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After everyone passed security and Chris let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, he went to the bridge of the Romulan Bird-of-prey. Sitting down in the Captain’s chair he pressed the com. [O]All hands hear this. All hands hear this. Complete your changeover and report to me once all systems are a green. Priority given to Engineering and Tactical. That is all. [O]

Captain I forgot his name already! Lol

“Aye, sir…” T’Aria echoed from the helm, where she dragged her fingers over the wave-like script in vertical arrangement that, if not for the context of their mission, could have been mistaken for an earlier Vulcan dialect. It was similar, but was it similar enough? Navigation used starcharts and awareness of a vessel’s orientation in space and time – reference points – that required only basic proficiency in the host language. Other fields, however, did not have such privilege. Had Section 31 outfitted the Bird-of-Prey with a Federation Standard setting? Or would the crew need to adapt to Romulan? T’Aria quirked a concerned eyebrow. Though she did not doubt the crew’s flexibility and ingenuity, she did appreciate the learning curve and potential for grave error that came from navigating an unfamiliar environment with an unfamiliar language under high pressure.

“Captain,” T’Aria turned once she checked nav and helm systems, then located a starchart from which to plot a course to Qo’noS, “navigational and helm systems are operational. Shall I begin plotting a course, or do you have a specific path in mind?”

— T’Aria (“Lt. Commander Asil”)

“Yes. Commander Asil. I have a indirect path to go. I will send it to you now. ” Chris brought up the nav map and only put in the route to go to where the ship was supposed to go but it stopped a few light-years pass the long range scanners and sent it to her. Then he sent her a message on her terminal that read: “We need to make it look like we’re taking this bird to its new home or else we’ll have a bunch of unwanted company. After we get to those coordinates I’ll give you the route and we’ll cloak this baby and save the day.”

“Aye, sir.” T’Aria unlaced her fingers and turned to the console, adjusting her stance to peer through the scope and retrieve the coordinates. His course, though meandering in nature, deviated only slightly from standard routes through the Risa Sector. Similar enough to evade suspicion by Flight Control but adapted sufficiently to bring them into a region of inter-sector space where sudden changes to heading would go unnoticed. It took her a moment to assess the ship’s astrogator, as the scope-aided navigation varied greatly from Chernov‘s terminal-based system, but she soon managed to programme a course. That said, she would take a manual approach until they cleared Risa… just to be sure.

Ensign Kastarak, or Lieutenant Solvik as his ID had it, hurried into Sickbay, to make a quick inventory of what was there. He remembered the argument with the captain, earlier, on the captain’s yacht, where the captain was adamantly against bringing any Federation technology on board. In the end, Kastarak had convinced the captain that a few medical tricorders and synthesisers would be allowed in, if suitably disguised in case of boarding.

After performing the inventory, scribbling everything on an actual pen-and-paper notepad in Vulcan letterings (it was an odd experience, but the alphabet was more or less ther same when in handwriting, and he knew it would all look fine in case of boarding, and Symar, the CMO could definitely read it), he went to Sickbay’s cloakroom, and found a Romulan medical uniform, which be put on. He looked at himself in the mirror, and thought, I look like those who eradicated my planet and killed my family.

– Ensign Kastarak (“Lt Solvik”, codename: “Rateg”)

OOC: You don’t have to wear their uniform. We’re pirates and stole this ship. We can look however we want, just not Federation.

OOC: Thanks, I know though ;) I’m having him go all-in in his cosplay…

He looked again in the mirror. It wasn’t that much of a military uniform, but rather like the kind of dress Romulan physicians would wear, even in a civilian position, but of course, it did seem military to look at too. Romulan society, for all the scarceness of information available, was highly militarized. It was only logical that he would look the part, and now pretend to be a Romulan doctor, even in a position in piracy. He thought more of his role, “Rateg” as was his taken Romulan name. Had he been kidnapped by the pirates? Was he a loyal to the pirates? Looking in the mirror, he practised some facial expressions.

He gave out a hearty laugh. It was not at all genuine. It needed more practice. Had he ever laughed genuinely? He remember “laughing” in a school play as a young teenager. The play was set in pre-Surak times and it fitted the character. His acting skills were questionable however. Did he laugh as a child? He could not remember, but he did remember his siblings laughing. The twins laughed at a very young age when playing with one another, and the infant, Sabok, did laugh once or twice too when something strange had happened before his eyes. Otherwise, Vulcan was not a place associated with laughter, except from the youngest of children.

Next, Kastarak practised an angry face. So many muscles involved! So many muscles not having been used for these expressions. It strained his face and was uncomfortable. What about a happy face?

He smiled. It still looked insincere, like a sarcastic human. Not only did he need to activate the zygomaticus major on both sides of the face, but also orbicularis oculi. The muscles around the eyes were the key. He tried again. The smile looked better, but it did strain his face. He would certainly get a headache later.

Tinker headed to engineering to check on systems and making sure the vessel was ready for flight in all flight configurations. It took him a bit to get a handle on the Romulan Language since it was not his first language but luckily he had some training in the language during school to have a fair understanding of it. He could easily understand it as the emulsion to the language sank in. “If I am reading this right all is green.” He said to himself as he looked casually around the engine room. “Bridge this is Tinker. All looks good from my end. All systems here show green. I can check things on your end on the bridge for comparison.” Tinker said calmly and collected. As an observation. As he waited for orders from Chris.

Tinker Jo Engineering Assistant

Chris heard Tinker and acknowledged. [O] Roger that. Make sure you know what you’re doing or we’ll blow up. I’m sending you and all of you the Romulan translation codes. This will make things easier.... hopefully.[O]

Captain Still can’t remember his new name.

The main systems come online [o] I have found the main core [o] Came Blaze voice over the comms

Chris pressed the button. [O] Great! Now get them on and working. We have to make Spacec Tracks very soon![O]

– “Rateg” (The “Romulan doctor” on board; Ensign Kastarak, physician/counsellor)

“Captain,” Symar addressed Taggart, making sure to keep his voice calm to keep up the Vulcan persona, “If I may, I would find it helpful to the mission if I headed to the Romulan Sickbay to refamiliarise myself with the technology.” He had kept quiet throughout most of their venture on board the stolen Romulan ship, taking in his surroundings and trying his hardest not to show that the painful memories of his past were haunting him so.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

“Of course Lieutenant. A most wise decision.” He didn’t want to say logical at that point. Not until they really started their mission.

William took his station at the Romulan Science, he took a moment to, well for a lack of better words, rewire his brain for the unfamiliar language. The fact that it shared a linguistic root with most Vulcan dialects made it easier but very few people actually learned anything of the language within the Federation. He had only spent a few hours the night before reading over all materials he could find on it although for him that should be enough. “Science on standby, priming sensors”


“Excellent Science!” Chris spoke. Out loud but to himself really he spoke. “That’s most of the systems. Just one more and we’re gone.” Pressing the button again. [O] Tactical how are you coming along?[O] Realizing his mistake he turned around in the chair and just spoke to the lady 5 feet from him. “Tactical! How are you coming along?”


“Things are all set here on my end sir. We are all good to go. Tactical and weapons are all green sir.” She said.

Chief Weapons Officer

“Course plotted,” T’Aria reported, “awaiting your mark, Captain.”

— T’Aria (“Lt. Commander Asil”)

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