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Posted Oct. 30, 2022, 10:40 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Pawl Batario (Engineer) (David Robinson Jr)

Posted by Captain Chris Taggart (Captain) in Main SIM:Pawl on the bridge

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Pawl Batario (Engineer) in Main SIM:Pawl on the bridge

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Pawl Batario (Engineer) in Main SIM:Pawl on the bridge
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Once on the bridge Chris took Pawl to the captain’s chair. “Pawl. For your new role for the moment I would like to teach you how to run the ship. In other words, I want YOU to take the Con! Think you can do that for me?”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“Of course captain, I have had some training on Betazed dealing with several spacecraft.” Tinker moved to the conn station and casually looked over the controls, and looked over the current readings being displayed. “All systems are online and ready for flight operations.” Tinker said with confidence in his ability and skill at this station.


“That’s great to hear!” Chris went over and stood next to him. “Now this is important. I may be on this ship but I’m going to be indisposed. So you’ll be the captain. If you have any questions press the com button on the chair like you do in engineering and ask for me. But right now, just stay on this course. It’s that good with you good sir?”

Chris Taggart

“Of course Chris.” Tinker said calmly to him. “Steady as she goes.” Tinker said with a smile.

Tinker - Helmsman

“Exactly my good Betazoid! So just stay calm and steady and if you need me I’ll be in the conference room.” He turned to leave and got near the door then stopped and turned around and in a loud commanding voice boomed. “You have con, Tinker!” Then he turned back around and went to the conference room.


Tinker was confused by the late command from the captain but he took the order. “Aye, sir!” Tinker added loud enough for Chris to hear as he focused on his new duty station. he looked around the bridge for a moment before going to do his job calmly and quietly. He was the only one there at that moment due to the meeting starting soon. He could listen in as it were but he was doing his best not to intrude on anyone’s thoughts or feelings. He sighed hard feeling alone and in the dark on this mission. All scans showed all was good and calm. out there but he knew that could change at any time.


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