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“Captain, if I may–” Kastarak said to the captain before quickly turning to T’Aria. “The captain will undergo surgery – a medical emergency that cannot be stalled more than a few hours – through transporter extraction. During this time, and during his recovery, the captain will not be fit to serve. Accordingly, under Starfleet regulations, in as much as they apply to our strange circumstances on board this ship, Dr Symar and I will authorize you to take command of the ship until the captain is fit to resume his duties.”

Kastarak paused, but not long enough to allow T’Aria to ask any questions. He knew T’Aria would understand the lack of detail for the captain’s condition, as she, too, was a trained medical profession and someone who had undergone several command courses.

T’Aria listened with narrowed, attentive eyes and respected the brevity of Kastarak’s report. He was an attending physician. If he did not consider information critical to the Captain’s wellbeing or the safety and conduct of the ship, then she did not expect to know. There was no room for inoperable details. They served only to make space for confusion and deprive them of necessary time. So, she stayed quiet.

“As we will employ the transporter extraction as our method – it is the safest option under the time constraints the medical emergency sets – it is my understanding that a certain spacetime environment is needed for it to function properly. The ship cannot be in warp. It cannot have its shields or deflector shields up. The cloak must be turned off. The extraction will be instantaneous. As soon as all these functions are off-line and the environment is safe from spacetime or energy distortions, Dr Symar and I can conduct the appropriate extraction. At maximum, a minute to double-check that all such systems are indeed offline and to precise the extraction and conduct it. Immediately thereafter, these functions can be put online again. As acting commanding officer, it will be your decision, based on your judgment and your understanding of not only the patient’s health and priorities, but, indeed, of that of the entire crew and its ship and mission, if and when to turn these systems offline.”

Kastarak paused to underscore the gravity of the situation.

“However, I must reiterate that the captain requires this surgery within a few hours – the sooner the better. There is, as far as Dr Symar and I understand, no alternative method with the technology and skillset we have on board. It is for you to decide if and when it is possible to conduct this procedure.”

Taggart’s condition demanded an immediate extraction of what T’Aria assumed to be malignant tissue, a procedure whose success hinged on the use of transporters. There existed a potential for danger if it was not precisely timed. Fortunately, they had not yet encountered a hostile force. Kastarak had said the procedure would be ‘instantaneous’. Therefore, if they could locate an uninhabited star system less than a few hours’ travel away, they could use the immense energy output and density of matter to evade wandering scans… if briefly. They needed only a few minutes. That was hardly too much to ask or deliver. At least, theoretically.

T’Aria considered the predicament for a few heartbeats before stating, “I understand, Doctor.”

He turned to the captain, “Is there anything you wish to add, captain?”

Kastarak then glanced at Symar standing by the transporter controls. He was still looking “Vulcan enough” for the situation, but his emotional state would soon break through. T’Aria needed to leave and the procedure performed quickly so that Symar could de-mask and rest. But the captain’s life and the welfare of the ship’s crew were more important than Symar’s stress. Nonetheless, Kastarak pitied him.

Once the captain and T’Aria had spoken with one another, they could agree when to transfer command, and then T’Aria could return to Bridge to make all necessary adjustments and scans as might be necessary, before giving the go-ahead for Symar and Kastarak to perform the extraction.

– Ensign Kastarak (physician / counsellor)

“I don’t really have anything. T’Aria. I have a bad brain tumor and these fine gentlemen here are going to fix it for me. I’ll be back to help you soon. Hopefully. I know the timing sucks, but crap happens. I’m sorry.”


“Humans have many strengths, sir, but controlling cell division is not one of them. You have no reason to be sorry,” she assured. “On your command, I will return to the bridge and begin scanning our general vicinity for suitable places to shelter while you undergo the procedure. Are you ready, Chris?”

— T’Aria

“Thank you T’Aria. I am ready. You have Command.” With that Chris turned his head away from her and closed his eyes trying to calm down.


