a plan founded on intuition and luck alone was not ‘unorthodox’. It was foolish and fated to result in injury and detainment… or worse. T’Aria caught herself before retorting, restraining long enough to hear him out. His plan wasn’t horrible. Her eyebrow crept a tad closer to her hairline when he dropped a ‘we’, leading her to ponder his involvement in the original theft.

T’Aria brushed off the thought and the overwhelming urge to point out the lack of nuance in his proposal, trusting in his leadership and the preparedness of their team. She gave a slight nod and said: “Savvy.”

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IC: Chris stopped dead in his tracks with that look then leaned in to whisper into her long pointy, elf line ears. “Sorry T’Aria. I’ll hold nothing back to anyone. Least of all you. I stole this ship before, I have the codes, I have actual fake ID’s for us. I have the schematics. I’ll transfer it all to you now. I do more, see more and learn more than most people know. I’m sorry I put up a Columbo (detective from the 70’s) front. But that’s to fool people. You should know that much about me by now. So have a little faith in the old Chrisman! Ok?” He then turned his PaDD over and pressed some tabs then looked back at her. “Sent my dear. It will be OK. Not smooth sailing, but it will be OK. I promise.” Then he started walking again.

“Wow! A two-hour walk? This is going to be a fun hike.” Tinker said softly with a smile. not meaning it a bad way but rather a good thing. “I am still a go Chris.” Tinker said kindly to him to confirm his interaction. as he looked at the others momentarily. “Before we leave Is there anything we need from the market before we go?” Tinker wondered was all. Tinker looked towards the sky to see what the weather might hold for them on there hike.

Tinker - ( Pawl Batario Jo Engineer )

“I believe we have all supplies necessarily with us and on board the ship,” replied Kastarak.

“I brought all the pertinent information we have on Romulan language and culture downloaded to this PaDD”, said Kastarak as he showed Mr Batario the pocket-sized PaDD fitted in his cargo trousers pocket. Kastarak had thought it would be logical to wear cargo trousers – trousers with many pockets – when going on a long walk and staying away in space. “Though this PaDD is Federation-standard. Perhaps we could find a non-Federation standard PaDD which we could transfer the information onto?”

“Tinker,–” Kastarak called out his colleague. “As an engineer, perhaps you’d be able to find a good PaDD that’s non-Federation in the market. Perhaps the one who was not allowed to be known as Wise Man could help you to see if the information might be easily migrated onto the new PaDD?”

– “Rateg” (Ens. Kastarak; doctor / counsellor)

“that’s true Rateg. I can do that too what do you think Chris? but I do have several Betazoid tablets too. I can make sure they read whatever native langue you wish.” Tinker commented casually. As they slowly moved along down the street. “This port is really busy with activity.” Tinker added.

Tinker (Pawl Batario Jo Engineer)

“Have at it hoss!” Chris said to Tinker while still looking around. “All these nice places by the sea and not one single coffee place!? This sucks.”

T’Aria caught Tinker’s suggestion with a curious head tilt. He was the resident expert on Betazoid (a presently non-Federation species) technology, enabling them to adapt to the PaDDs without a considerable learning curve. Still, she wondered how they would get his supply from the Chernov, here. Was he carrying it with him or would they need to find another supplier? T’Aria chose not to ask until Chris voiced his approval.

— T’Aria (call sign: undecided)

Your call sign can be: Unknown.


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“I can also read, memorize and write the information down at a later date if we truly wish to avoid carrying any additional technology” William said, speaking for the first time for a good while.

William Grey

“Rateg” turned to Grey, and asked, “In what language would it be most prudent to write things down?”

“Rateg” remembered how he learnt penmanship as a child and found it utterly illogical. Why had he to learn to use his hands to write Vulcan calligraphy? Not only were the letters needlessly decorative when written by hand, it took more time to do so than to dictate to the computer or type, but they were also harder to read. This flashback – at this moment, on everyone’s hike to the place where the Romulan bird-of-prey was supposedly located – was intriguing to “Rateg”. Why had he received it now? Writing – sure… but why did the memory linger to his experience of writing by hand being illogical? Did he subconsciously think that Grey’s suggestion was illogical? Did “Rateg” doubt his own penmanship now as an adult? He decided to meditate on that should time for meditation be given later today…

– “Rateg” (Ens/Dr Kastarak)

Pawl fell quiet not saying anything more to the group as they walked along the walkway trying not to get bumped by anyone. But kept his ears and eyes open for anything interesting.

Tinker - (Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer)

Blaze already took of ahead it was acting like a scout. Keep you watch and out of view of everyone with his backpack still attached to his hip. He watch at the others walked the path.

Lt. Alexander Blaze (Wise Man)

Chris saw Blaze up ahead. “See any coffee houses Wiseman? I’m getting thirsty.”


Tinker kept quiet as they traveled along the mall areas. looking for anything interesting that he happened across their path. He still wondered why Chris never answered his earlier question.

Tinker - (Pawl Batario - Jo Engineer)

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