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Posted Sept. 28, 2022, 4:13 a.m. by Ensign Kastarak (Doctor / Counsellor) (Richard A)

Posted by Lieutenant Symar (Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim: An Unwelcome Homecoming (Tag Kastarak)

Posted by Lieutenant Symar (Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim: An Unwelcome Homecoming (Tag Kastarak)
Once the ship was away at impulse, Symar made his way through the winding corridors of the Romulan Warbird, the memories of his mind-meld with Commander T’Aria flooding back. He had to laugh at the situation he found himself in at this moment. Here he was, masquerading as a fully Vulcan officer in Starfleet, on board a Romulan ship, trying to remember which of the markings on the walls around him meant ‘Sickbay, this way.’ He had not had chance to speak his true native language in some time, so refamiliarsing himself was going to take some time.

Two winding corridors later, Symar found himself in front of a door with a symbol that seemed to loosely resemble the medical iconography seen on Earth. Hoping for the best, the CMO crossed the threshold and breathed a heavy sigh of relief as he saw his young Vulcan officer, Ensign Kastarak unpacking some of the medical supplies onto a Romulan biobed, “Ahh, finally kid, I found you. I swear, my mind has been so all over the place of late, even Romulan text is starting to seem unfamilair to me.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-



Kid? Why did Symar have to call him kid? Kastarak remembering when in Star Fleet Medical Academy, the visited a farm, in order to understand veterinary medicine in practice (cross-species medical care did after all have much in common with veterinary medicine, and Star Fleet physicians are because of that more or less qualified to deal with veterinary medicine) and Kastarak saw his first ever goat. Strange-looking little creature. Smelly. Loud. It had apparently been domesticated millennia ago for its milk production. In any case, Kastarak met a little kid there – a goat youngling, and ever since learning that “kid” was the appropriate and accurate name for the child of a goat, he had associated the word with goat. He did, of course (he was not stupid), know that kid was a synonym for child in general as well as a diminutive vocative for older people when addressing younger one. The informality conveyed by Symar, Kastarak understood too, was Symar’s signalling his trust, confidence, and intimacy in the relationship between the two.

Kastarak was moreover unsure how to respond to Symar’s bubbly small talk. Of course Romulan text would be unfamiliar to them both. It was, on one hand, derived from Vulcan, and the similarities were quite strong despite millennia apart. Earth’s alphabets had severalfold more divergence over a much shorter span of year. It would be indicative of Romulan culture being conservative and ill-suited to change, Kastarak hypothesized. While Symar was half-Romulan genetically, he was not so culturally, but the DNA in Symar – along with his trauma – had made him unable to take on logic in a Vulcan manner. Perhaps there is a certain mutation that cause Romulans and Vulcans to be differently receptive to emotional load as well as the capacity to take on a logical serene emotion-free state of mind? Symar, as pitiable as he was (if Kastarak used emotion to feel about his superior, which he tried not to), seemed incapable of that. What was it like for Symar to grow up, knowing his difference so acutely from everyone else? Yet, Symar had excelled. He was a good physician, was accepted into Star Fleet. There is a strong sense of perseverance and grit and endurance in his character. Kastarak was impressed with Symar’s achievements in light of the trauma, constant masking, and acutely aware of his great difference from everyone else throughout his life.

“Find whatever calm you can, sir,” counselled Kastarak, “I can do most of this work. It is understandable that your mind might be all over the place. I can only imagine how strange it might be for you to be in his environment, given your.... history....”

Kastarak looked at Symar with calmess and peace in his eyes, hoping (perhaps in vain), that some of it might be transferred to and picked up on by Symar.

– Ensign Kastarak (“Rateg”)

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