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“I see. Neither you nor I understand her language?” Kastarak asked discretely, not wanting to cause embarrassment to the emotional members of the party, and Hago especially. Kastarak had learnt that cross-cultural/cross-species communication was difficult and easy to cause difficulties. He particularly remembered studying that time that Captain Kirk was tasked with negotiating a treaty between the Teenaxi Delegation and the Fibonan Republic, and failing utterly because of cultural misunderstanding after offering a gift of truce, which was seen as provocative. While this was no interaction between great powers of space, the same situation applied here. This was a first contact between Kastarak and Hago, and Kastarak had been invited especially to honour Hago’s anniversary of birth – to all appearances it was an important rite, perhaps similar in worth and meaningfulness to the rite of Tal’oth, a sort of coming of the age ceremony which was the closest Vulcan equivalent to a birthday party he could think of.

“No,” Sega’a answered, somewhat dejectedly. “We communicate through gestures, mostly. I do the talking, and she does the glaring and growling.” He scratched behind Hago’s ear, earning what sounded like a raspy purr. “We make it work.”

But he did notice the aura of quiet intelligence in Hago. Perhaps it was so that Hago too did not understand them, but she and Sega’a had forged a bond, an agreement, of mutual survivability. Ah yes, they depended on one another, outcasts from their respective planets, and despite not understanding each other’s language – their brains must be on different wave lengths – they had come to respect and depend on one another.

It was a remarkable feat, Kastarak thought, and he immediately understood why it was so important for Sega’a to mark this occasion. Kastarak would not admit it, but he most likely sensed some pride for his friend Sega’a here.

Serral blinked when what Sega’a pulled from under the couch was… some kind of small animal. Regardless of what exactly that thing was, it was obviously Sega’a’s pet. Glancing at Kastarak’s saluting the creature with a raised brow, Serral instead simply looked to Sega’a, assuming the creature to be of lower intelligence like the cats humans liked to keep on Earth. There was no need to greet such a creature for it had no concept of offense. “This is who the party is for?” Serral asked politely.

~ Serral

‘It’ seemed to have some concept of offence because she responded with a low growl. Again, was it happenstance? Who knows. Sega’a chose to view it as she was over this interaction and ready to move on to whatever was next on ‘Hago’s laundry list of things to do today’, which consisted of sleeping, clawing at the furniture and unleashing chaos wherever she went.

“Who else would it be for?” He asked without the slightest deflation in his enthusiasm. Hago writhed until he lowered her to the chair, where she quickly scampered off to torment some unassuming streamer. “Sorry about that. She’s not the most social creature I’ve met, but she’s got a heart a gold. Most of the time. Anyway! Who’s hungry?”

— Sega’a

“Is it food from Hago’s culture?” asked Kastarak, hoping to get another glimpse into the culture and customs of Hago’s people. “Either way, I am able to eat at this hour.”

– Kastarak

Sega’a watched as Hago yanked the streamer from the eaves and threw its tail behind her, rolling around until she was entagled in coloured paper. He laughed softly, but that laugh soon became a terse chuckle as he ran his fingers through his hair. “Uhm… sort of,” he said. “I don’t know where she’s from. I found her while restocking the Rischard, far from Earth, but she resembles the Earth creature Felis catus in temperament and appearance—”

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Serral shook his head, “I’m not sure Hago’s people are doing much inventing of foods. Unless you’re into raw meats.” Serral’s implication being that it was merely an animal which hunted to live. He made an effort to smile, not wanting to ruin Sega’a’s mood. “Whatever the food is I am sure we can give it a try.”

~ Serral

Sega’a coughed, “…yes, exactly. I prepared a blend of Earth and Orion foods to honour her culture and mine. They’re plant-based, save Hago’s seafood cake, so I hope there is something you’ll each enjoy.” He returned Serral’s smile and made a swift gesture to the corner table. “Let’s eat!”

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He led them to a table, where there were ratatouille-like dishes with Orion fruits, grilled roots with candied nuts and a dark drizzle that looked like a red-tinted balsamic, a poofy fried bread and various dips, and many smaller appetizers that ranged from stuffed fungi to fritters. Then, of course, there was an intricate “cake” that Sega’a whipped up with Hago’s beloved meats, notably local fish and shrimp. He paused by the chair and fished the plates and utensils from a wooden crate and offered them to Kastarak and Serral. “Please, take as much as you like. There’s water and unsweetened ice tea in those canisters,” he waved a hand in the general direction, “and there are seats over there.”

— Sega’a

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