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Once on the bridge Chris took Pawl to the captain’s chair. “Pawl. For your new role for the moment I would like to teach you how to run the ship. In other words, I want YOU to take the Con! Think you can do that for me?”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“Of course captain, I have had some training on Betazed dealing with several spacecraft.” Tinker moved to the conn station and casually looked over the controls, and looked over the current readings being displayed. “All systems are online and ready for flight operations.” Tinker said with confidence in his ability and skill at this station.


“That’s great to hear!” Chris went over and stood next to him. “Now this is important. I may be on this ship but I’m going to be indisposed. So you’ll be the captain. If you have any questions press the com button on the chair like you do in engineering and ask for me. But right now, just stay on this course. It’s that good with you good sir?”

Chris Taggart

“Of course Chris.” Tinker said calmly to him. “Steady as she goes.” Tinker said with a smile.

Tinker - Helmsman

“Exactly my good Betazoid! So just stay calm and steady and if you need me I’ll be in the conference room.” He turned to leave and got near the door then stopped and turned around and in a loud commanding voice boomed. “You have con, Tinker!” Then he turned back around and went to the conference room.


Tinker was confused by the late command from the captain but he took the order. “Aye, sir!” Tinker added loud enough for Chris to hear as he focused on his new duty station. he looked around the bridge for a moment before going to do his job calmly and quietly. He was the only one there at that moment due to the meeting starting soon. He could listen in as it were but he was doing his best not to intrude on anyone’s thoughts or feelings. He sighed hard feeling alone and in the dark on this mission. All scans showed all was good and calm. out there but he knew that could change at any time.



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IC: After some hours went by there was a beep on the long range sensors. It was indicating that there was a small satellite object still giving off signals and was Earth in origin. But they were in uncharted space taking a very indirect route to the Klingon Empire.


This was all still new to Pawl as he noticed the blip but was curious about it. He looked at their path in relation to their current direction. “interesting.” Pawl said softly to himself. There was little or a slight diversion if they decided to check it out. maybe a light year give or take. The scans showed a possible earth satellite or something similar in size as he attempted to get more readings on the object. Attempting to read its signals. “Science can you get any more information on an object in quadrant 4?” Pawl asked the officer stationed there.
He did his best to get more information before possibly calling the captain from his meeting with this interesting news.


Blaze was at the engineering station on the bridge keeping a look over the engineering status. The team he had in engineering will call him if there was a problem.

Lt. Alexander Blaze (CE/CP)

NE Johnson nodded. “Roger that sir. Give me a couple moments.” He began scanning it in detail then his face looked in shock. “Holy crap Captain! It’s Voyager 2! It was thought lost after an impact with a comet almost 200 years ago! And it’s still functioning and taking photos, video and sending signals out!”


“Start pulling in the information from the probe and possibly download it to the computer for analysis.” PAwl said kindly to the officer. “as we move closer to it to retrieve the craft.” As Pawl adjusted the heading not to be a concern to the others. As they closed on the object they slowed the ship to transporter range. “IS the craft safe to beam aboard? Mr Johnson?” Pawl asked the science officer.


Blaze also scanned the craft “ I would not recommend that sir. The probe is over 200 years old I feel with the transporter might rip it apart. I recommend that we speed up ahead of it open up the launch bay doors and let it slowly enter our gravitational pull. If I remember my history, we can communicate with the probe with binary communication” he said

Lt. Alexander Blaze (CE/CP)

“Very well Lt blaze. We will do as you suggest.” Tinker commented Calmly. He did just that got the ship in front of the moving probe and adjusted course to bring the probe into the shuttle bay. He knew the captain and the others would notice this change. “Keep me on track?” Tinker sighed hard as he started the complicated maneuver.

Tinker- aka Paw Batario

With precision Tinker was able to successfully get the old satellite into the cargo hold. NE Johnson spoke up. “Well done Captain! It is safely onboard and the cargo bay doors are closed and the airlock is back on.”

NE Johnson

OC: Pawl. Please feel free to make a cargo bay side Sim.


William, who had been monitoring from the rear of the bridge for a few moments but had not decided to interfere stepped closer to the Captain. “By definition, the transporters rip things apart and put them back together,” He said in his usual dry tone “You have a good sense of Operational directives Captain…” He hesitated as he recalled the silly codenames they were going by “Tinker” He said the word as if it left a bad taste in his mouth “However, for future Conn operations I suggest two things. Firstly, I do not recommend bringing things onboard the ship before properly preparing for its arrival, in this instance perhaps sending an engineering and science crew to prepare in advance before bringing any alien devices onboard” He turned towards Blaze “By alien I mean unknown or foreign material, not in the common sense” He turned back to Batario “Secondly, I always recommend additional caution when you lack the requisite experience sitting in the Captain’s chair, trust in your more experienced Staff members.” he considered for a moment “Which on second thought you did in listening to Leften…” he paused again “To the Chief Engineer” He bowed his head “You didn’t do terribly” He then turned on his heels and walked away, this was as close to a compliment as the stiff Science Officer got.


Pawl was not sure what to say about the actions of the CSO. they could have helped and given him suggestions before the retrieval process but there were none. Now Pawl felt like he was under a huge microscope. He sighed hard his scans were fine. But he was not going to argue with anyone about his actions. “I will remember it for next time. sir. if there is a next time.” Tinker’s morale sank hard. Before contacting the captain. About his surprise.

“Thank you, NE Johnson.” He smiled at the officer. “I guess you’re curious about the probe?” Tinker said calmly as he readjusted the course heading and speed to make sure they were on time for their appointments. he tapped the button near him to open a channel to the meeting room. Tinker did his best not to show his emotions or error to the others. “Bridge to Captain, sorry to disturb you all? But I do have a surprise for you in the cargo bay. The science officer might enjoy this as well. a historian might like this too.” tinker said calmly to the others. Tinker hoped this minor intrusion would be kind.


[O] Roger that Tinker. We are done here, and I will be heading to the Cargo Bay. Meet me there. [O] Chris told everyone the meeting was over and that he will be in the cargohold.

OOC: I will be making a Cargo thread.


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