A little meeting -ATTN CO, XO & KASTARAK

Posted Nov. 10, 2022, 12:48 p.m. by Captain Chris Taggart (Captain) (Travis Good)

Posted by Lieutenant Sara Lovejoy (Chief Weapons Officer) in A little meeting -ATTN CO, XO & KASTARAK
As Sara was a little confused by the quarters arrangement Kastarak was also confused. Sara thought that it would be best if she brought to the captain and the XO. While being confused about it, she was thinking that she would have another female officer as her roommate. But Kastarak is a good roommate too. Although, it is not objectively noticed about anything, she feels okay about it.

Lt. Sara Lovejoy

Chris got the message and went to the room and pressed the chime to let her know someone was outside.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

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