Apology to Blaze -ATTN BLAZE-

Posted Aug. 9, 2022, 12:39 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sara Lovejoy (Chief Engineer) (Christopher Logan)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexander Blaze (Engineer / Programmer) in Apology to Blaze -ATTN BLAZE-

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sara Lovejoy (Chief Engineer) in Apology to Blaze -ATTN BLAZE-

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sara Lovejoy (Chief Engineer) in Apology to Blaze -ATTN BLAZE-
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As she was sitting in her office in engineering, she thought that something was going to be necessary to do an apology to blaze. She doesn’t know how he’ll react or anything. But she knows that it’s important. “Lt. Blaze may I see you in my office please. There’s something I have to say. Nothing bad. But something.” She requested Blaze to come to her office.

Chief Engineer Lovejoy


Blaze was getting done it the IT labs when the com sounded. He was looking forward to getting of early today but he had to take care of this [0] Blaze here I am on my way [O] he said into the com. He was looking forward to properly buried the hatchet between them and hopefully move forward. After a few Minute he entered engineering impressed the door chime to the CE office.

Lt. Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

“Come!” A shout comes through the door as she stayed in her office and working on other stuff. “Ah Alexander. No need for formalities in here it’s okay. But the main reason why I asked you here is cause I wanted to apologize for the way I’ve treated you. I understand that you’ve been on here on this ship longer then me and I know you got more experience then me, but I do with your permission of course to have your input on things. I know as the Chief Engineer on board I shouldn’t ask my junior officers permission, but in this case having permission to have your input from now on it would be much more appreciative for me. If you’re okay with it.” She apologized to Blaze and didn’t say much after that. Although, there was something else. “Also, I did want to apologize for giving an attitude to you before the engineering meeting in the mess hall. I just haven’t been sleeping well lately.” She added.

CE Lovejoy


Blaze looked at her with his now blue shirt on. He was quiet for a little bit then asked “is that it” he asked. A little annoyed turn around and left. He was not happy with her.

Lt. Alexander Blaze (Programmer)

She sighs. “Yes. I just hope along the way through out this voyage that we can work better within some parts. Especially when I need. I don’t want to cause issues for us. But that will be it Lt.” She said to him.

Lt. Lovejoy

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