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Lt Valharra got the message to report to the conference room, so he ended his patrol and headed to the conference room. He thought to himself as he walked to the room. “A mission to Qo’nos, I haven’t been there in this place, I have been to the Qo’nos from before the black hole. I remember a prominent Vulcan Ambassador sent me there for research on thier atmosphere after a volcano erupted. He walked in the conference room, where Captain Taggart and Commander T’Aria were waiting. “Hello Captain and Commander.” He greeted them as he sat down at the table they were at.
Lt Valharra, ACWO

“Lieutenant,” T’Aria greeted from where she stood, examining the center console.

In the time separating their departure from the bridge and Valharra’s arrival, she requested all available information on Qo’noS from Federation and Romulan databases be routed to the conference room and displayed alongside a schematic of the planet. As the data compiled, it became increasingly clear that the Romulans knew little more than their Federation counterparts. T’Aria refrained from making assumptions and anticipated that Taggart’s intel and away teams’ combined perspective would provide insight into a plan… or some weak semblance of one.

“We are waiting on Doctor Kastarak,” she alerted him, “but we will begin as soon as he arrives.”

– T’Aria
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“Roger that Commander.”

A little late, Kastarak appeared at the briefing room.

“Captain, Commander, Lieutenant, hello” he greeted the people already there. “Forgive my lateness, I ask. I was attending to a patient, and the work necessitated more detail than anticipated. I have left all Sickbay duties now, however, in the capable hands, so to speak, of Dr Symar and Nurse Sutalo.”

– Ensign Kastarak

Chris stood up. “Greeting to you all. I am glad that you are all here. Here is what we have for Qo’noS. Type: M-Class Planet
Status: Habitable
Location: Qo’noS sector, Beta Quadrant
System: Qo’noS system
Star: K’lai Klinzhai or K’thar
Native Species: Klingons
Population: Billions
Capital: Qo’noS
Currency: Darsek

Described as a “planet of caves”, Qo’noS was composed of a subterranean series of volcanoes, which lay dormant for centuries, to the point of being considered extinct, before becoming alive again in the 2250s. Some caves were of substantial size, including caves not connected to the volcano system. The planet had chaotic weather systems; thunderstorms were frequent. Out of the other five planets in the system, Qo’noS was the only habitable Class M planet, though it required a certain level of technology in order to maintain the environment. “Lucky for us they are supposed to be in an abandoned warehouse on the surface.”

The planet itself possessed a single landmass that comprised the entire habitable surface. The terrain consisted primarily of high, rocky mountains, jagged cliffs, and rivers of lava, which were the result of unstable tectonics. A greenhouse effect caused by the volcanic ash kept the planet’s surface warm and trapped its oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. The interaction of cold air over the ocean and extremely hot air over the continents gave rise to sizable storms; with no land on the planet’s far side to halt their growth, hurricanes the size of Earth’s North America formed over the sea and slammed into the land like a sledgehammer. Visitors to Qo’noS found it difficult to move around in the high gravity (1.23G) and thick atmosphere causing fatigue among those who visited the planet.

The Klingon homeworld is the most heavily defended planet in known space, due to the Klingons’ natural distrust and paranoia being at its peak when it comes to the defense of their homeworld. Its planetary defenses include a huge network of defense satellites, both manned and unmanned. Orbital stations which are similar to those near most Klingon colony worlds but significantly larger, each of which is capable of fighting off a small fleet. These orbital stations are powered by antimatter generators, making them useful not only against spaceborne invaders but also against the capital’s population (as a check against rebellion, as they face a network of the largest bombs known in orbit).

“These we have successfully bypassed with the Roman cloaking tech. But we need to be very careful still. Captain Kirk and the Enterprise was just here about a couple months ago and created a very bad problem as for relations to the Klingons. More than likely, they are still in full alert or at least more than usual when it comes to these beings.”

The Ketha Province was a far southern region on the Klingon homeworld of Qo’noS. It included the Ketha lowlands, which were a generally impoverished region of Ketha Province. Chancellor Martok was born in the Ketha lowlands.

Chris points to the area on the map of the continent. “The Ketha Province is where we will be rescuing Admirals daughter. Any questions so far?”

Captain Chris Taggart, CO

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