T’Aria touched his shoulder, giving him a gentle squeeze to say what she could not articulate in words, and turned away. She needed to leave. The sooner she departed, the sooner they could proceed with the extraction, and the sooner he might feel relief from the incredible pressure she could only presume he felt.

“Unless you have something to add, doctor,” she addressed Kastarak to ensure nothing was missed, “I will return to the bridge. Please keep me updated on the Captain’s condition.”

“Commander, may I speak with you outside for a moment?” Symar had been thinking this conversation over for the last minutes and, as a lot of Doctors do, decided he
needed a second opinion.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

T’Aria was preparing to leave when Symar asked to speak with her.

After a fleeting glance at Kastarak and Taggart to allow herself an instant to think, she nodded and gestured Symar to wait a moment. She then approached the comms and opened a direct channel to the bridge.

“T’Aria to Bridge,” she said, “begin long range sensor scans for an uninhabited star system or asteroid field within 900 AU of our current location. Keep me apprised of your findings. T’Aria, out.”

At maximum speed – warp 4 – a cluster of rocky bodies within 900 AU would be at most 1.95 Earth hours distant. She knew the risk in cutting it so close, but the safety of their crew and their captain was paramount.

“Doctor,” she turned to Symar and waved a hand to the medbay doors, “shall we?”

— T’Aria

Symar gave a curt nod to T’Aria and followed her out of the medbay doors. When they were out of earshot of the other two officers, the Vulcan-Romulan hybrid sighed and let his shoulders relaxed, “Honest question if I may Commander, do you think it’s time I told the Captain? Y’know, about me?”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

T’Aria furrowed her eyebrows, concern capturing her lips in the slightest frown when she realised the tension in Symar. What troubled him? She half-expected him to express some uneasiness about he procedure. There were many risks, some hinging on unacceptable, and the conditions were less than ideal. But such dangers couldn’t be enough to evoke such a visceral reaction – such relief – upon leaving Sickbay.

Then, it made sense.

“Doctor…” T’Aria stopped herself before regurgitating her training in a cold ‘this isn’t the time’ and softened somewhat. No, it wasn’t the time, but the universe didn’t take appointments for an ‘existential crisis at 1300’. He was conflicted, and that was enough. “Symar, I cannot tell you when to reveal yourself to Taggart. The choice to be vulnerable is a profoundly personal one that cannot be made for you.”

She paused, considering the urgency of their situation.

“As your commander,” she said, “I caution you to consider Taggart in your decision. He, too, is facing insurmountable pressure. Is he in a position to listen? And are you in the headspace to tell? If time or circumstance permits, then it is at your discretion. Until then, I ask that you are sensitive to the nature of our mission. We should not have put you in this position. But, your first commitment is to the well-being of this crew, yourself included. I trust you can make an informed decision.”

“We have our orders, Doctor.” T’Aria stiffened as an NE passed. “My door is open if, after this is over, you want to talk.”

— T’Aria

“I…” Symar paused for a few seconds, weighing up his options, “You’re right, personal matters come later, I have a patient to attend to, I will be in Sickbay, observing Kastarak performing the surgery, you know what to do if you need me.” He gave a small nod and slid back into Sickbay.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

As Symar came back into sickbay Chris watched him. “Everything ok doctor? You’re not second guessing yourself are you?”


By this time, Kastarak had made the necessary preparations in Sickbay itself. All he needed was to make the final scan of the captain, but he would have to do that just before the ship left warp and cloak, and then immediately after, the plan was to make the transporter extraction.

Things just needed to be in place. The ship would need to be in a good place in space, cloak and warp and shields off line, the brain properly scanned and its molecular bindings all accounted for, and then the go-ahead from both the patient and Kastarak’s own supervisor. All things going as planned, the procedure should be simple. What was more difficult to assess, for Kastarak, was how others might act. Would it all go as streamlined as he envisioned?

– Dr Kastarak

“I am not capable of expressing doubt in the same way as humans Captain, I am confident in Ensign Kastarak’s ability to complete the extraction with my assistance.” Symar needed to make sure he stayed in character in front of the CO, at least until the time was right.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

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