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Chris smiled.” “Thanks and you are welcome Kasterak. I am glad we had this non talk. Let’s do it again sometime. But you can come to me if you need anything ok. Have a good night.” He turned in the bed and tried to get comfy. “Thanks again for saving me.”


Non-talk? “But we did talk,” Kastarak quickly interjected. “And there is no need to thank me. I performed my duty, as you have done as captain, and will continue to do so, as soon as Dr Symar and I clear you for duty. Now, rest well, sir. I will be in my office, and Nurse Sutalo will do the rounds. He’ll check up on you shortly.”

– Dr Kastarak

“It’s a figure of speech… you know what. It’s fine doctor. But we all here are doing our duty, but it’s good to be recognized or at least given a thank you from time to time. I really do appreciate you all. Well done. “

“I see. Thank you, sir,” he replied, pausing before continuing: “I appreciate you, too.”

“And I appreciate you as well.” Chris smiled.

“Good work Doctor,” Symar gave a curt nod, not trying to show too much appreciation for the job the young Vulcan had just done.

OOC: Sorry about the AWOL folks! Those of my fellow Brits may know that it is still Panto season for some theatres in the UK Iwhich is stupid but there we are)

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

“Thank you, sir. Shall we go to the office and write up our notes?” asked Kastarak, hinting that Symar might need a break to un-mask and be himself.

– Dr Kastarak

Captain Chris Taggart CO

– Ensign/Doctor Kastarak


“I will join you shortly Ensign, good work.” Symar rose and stepped out of the main Sickbay for a moment, letting out a huge sigh.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

Kastarak led the way to the office hidden behind the “open Sickbay”. It was private enough for him and Symar to talk, yet Kastarak could still have an eye out for any events happening in the Sickbay through a window. Nurse Sutalo was out doing the rounds and preparing equipment for an up-coming away team to the surface of Qo’noS.

Kastarak went to the synthesizer, got himself some water, 60 degrees Celsius hot, and seated himself down on a chair.

– Ensign Kastarak

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